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What the Old Ones Know about Dreaming Worlds

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Ansuz Runic Herbal Offering

I created an Ansuz Ritual Herbal Smoke which is to be used in a spiritual context. It’s neither psychotropic nor addictive and made with common herbs (and I’d like to remind everybody that the Runes are not for fools or jokers). Ansuz is Odin’s Rune. This herbal blend helps with increasing insight, expanding intuition, deepening wisdom and acquiring knowledge from the Higher Realms. 

So I asked people on Instagram (and I will ask you, dear reader, as well) whether I should create an illustrated downloadable PDF recipe to list on my Etsy shop or if I should just wait to include it to the Ansuz Chapter of my Runic Curriculum-in-writing.

Ansuz Herbal Smoke

Sadly, a few people ‘liked’ the picture but nobody answered my poll. Which proves once and for all (I was hoping that I was wrong) that people don’t read, even if the message is blatantly part of an image and right under your nose.

Which means that the decision will be up to me…

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August 17th Mid-Week Runic Update (Podcast)

Rscope Aug17 2017

Hi Guys,

As promised here’s our mid-week update. Hope you all survived Hagalaz without a scratch…

Do you wish to know what the Runes have in store for you?

I’m available for personalized readings (in person, via email or via Skype). Feel free to contact me privately:

If you’d like to learn more about the Runes, develop a more personal relationship with them and deepen your inner work, consider joining our Ancient Awareness Group on Meetup. I currently offer Runic Meditations and now Runic Constellations as well.

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August 14 Runic Guidance (Podcast)

I know I haven’t been very present on this blog lately, as I’m currently working on some side project (a good part of which are related to the Runes). I’m also trying to find a better way to present these weekly readings. What I’m gonna do now is pick a Rune for the week that I will present in a podcast, then I’ll do a mid-week update. Ultimately my goal would be to start making short videos that I could upload on a Youtube or Vimeo channel, but I need to play with my camera a little bit first.

Anyway, here’s the Rune of the week (remember that this is a general trend):

Rscope Aug14 2017

Do you wish to know what the Runes have in store for you?

I’m available for personalized readings (in person, via email or via Skype). Feel free to contact me privately:

If you’d like to learn more about the Runes, develop a more personal relationship with them and deepen your inner work, consider joining our Ancient Awareness Group on Meetup. I currently offer Runic Meditations and now Runic Constellations as well (I’ll talk some about the constellations soon).

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New Moon Guidance (July 2017): Uruz, the Ancestor of Knowing & the Hunter of Dreams

NM July2017

Uruz, the Auroch, has a distinct energy. It’s ancient, it’s primordial, it’s wild & powerful. This Rune is associated with the primeval Earth Mother, and therefore shares some of her grounding, nurturing and protective aspects. There is much to say about Uruz, and I covered most of it yesterday during our 2nd Runic Meditation, therefore I’ll stick to the information that is relevant to us here.

It’s a Rune that has a history of being used for healing (the self and others). If you’re feeling drained and need a jolt of energy, it’s a goof Rune to work with. If you feel like you’re covering something, Uruz can help you boost your immune system and/or recover from illness. Uruz is connected with the Northern Goddess Eir, physician of the Gods, whose medicine of choice is the good old healing herbs. By extension, I believe that any natural/earthy healing modalities will be supported by this Rune (and by the Goddess).

On that topic, I’d like to mention that I just made a Runic Essence for Uruz (I mentioned Runic Essences HERE), imbued with Lunar & Solar energy and charged with Galdr. I will talk about it more in-depth very soon and will list in on my Etsy shop as well.

In Uruz, there is the prefix UR-, which to this day can still be found in the German language. UR refers to anything old, ancient, primitive, primordial…Which strengthens Uruz’s connection with the past.

In this New Moon Guidance, Uruz is associated with the Ancestor of Knowing who is guiding us on our quest for knowledge – whether acquired, remembered or intuitive. Ancient knowledge and memories kept within our genes may well be reawakened during this powerful New Moon. Talking about memories: Uruz can also help us heal our lineage (think Family Constellations), past event (even in this life), and past lives as well.

