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Runes, the Cosmos & the Dreamtime

Rune secrets

“…By singing the runes you can connect to the primordial forces of the cosmos, you can vibrate in resonance with everything else and with the primordial power of the cosmos. In that way you can say that the runes are sound. And because sound is created by the primordial wind, the holy wind, ond, the runes are also wind, spirit.

By singing the runes you attune yourself to the cosmic web, to Urd‘s web, thereby receiving the knowledge and power of the Dreamtime by going into the creative process emanating from Ginnungagap. This is a way to transform yourself and the world through connecting to the intelligence field of Mother Earth, which contains the memories of those “distant times”. By singing the runes you overcome the gap between yourself and the sacred, tuning into the sacred, in fact, becoming sacred, whole, healed…”

From ‘Rune Magic & Shamanism’ by Jorgen I Eriksson

NB: I have experienced the healing and the ‘becoming whole’, this is why I am so passionate about sharing what I know on this topic with others…

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On Non-Linear Time, Runes & Healing

As I am working on my Runic Healing Curriculum, with the Rune URUZ, this came to mind (I’m also preparing a podcast on Runic Diagnosis, which should be uploaded on this blog shortly).

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#time is not linear : past, present and future overlap. It's something you can feel when you connect energetically with an #ancient site : the past is still #alive and happening, #unfolding. #healing can happen at any point of the time-line : by healing your #ancestors you can change the past and alter your DNA. The present changes and morphs each time you make a decision (and #divination is a useful tool in that regard). The future is in a constant state of #becoming, therefore everything and #anythingispossible – especially with clear #intentions. #runes #runichealing #urdverdandiskuld #norns #uthark #futhark #uruz #healing #metaphysical #spiritual #paganism #pagansofinstagram #shamanism #shamansofinstagram #northernshamanism #europeanshamanism

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A 2nd Shamanic Egg Cleansing

Works like magic!

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Shamanic Egg Cleansing & Reading the Egg

The divination of the egg is the fun part for me ;).

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#shamanic #egg #cleansing is a simple yet powerful method to remove unwanted #energy from the physical body & the #aura. While this is easy to learn and to apply, the #divination of the egg is the part that requires more #learning and #practice. If you're an #intuitive, you will develop a more personalized #interpretation of the various #signs and #patterns. Here is an example of an #eggcleansing I did for a client of mine. The strings going upward and connected to bubbles on the rim (one bigger than the others) indicate an #energeticcleansing and strong #protection by #spirits from the higher realms. The curly figure on the right of the #yolk highlights a physical #health issue (I know enough about her health history to be able to concur). The small balloon on the left side of the yolk indicates a feeling of being slightly trapped in everyday life but not to the point of not being able to move forward. Last but not least, the #cobweb that formed above the yolk and under the strings and bubbles indicates that her spiritual energy is being somewhat trapped, preventing her full spiritual #potential to unfold and/or success in achieving her #lifepurpose. I strongly believe that an extra session or two should be able to overcome the #blockage.

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Relationships with Entities & Spirits

We all have a different view on spirituality and our relationship to the divine. Some people are into worship, some have a more experiential approach while others may be very superstitious.

I have always considered Spirits as allies. They may train you, guide you, teach you, test you, challenge you, protect you…etc, but it’s never a one-way relationship. It’s very possible that some of them might have an agenda. But in a relationship, there is no hierarchy, no sense of ‘I’m in charge and you just follow’, it’s more like a trade-off: I do something for you & your spiritual growth/path and you do something for me/us. Most of the time (at least in my case) the other part of the ‘deal’ is not verbalized, but I am aware of doing some of the work while sleeping (even if I can’t remember it), just like I am when I do readings or heal people. I dwell on the threshold…