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TaoRuna Meetup Group – the Way of the Runes

I’m pleased to announce the creation of my new #taoruna #meetup group to my friends in #bothell#seattle and the neighboring towns.
TaoRuna stands for the Way of the Runes, as the focus will be on #energy#intuition and #contemplation through the practice of Northern #qigong (my personal take on #stadhagaldr aka Viking Yoga) and Runic #meditation (which I cover in part in my writings) following the Runic Calendar, as always.
It’s a deeply #healing practice that allows you to reconnect with the many aspects of the self, with the #ancestors and with the folks of the Nine Worlds.
I will list the upcoming sessions (April to June for now) within the next few days.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Taoruna – The Way of the Runes

Bothell, WA
1 Members

This group is open to anybody wanting to develop a personal and experiential relationship with the Runes. The approach is intuitive, contemplative, healing and transformative …

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ARS RUNAE Guest of the Wizard Factory

We talked about:
Animism (defining the undefinable)
Time & Natural Cycles
#folk herbalism & the #wise woman Tradition (connecting with Plant Allies).
And of course Runes, especially:
The #runic calendar (and how it seems to align with #astrology)
My take on #stadhagaldr (Viking Yoga)
And the importance of #self mastery
I’ll post the link when the video will be available for watching, meanwhile,
you can subscribe to their YouTube Channel: The Wizard Factory

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