In this reading, Uruz is also associated with the Hunter of Dreams. When we look more closely at the glyph itself, we can observe a certain resemblance to the Rune Laguz (water). This brings us way back in time to the Northern Creation Myth. After Ginnungagap occurred (the equivalent of the big bang, that I associate with the Rune Inguz), the Realm of Fire ‘Muspelheim’ (Kennaz) collided with the Realm of Ice ‘Niflheim’ (Isa) and, from there, the first drops of melted water (Laguz) gave birth to the Cosmic Cow Audumbla (Uruz). {Back to healing (and medicine making): water would also be a good medium or healing modality.} And water is connected to intuition and dreams…The Hunter is asking us to widen the doors of our perception so that we can get guidance from the land of dreams (and daydreams) – which is also an ancient way of Knowing. Knowledge and clues given through dreams (even symbolically) can bring deep healing. The interpretation of those dreams is personal, and can only make sense to you.

Crack the code, learn from it, and apply that UR-knowledge to your life. The hunt starts now…

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Runic Guidance of the Week (July 17th to July 23rd 2017)

Dear Friends,

I apologize for not posting last week’s guidance. We’re now in the Runic month of URUZ. I’ll be discussing URUZ in depth this weekend during our 2nd Runic Meditation this Saturday, July 22nd (more information about it HERE) and in a future blog post. I’ll also be making my first Runic Essence this weekend, for those interested in deepening their connection to the Runes (see my blog post on the topic HERE).

Meanwhile, here’s our guidance for the week. Remember that these cards/Runes represent general trendsIf you’d like a more personalized reading regarding your situation, feel free to contact me privately.

Tscope Jul17 1.1

As usual, I will ask you to look at the 3 cards and see which one draws your attention. The one that you’ll pick will be your Rune for the week.

Tscope Jul17 1.2

If you picked LAGUZ (on the Left):

This week is a good time to take a break. It seems like it’s much needed. Sometimes we need to pause, we need to rest and recharge our physical, emotional, spiritual and/or energetic batteries. It’s not a sign of weakness to honor one’s personal and bodily needs, on the contrary, it’s always better to acknowledge them before things get out of balance and/or control. This little break is also a good time to meditate, (re)create your personal space and (re)define your boundaries in a quiet setting. Allow your mind to wander a little, and see where it takes you. It is possible that during this quiet time you might be lead to face some dark aspects or your self. Do not fear them, and especially do not deny them. Face them, and acknowledge them for what they are: this is the first step toward (self) healing and transformation. If you feel overwhelmed and don’t quite know how to handle the situation: pray or ask for guidance. Pay attention to your dreams, your intuition, and your gut feeling for clues. No matter what, you’ll come out of this stronger, more defined and more balanced. Have faith in yourself and in the Universe…

Tscope Jul17 1.3

If you picked SOWELU (in the Middle):

When Sowelu shows up it’s always a good omen. Its solar energy blesses you, your path and your projects. But know that you are the only one who can reach your goals and succeed. It’ll require patience, quiet observation, and careful planning on your behalf. We all know that Summertime is a social time yet you can’t let these interactions distract you (know what you truly want). Pauses are beneficial, distractions are not. Pay attention to little clues along the way, such as hidden messages in conversations, certain words in advertisements, lyrics of songs on the radio,…etc. Messages are everywhere, but we only recognize them as such if we are focused and aware. Idle times can also be beneficial and bring up creative ideas or solutions: try (visual) journaling, doodling or even simply daydreaming. Find your answers, it’s up to you to make your dreams come true (with a little help from Sowelu).

Tscope Jul17 1.4

If you picked RAIDO (on the Right):

If you picked Raido: you are on a special journey, trailblazing your very own path. This journey is all about you: finding your own voice and (re)claiming your authentic self (as in “not defined by social codes nor by others”). Know that in a conformist world uniqueness is a gift. Does it matter what people think or say? Do they know better? Sow the seeds of your new self and watch them grow, see where they lead you, what connections they create. Societal codes and rules tend to restrict personal growth and creativity. So find your own voice and sing your song (and don’t forget to laugh). The new rule is “there are no rules”…Enjoy the ride!

