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French Podcast #1: Le Tissu de Mes Rêves


I think the level for this first podcast is intermediate to advanced. I went to a fabric store…That is all I’m willing to say, the rest you will have to discover for yourself ;).

I purposely kept the podcast short in order to not overwhelm my listeners with information, which could then lead to confusion. I’m going to give a little bit of vocabulary below to help you understand and/or translate better.

As I said in my introductory post: you can have a 1st listening to get the gist of it, during a 2nd listening you can try to write down words and/or sentences that you recognize/understand. After a 3rd listing, you can try to translate what you heard. You can also, alternatively, use this podcast as a dictation (which is an excellent exercise).

Here’s the vocabulary that might be useful: un tissu: a fabric, une poupée: a doll, acquérir: to acquire, même (in this context): even, se balader: to stroll/to wander, caché: hidden, être tombé(e) sur: to stumble upon, un tissu brocart: a brocade, rêver: to dream, un conteur/une conteuse: a storyteller.

Feel free to email me personally to request a written transcript of this podcast. I also encourage you to subscribe to my blog to make sure not to miss any future podcast.

Enjoy ;).