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The Spiritual Side of Olive Leaves

Wild Olive Leaves

Yesterday I harvested a few branches of olive leaves (we have quite a few wild olive trees in California). If those leaves had been young & tender, I would have saved them for tea. But since it’s almost Fall, I will save them for incense making instead.

After a little research, I discovered that olive leaves are traditionally burnt in Cyprus & Malta as protection against the Evil Eye.

I also read this:

“Olive may be used as a restorative when the mind, body and spirit are all exhausted after spiritual trials. It may also be used to assimilate the transformation of initiation. It allows the centers to open and accept the divine energy, helping the self to achieve inner peace and harmony after the storm.”

From ‘Herbcraft – A Guide to the Shamanic and Ritual Uses of Herbs’ by Anna Franklin & Susan Lavender

The first sentence evokes to me the Olive vibrational remedy which is one of the Bach Remedies.

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GROW:~Dans Mon Jardin Sauvage / In My Wild Garden (bilingual post)~


De gauche à droite et dans le sens des aiguilles d’une montre: feuilles de fenouil sauvage, chou kale, branches de marjolaine, épinard de Nouvelle-Zelande (également appelé tétragone cornue), et feuilles de roquette.

From left to right, and clockwise: wild fennel leaves, kale greens, sweet marjoram stems, New Zealand spinach, and arugula.