Tscope Jul17 1.5

Have a wonderful week, folks!

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Do you wish to know what the Runes have in store for you?

I’m available for personalized reading as well (in person, via email or via Skype). Feel free to contact me privately:


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Full Moon Guidance (July 2017): Fehu & Solitude

Today we had our first Runic Meditation at the Wilderness Park. Though it was a hot day, we were blessed to find the outdoor amphitheater under the shade of tall pine trees.

Things went well. I introduced the Rune FEHU (1st of the 24 Runes of the Elder Futhark), and discussed its divinatory meaning and spiritual uses (as always with an emphasis on self-knowledge, inner alchemy & transformational work). I explained my take on the posture (also known as Stadhagaldr), energetic breathwork and how to overlay the Galdr (chanting or whispering) in order to deeply connect with Fehu. We ended our gathering with a meditation to retrieve a more personal meaning or message for each of the attendees. If you wish to be part of our next gathering (which will take place 2 weeks from now), you are welcome to join our Meetup group HERE.

Now let’s talk about Fehu some more. Well, it’s a Rune that is traditionally connected with growth, wealth and the material world. Fehu means “cattle”, which in Germanic tribes were both food (and therefore a mean for survival) and a currency. Some scholars speculate that Fehu was a later addition to the alphabet, since cattle were introduced during the Neolithic revolution – as opposed to the following Rune URUZ (the auroch: which was their wild, undomesticated relative) which obviously has a more ancient connection (for that reason I tend to believe that the alphabet was initially UTHARK, and that the Runes could date back to the last Ice Age). But Fehu and Uruz have a very different energy – Fehu is a somewhat harmonizing Rune.

If I had to define it in one sentence, it’d be “Know thyself and thou shalt know the Mysteries of the Gods and the Universe.” Why? Because Fehu invites us to look inwards for our inner wealth and our inner resources, which combined with the outer material resources available to us, will support our growth and the materialization/manifestation of our vision, goals, and dreams. It’s all about finding or re-establishing balance because as helpful as material wealth is in terms of survival and personal well-being, one’s true wealth lies inside.

This Full Moon has a very earthy side because it’s in Capricorn so it’s a good time to ground ourselves as well as our personal goals. Let’s analyze them in an objective way: are these goals and dream realistic and feasible or just wishful thinking? How can I make them real? What do I need to shed in order to make them happen?

In your quest for clear and honest answers, Solitude (the card above) is the key. Take the time necessary to rest and recharge your batteries, because you need clear thoughts, strong will, and energy (URUZ) to make things happen. Don’t be hard on yourself. You’ll get there slowly but surely, one step at a time. Pay close attention to your dreams and your intuition as they may hold some important clues. The night is an ally (notice the Moon, the Owl and the Moths on the card) so why not try some moon gazing? And who knows, the breeze might whispers things into your ears in a language more ancient than silence…



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Runic Guidance of the Week (July 3rd-July 9th 2017)

Dear Friends,

We’re now in the Runic month of Fehu. I’ll be discussing Fehu in depth this weekend, for the New Moon in a proper blog post. If you live in the Los Angeles area, I’d like to invite you to my 1st Runic Meditation gathering this Saturday, July 8th. You’ll find more information about it HERE. Meanwhile, here’s our guidance for the week.

Meanwhile, here’s our guidance for the week. Remember that these cards/Runes represent general trends. If you’d like a more personalized reading regarding your situation, feel free to contact me privately.

Tscope Jul3 1.1

As usual, I will ask you to look at the 3 cards and see which one draws your attention. The one that you’ll pick will be your Rune for the week.

Tscope Jul3 1.2

If you picked WUNJO (on the Left):

When Wunjo shows up, something you’re been wanting and/or working on for some time is about to come to fruition. Joy and success are within reach! However don’t rejoice just yet: for the granting of your wishes one last effort is required from you. After all the effort and energy spent, it would be a shame to let it all go to waste! So focus and gather your self, your thoughts, your inner & outer resources (like helpful people) for the final unfolding which is the manifestation of your dreams. Don’t allow things or people to distract you and take you off track (even if you feel that you need or deserve a break), you’re worked too hard to let your goal/dream slip between your fingers. One last effort…Then watch the great unfolding and celebrate your accomplishment(s). Congratulations!

