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Rune Podcast: Episode 2 – Teiwaz, Focus & Path Finding

This week’s #reading is about the Rune #teiwaz, especially under the influence of #algiz (the current Runic Month).
I discuss several aspects of #tyr in the 2nd episode of the Rune #podcast, touching upon topics such as #cosmic law#energy clearing#focus#healing and #inner work, just to name a few.
You can listen to it on (and 6 other audio platforms as well)

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Runic Egg Cleansing, Healing & Balance (Part 1)

Runic Egg Cleansing

As I know that my cold was a direct result from being set off balance, I decided to do a shamanic egg cleansing, which I always find to be effective and accurate.
I drew my healing bindrune on the shell and placed the egg under my bed overnight. I do feel better this morning.

But the fun part, to me, is the actual reading of the egg. It’s spot on, as usual.

The strings going upward indicate that quite a bit of negative energy has been removed and the large bubbles on the rim are a sign of strong spiritual protection (for which I have always been grateful). As is the cloud surrounding the yolk (which represents the self). 

Now there is a small balloon next to the yolk (a recurring feature with me) on top of which there is a tiny blood spot indicating feeling a tidbit trapped and under the influence of a negative/evil person. The slight webbing in the vicinity is a sign of jealousy. 

The result of this egg reading doesn’t surprise me at all… I’ll do another cleansing or 2 for good measure and maybe draw ALU (Ansuz-Laguz-Uruz) on the egg this time.

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Healing Bindrune for Colds

Healing Bindrune for Colds

I usually have a rather strong immune system but the recent trip from CA to WA has thrown me off balance. Now I’m having to fight off a chest cold.
I have all the herbs that I need to keep things under control.

But one of the tools in my arsenal is using runes for healing.
So I designed a bindrune that I drew on my chest in order to speed up the healing process (in conjunction with matching Galdr). 

This bindrune is a combination of Teiwaz/Tyr, Uruz and Ansuz:
Teiwaz to strengthen the immune system and target the origin of the problem.

Uruz to speed up the healing process and regain some strength.

Ansuz is more specific to the throat, lungs & the upper respiratory tract. 

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Mastering Isa Throughout the 9 Worlds – Day 1: Teiwaz in Vanaheim

Mastering ISA Day1

‘The deeply transformative experience of Hagalaz that shook us to our core in order to reveal our strong foundations was followed by Nauthiz with which we learned to overcome our fears and tap into hidden resources and abilities we weren’t aware we possessed.

Now we need to master the 3rd of the rough Runes: Isa.

As much as we learned from the previous 2 Runes, there are still things that we need to incorporate and digest before we can move on with the rune Jera (the next Runic month).

Isa, the ice is about patience and full awareness of the self…Here we are focusing on the Teiwaz aspect in Vanaheim, which is an open invitation to rise above the mundane and elevate oneself energetically, mentally & spiritually (among other things). ‘

I’ll be discussing Isa more in-depth and how to master it in balance and harmony with the 8 other worlds in the ISA chapter of my Runic Curriculum (which should be available around December 15th). I will also include a Teiwaz-specific guided meditation / shamanic journey to help you incorporate that aspect in your mastery of the Rune Isa.

More soon…

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Moon & Rune Reading: Last Quarter of the Moon in Pisces/Othila (June 2018)

LQ June2018

In today’s reading, I find that all the elements seem to back each other.

This is the Last Quarter of the Moon which can be somewhat of an awkward time. It’s a time of adjustments and possible re-evaluation of our goals and/or what has been achieved so far this month. And if it wasn’t enough already, the Moon is in Pisces which adds an extra layer of confusion and possible disconnection with reality.

In the midst of this mental fog, the Rune Teiwaz stands up and shows the way to follow. Teiwaz speaks about doing the right thing and finding balance, especially during this awkward Moon time. You may feel challenged on multiple levels: with your identity & values (we are, after all, still in the Runic month of Othila), as well as our perception of what is real and/or what is mere fantasy…Some can even feel completely lost without even knowing why. Fears & phobias (fed by your insecurities and the subconscious) may well arise with this Pisces Moon. Your mission is to recognize the pattern & understand what is going on, and you’ll know that this is just a (psychotic) phase. Framing, naming & facing those fears is especially beneficial today on this 6/6 portal (June 6th).

Want more? The Architect of Vessels is requesting that you address your emotions, as they make you human and allow you to connect with others. Empathy & compassion are gifts. But Teiwaz once again is here to keep you in check. As it reminds you not to go overboard with your feelings & emotions. In short: don’t let them take precedence on your behavior & thinking process.

In the eventuality that all hell breaks loose around you & nothing makes sense anymore: trust your intuition, it should be your reliable compass. And hang in there, the Moon will be transitioning to Aries tomorrow…

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