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TaoRuna Meetup Group – the Way of the Runes

I’m pleased to announce the creation of my new #taoruna #meetup group to my friends in #bothell#seattle and the neighboring towns.
TaoRuna stands for the Way of the Runes, as the focus will be on #energy#intuition and #contemplation through the practice of Northern #qigong (my personal take on #stadhagaldr aka Viking Yoga) and Runic #meditation (which I cover in part in my writings) following the Runic Calendar, as always.
It’s a deeply #healing practice that allows you to reconnect with the many aspects of the self, with the #ancestors and with the folks of the Nine Worlds.
I will list the upcoming sessions (April to June for now) within the next few days.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Taoruna – The Way of the Runes

Bothell, WA
1 Members

This group is open to anybody wanting to develop a personal and experiential relationship with the Runes. The approach is intuitive, contemplative, healing and transformative …

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Episode #4: Sowelu New Moon Guided Meditation

For this New Moon in Sowelu, I guide you through a Movement Meditation with a strong emphasis on Creative Visualisation. Sowelu is a very solar Rune and working with it can help recharge us energetically during this transition from Winter to Spring. I also briefly discuss pathworking and healing work by comparing Sowelu to the Runes Teiwaz and Jera, which I talked about in previous episodes.

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Upcoming Runic Guided Meditation

There will be a #guided meditation recorded & uploaded
As a #podcast (Episode #4) this weekend,
For the #new moon in #sowelu
Which is the current Runic Month.
Link to the Rune Podcast:

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The Rune of the Week: Sowelu (August 6th – August 12th Forecast)

Rune of the Week - Sowelu Most of us have forgotten that Magic lies all around us and within us as well.

In order to tap into this Universal Magic, we must be willing to pay attention to the little signs (carefully placed or misplaced) amidst our everyday routine.

We have to be willing to listen to and give some credence to the little voice within.

But most importantly, we need to be able to not only acknowledge our desires & dreams but to take them from the dark corners of the imaginative mind to broad daylight where they can become a reality and be blessed under the Sun.

Sowelu/Success is Magic and you are the Witch/Wizard of your own Life. You can create it, destroy it, recreate it or start anew anytime. What Magic Spell you will be chanting is your own choice but be fully aware that this is all real. Then watch the Great Unfolding…

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