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A Textile Sacrilege

Ten years ago or so, I bought a beautiful vintage Indian skirt at a thrift shop in Hermosa Beach (Granny Takes a Trip…I think they closed recently). This was a long black skirt lavishly covered with colorful embroideries, sequins, and mirrors. It looked handmade, I didn’t pay much for it and was really delighted by my find.

However, because of the many embroideries, it was too heavy to be worn. And it remained hung somewhere in my dark closet…Until 2 days ago.

I decided that, since I wasn’t going to wear it (which is really a shame), I could at least do something with the many embroideries on the black fabric. I always have tons of ideas and projects going on, and I could do something exquisite with all that.

So I did something that some would consider sacrilegious: I cut my squirt open, like a modest yardage of fabric! But out of this textile sacrifice, new things can happen and beautiful objects will be born…It’ll be worth it!

Indian Skirt2