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Runic Self Mastery: the Gifts & Lessons from Vanaheim

Today, we’re discussing #vanaheim,
The Realm of the Earthly Gods.
The ones that most people relate to
Because they are closer to them, their everyday life, needs & struggles.
Looking at the broader picture, the #vanir represent #earth consciousness
Yet their #energy and #magic differ greatly from the Green #consciousness and #natural magic of the Light Elves (see post on #ljosalfheim), due to their closeness to Mankind.
The Earthly plane is where thoughts, ideas, words & dreams take shape and manifest into tangible, physical form.
Hence the necessity to be aware and control one’s own thought processes as a step toward personal responsibility and #self mastery.

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Mastering Isa – Day 2: Hagalaz in Asgard

Mastering ISA Day2

As we continue our journey to master the Rune Isa, we find ourselves in Asgard encountering the Rune Hagalaz.

This is the continuity of the work started in Vanaheim with the Rune Teiwaz/Tyr.

Here Hagalaz demands a serious reassessment of your belief system and your moral values. A purification of sorts and a rebirth as the true you (re) emerges.

I have prepared a shamanic journey / guided meditation with Hela regarding this aspect of the mastery of Isa as part of the ISA chapter of my runic curriculum (which should be available around mid-December)…

Feel free to spread the love and the word.

More soon…