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Newsletter #5 is Out!

The 5th issue of the #newsletter has been released and sent out to subscribers.
This month, we’re exploring #svartalfheim, where your #mind can play tricks under the #magic and dark enchantments of the Dark #elves.
I wove in some information about the #valknut as well.

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On Valknut, the Mind & Pathworking

Back in junior highschool,
I studied #ancient greek for 2 years.
While I don’t remember much,
I can recall that the Greek valued
Physical #strength as well as
Things of the #mind.
Throughout all these years,
A sentence has stuck with me,
A simple play on words:
Which roughly translates to
‘A healthy mind in a healthy body’. I’d like to take things further
And say ‘a strong mind in a strong body’
Because the same #discipline that
Gets things done
And allows you to move mountains
Emanates from the mind.
This is all interconnected
And what I see in the #valknut.
Lots have been said but
No one knows for sure
What it means.
Maybe it’s meant to remain
I do like the connection with the mind
As I’ve been doing #pathwork
With the Runes for years.
Mind, body, and spirit are interconnected
(The 3 triangles of the Valknut). The first one has a rippling effect
On the two others,
Then new #insight emerges.
It’s a feedback loop…