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TaoRuna Meetup Group – the Way of the Runes

I’m pleased to announce the creation of my new #taoruna #meetup group to my friends in #bothell#seattle and the neighboring towns.
TaoRuna stands for the Way of the Runes, as the focus will be on #energy#intuition and #contemplation through the practice of Northern #qigong (my personal take on #stadhagaldr aka Viking Yoga) and Runic #meditation (which I cover in part in my writings) following the Runic Calendar, as always.
It’s a deeply #healing practice that allows you to reconnect with the many aspects of the self, with the #ancestors and with the folks of the Nine Worlds.
I will list the upcoming sessions (April to June for now) within the next few days.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Taoruna – The Way of the Runes

Bothell, WA
1 Members

This group is open to anybody wanting to develop a personal and experiential relationship with the Runes. The approach is intuitive, contemplative, healing and transformative …

Check out this Meetup Group →

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Rune Podcast: Episode 1 – Jera & the Turning Wheel

The 1st Rune #podcast
Has been recorded & uploaded
In place of my regular weekly #reading.
Talking allows me to cover
A bit more than typing.
This week it’s about #jera
And how it’s #energy relates
To the #runiccalendar as well as
The #celtic calendar.
I also talk about Jera & the body.
If you want to listen to the podcast
Go to

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Weekly Rune Podcast on

I’ve decided to host
A weekly audio #podcast
On, which will
Make it available on most audio platforms.
The podcasts will be recorded
In place of the weekly #readings
And of course, I will also cover
Other relevant topics
Such as the #runiccalendar,
#selfmastery and #inneralchemy to name a few.
So I’ll be writing less, talking more and answering questions as well ;).
Here’s the link to the podcast:

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ARS RUNAE Guest of the Wizard Factory

We talked about:
Animism (defining the undefinable)
Time & Natural Cycles
#folk herbalism & the #wise woman Tradition (connecting with Plant Allies).
And of course Runes, especially:
The #runic calendar (and how it seems to align with #astrology)
My take on #stadhagaldr (Viking Yoga)
And the importance of #self mastery
I’ll post the link when the video will be available for watching, meanwhile,
you can subscribe to their YouTube Channel: The Wizard Factory

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Ars Runae will be LIVE on Friday

Dear Friends,
Mark your calendar!
As promised,
I’ll go live on Friday 1/10 on Instagram
At noon (Pacific time). I’ll be answering
The who,
The what,
The why &
The how.
And of course, I’ll talk a bit
About the content
Of the 1st #runezine (the Book of #ansuz)
Which is now close to completion.

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Good News about the Zine

I’m happy to announce that I’m done with the writing part of “the Book of Ansuz”. However, I still have to work on the cover of the Rune Zine before being able to release it (it’ll be in the shop). I don’t have a definitive release date yet but it should be some time at the beginning of January.

And since there’s been some request, I will have a live video on Instagram to introduce myself, my work and the content of this first Zine. Meanwhile, and if you wish to become familiar with my work, you can either follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram (where most of my material is) or subscribe to my FREE newsletter.

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On Runic Yoga/Qigong

Adding Stadhagaldr aka Runic Yoga (static poses) or Runic Qigong (movement) to your daily spiritual practice and/or workout can help strengthen your connection to the Runes (I especially like it for pathworking and energy work – I do use the Runic mudras/hand gestures as well).

Basic Stadhagaldr postures can be found all over the Internet, books and even YouTube (Elder Futhark and Futhorc). But you can also develop your own as long as the energy feels right.

If like me, you follow the Runic calendar (the current month is Hagalaz – each Runic month lasts about 2 weeks) it can help deepen your connection and work with a specific Rune & gain new insight. You can also choose to do the whole sequence of 24 Runes. Whatever works best for you is the right way…

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Update on the Introduction to Runic Healing

BAUM Tree of Life Activation

I finished typing the ‘Tree of Life Activation’, which is going to be part of the Introduction to Runic Healing. I made a short video about it which was a bit difficult to upload and part of it got cut off unfortunately but most of the information is there…

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Rune of the Week (July 16th – July 22nd Forecast)

Please keep in mind that the following is a general trend that may or may not apply to you personally

The Rune of the Week

This week’s Rune is ANSUZ which has to do with communication, inspiration, creativity, connection with the higher realms, seeking knowledge & wisdom, as well as teaching.

Ansuz H Blum

However, as I have already mentioned, we are currently in the Runic month of URUZ so this connection with the subtle realms of knowledge is focused on the self (projects included), self-knowledge and self-care as URUZ supports energy, stamina, and (self) healing.

In short, as you turn inwards, tune in & trust the information that is shared with you, ANSUZ will provide the knowledge and know-how as to how to heal your self and strengthen your physical body (if not the other ones as well). Direct insight and revelations are of utmost importance.

In terms of healing, I do connect ANSUZ with the throat (4th chakra) and the upper respiratory tract. Issues in this part of the body can stem from lack of communication to suppressed or unaddressed emotions (sadness & grief in TCM), it can also be the accumulation of toxins (often in the digestive system) that are trying to find their way out of the body, etc…There’s a whole range of respiratory issues so I will not address them individually here. In any case, a little TLC won’t hurt as detoxing & strengthening your body in the Summer will prepare it for the cold months ahead.

For those of you who don’t already follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram, I have a Runic Healing Podcast in preparation (which has to do with the Runic Healing Curriculum I’m working on) that I plan to upload later this week, in which I shall talk about URUZ a little bit more in-depth.

A few extra recommendations: 

  • For inspiration and focus: galdr with Ansuz & Uruz
  • For physical issues: stadhagaldr (Runic postures also known as Runic Yoga)
  • For emotional & spiritual issues: hoendstadha (hand gestures also known as Runic Mudras

Meanwhile, be well 😉

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