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Lughnasadh / Lammas & Inner Alchemy

How does your inner harvest look like?

Happy Lughnasadh” [Dissolution] is the same alchemy as the Celtic festival of Lammas, as a time of assessment, of looking at what has been achieved in the outer world through our feelings and inner understanding so that we can come to an awareness of their deeper significance.

[Dissolution] is the alchemical transference of the Sol consciousness into Luna consciousness, the transformation of Fire into Water.

Through the experience of Dissolution I take my achievements within, to feel them and to understand them not with my rational mind, but with an intuitive inner knowing. The quest for Truth begins with Dissolution. I ask, ‘How do my achievements help my inner journey, my spiritual journey?’

Dissolution helps me connect to my inner way of knowing so that I do what feels right in my heart and Soul.”

From ‘Earth Alchemy – A Dynamic Fusion between Alchemy and the Eight Celtic Festivals’ by Glennie Kindred

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Rune of the Week (July 23rd – July 29th Forecast)

Please keep in mind that the following is a general trend that may or may not apply to you personally

The Rune of the Week - Laguz

This week’s Rune is LAGUZ, whose divinatory meanings are all about intuition, dreams, fantasies, illusions & delusions, spirituality & emotions. LAGUZ is a water Runes, which complements the rather earthy URUZ.

This time we are going even deeper into the (self) healing process as LAGUZ is asking us to go to the places of discomfort and hurt, dealing with our repressed/suppressed emotions, sexual issues, and unfulfilled dreams.


Be aware that unaddressed issues, even if kept buried deeply in a hidden corner or your mind & soul are still there nonetheless, weighing down on you. And they will re-emerge at the most inopportune of times when something will trigger them (it can be a word, a memory, a situation, even a person).

So why keep carrying unnecessary burdens that hinder our growth, wellbeing & happiness? Why keep invoking (even unknowingly) the dark fairy of ‘bad juju’ when all we want is to be able to find inner peace and move on with our lives?

The solution is simple: face your fears/inner demons and roll the dice! Change is at hand if you really want it. The wheel is always turning and new doorways, paths, people and/or opportunities will appear as long as you are willing to do the (healing) work.

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On Being Guided…

Last weekend as I was teaching my Runic Meditation on Laguz, I was already thinking about which plant I would be working with for this Saturday’s class about Laguz’s medicine (which focuses on the healing qualities of the Rune from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective – I also like to weave in my personal experience with energy work & finish the class with a divination), and Willow came to mind. Laguz meaning ‘water’ it was a logical thing to pick up a water-related plant. And I didn’t give any more thought it until a couple days ago.

I decided to go for a local hike in order to harvest some wild plants (I had promised some black sage to a friend in Kentucky and I’m a woman of my word so…). It was a warm, sunny day and I pretty much had the whole trail to myself – it was so peaceful there and I felt like a little girl in a candy store, checking all the different plants currently thriving on the trail while remaining very reasonable.

Besides black sage, I also picked some wild sunflowers, a few stems of California mugwort and I felt drawn to get a branch of willow (I think it might be a type of Pacific willow but I’m not a 100% sure yet). Willow bark is what is usually used for medicine but I figured that maybe I could do something with the leaves as well, at the very least dry them for incense making.

Today, reading on the plant’s lore, I read that the willow is not only a plant linked to the water element, but to the moon as well (which makes sense since the leaves were a bit whitish under). BUT what is the most interesting to me is that it’s also a plant strongly linked to the Underworld and the ‘Veiled One’ aka the Dark Goddess…Everything always seems to lead me back to her, which is perfectly fine with me ;).