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Rune Podcast: Episode 2 – Teiwaz, Focus & Path Finding

This week’s #reading is about the Rune #teiwaz, especially under the influence of #algiz (the current Runic Month).
I discuss several aspects of #tyr in the 2nd episode of the Rune #podcast, touching upon topics such as #cosmic law#energy clearing#focus#healing and #inner work, just to name a few.
You can listen to it on (and 6 other audio platforms as well)

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Healing Bindrune for Colds

Healing Bindrune for Colds

I usually have a rather strong immune system but the recent trip from CA to WA has thrown me off balance. Now I’m having to fight off a chest cold.
I have all the herbs that I need to keep things under control.

But one of the tools in my arsenal is using runes for healing.
So I designed a bindrune that I drew on my chest in order to speed up the healing process (in conjunction with matching Galdr). 

This bindrune is a combination of Teiwaz/Tyr, Uruz and Ansuz:
Teiwaz to strengthen the immune system and target the origin of the problem.

Uruz to speed up the healing process and regain some strength.

Ansuz is more specific to the throat, lungs & the upper respiratory tract.