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FLORA: Wild Spring Bouquet # 1

This is a simple bouquet made of flowers and plants found in my garden. Some were planted by me, some were surprise guests brought over by the wind.

I once read in one of my French books that there is no such thing as “Floral Art”, which basically means that there is no right way or wrong way of doing floral/botanical arrangements. It’s just a matter of good taste, of training the eye and adding a touch of poetry…Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and a tastefully arranged bouquet will stir all sorts of emotions.

To me, it’s a form of meditation and a way to reconnect once more with the land, the seasons and the devas. And plants do heal even if sometimes just in subtle ways.

This wild bouquet is made of poppies, orange scented geranium flowers, California sagebrush and some mystery wild grass (I first thought it was quaking oats, but I was mistaken).

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