Tscope Jul3 1.3

If you picked ALGIZ (in the Middle):

If you’ve been feeling a little lost lately, know that this is the Universe’s way to tell you that you need a little break. There is nothing wrong about pausing and resting for a little way, sometimes it’s necessary. Within the silence and the unknown lies great potential. And now is the time for a renewal or mind, body and spirit. Know that you are gently being guided and protected. However, you will have to use your critical and analytical mind in order to discern what holds some potential to materialize in the physical world from what is mere fantasy. The mind can play tricks so stay grounded and choose the path you’re about to follow wisely.

Tscope Jul3 1.4

If you picked TEIWAZ (on the Right):

You have the power to create the life that you want. You have the power to make things real. Of course, it requires dedication and a strong will. There’s a reason why things take time: the journey is the destination. It may not be an easy journey but don’t lose faith or self-control. Better yet: surround yourself with peers, people who share similar values, hopes and/or dreams than you. This togetherness will give you the strength to keep going, and even move mountains if necessary…

Tscope Jul3 1.5

Have a great week, folks!

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Runic Guidance of the Week (June 26th-July 2nd)

Dear Friends,

During this week we will be shifting from the Runic month of Dagaz to the month of Fehu. Different Rune, different energy. I’ll talk about Fehu in depth within the next couple weeks. Meanwhile, here’s our guidance for the week.

Tscope June26 1.1

As usual, I will ask you to look at the 3 cards and see which one draws your attention. The one that you’ll pick will be your Rune for the week.

Tscope June26 1.2

If you picked FEHU (on the Left):

You’ve been through some rough seas lately, and this experience has caused you to learn some lessons the hard way. Know that everything happens for a reason and that those valuable lessons are necessary for your growth (personal or spiritual). You might feel a need for solitude, which is totally understandable, and only You know what you currently need & what is best for you. What you are currently experiencing is like a little rebirth (see my New Moon post on Dagaz) so follow your intuition & your gut feeling, they will act as an inner compass in the midst of some residual confusion. Self-knowledge is empowering and with more self-confidence comes a greater sense of focus. Fehu is about growth and wealth in its many aspects. So use your renewed energy and hard-won wisdom in a productive manner: whatever you dedicate your attention to will grow.

Tscope June26 1.3

If you picked PERTHRO (in the Middle):

The wheel is turning for you. After the time of challenges and uncertainty comes the time of luck and taking chances (see my New Moon in Dagaz post). You might still feel a little shaken from what happened to you so take a little time to gather yourself up and recover (emotionally especially). It’s ok to think again about this chain of events still fresh in your memory before moving on, but don’t let fear and worry get their grip on you again. The past is gone, and the future looks promising. Seek balance and harmony within yourself, your entourage and in your home/sanctuary. Be aware that we attract energetically what we project. New opportunities and/or relationships may flourish under Perthro.

Tscope June26 1.4

If you picked EIHWAZ (on the Right):

The Universe is telling you that it’s time to face the (wo)man in the mirror and deal with your shadow side. You can pretend as much as you want, this is all just a facade. You might be able to fool people, you might even be able to fool yourself into believing those sweet little lies you created in the first place…But you can’t fool the Universe! Now it’s time to face the good, the bad and the ugly AKA the hidden, the suppressed, the instincts and the desires. This could be a challenging time for you. But understand that in order to live an authentic and meaningful life you need to be your authentic self. Are you afraid that people might judge you? Those who truly love you and care about you will remain by your side, no matter what. Acknowledge your Darkness, accept it, and heal it by turning your inner lead into gold (weaknesses into strengths). Things take time, work on it one step at a time and be kind to yourself. Your good will and good intentions will be rewarded.

Tscope June26 1.5

Have a great week!

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I’m available for personalized reading as well (in person, via email or via Skype). Feel free to contact me privately: