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The 1st Newsletter is Out!

The first #newsletter
Has been sent out
To subscribers.
This should give you
An idea
Of the way
I work & operate.
Of course,
This is separate
From the content
Of the #runezine,
Which, after much delay,
Should be released
Sometime this month.

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A Preview of the Content of the 1st Newsletter

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This Week’s Woden’s Day Reading: Raidho

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A Word on the Newsletter

Today I will be working
On the content
Of the first ‘Northern Whispers’ #newsletter.
There will be
A great focus
On our special relationship
With #trees
And with the #yggdrasil
In particular.
I will weave in
Some #galdr work
And #visualization
Which can certainly
Be adaptable to
Your spiritual routine.
The content of
This newsletter
Will be the #root
Of pretty much
All the future ones
As they will be
Created and built upon it.
So if you haven’t
Already subscribed
You can still do so
Following the link on top of the page
(OR you can PM me). It’ll be sent on November 9th.

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Middle-Earth…Then & Now

“…We consider the remarkable presence of dwarves and giants in Middle-Earth life, and the roles they were believed to play in the unfolding of events.

Artwork by Jean-Baptiste Monge

The dwarves specialized in a magical way of thinking, and the construction of subtle spells. The giants, terrifying but surprisingly wise, reveal a challenge to the way of which people thought of their lives even in the times of Middle-Earth. Wizards’ initiation into occult knowledge often included surrendering to Otherworld journeys […].

We are finding that while science can explain the biological dynamics of life to a remarkable degree, there are limits to its power to explain the ‘why’ of life. We need to reconnect with the language of our imagination to address these deeper issues.

Our ancestors in first Millenium Europe gained insights into some of these questions in their enchanted view of life. Our hunger for the recovery of this lost knowledge, and the stories in which it is encoded and preserved, have led us to witness the return of the real Middle-earth.”

From “The Real Middle-Earth” by Brian Bates

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Ansuz Rune Zine: A Preview of the Cover (which may possibly change)

I’m getting closer to completion with this first issue of the Zine. Though I must admit that it took longer than I expected. It was not so much about defining the content than getting to explain everything in details (you don’t think about it when you just do things) that took a long time.

And, of course, there were the unexpected setbacks and technical difficulties but, overall, I am fairly satisfied with what I produced and things can & will only improve (refine, always refine) with the next few issues.

I still have to work on the website (something I have to learn from scratch). I have decided that I didn’t want to have to call somebody each time there was a technical issue or go through an Etsy type of platform (which I have done for years) as they usually become greedy as they get bigger.

Everything will be managed here and by yours truly. I thank you in advance for your patience & understanding.

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My Silence was Golden: Announcing the Rune Zines

I know it’s been several months since I last posted something here. Being in a transition between places is never fun. But I had plenty of time to ponder on the next step of my work. Now that I’m settled, things are slowly but surely coming together.

Plus I feel at home here, in the Pacific Northwest. The climate, flora & fauna reminds me of France. Where I live I’m surrounded by trees (and I’ve always loved conifers) and I’m amazed to see that most of the plants & weeds that grow here are exactly what people need to support & heal themselves (Fireweed is just an amazing plant).

Now, how does that weave in with my Runes? Being at the right place at the right time plays a big role in what I’m currently working on. No distractions, no interactions that lead nowhere…My energy is held within to grow & expand rather than spread out and wasted. I’m in direct contact with the land, which both feeds & replenishes me physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.

I know I had talked before about teaching what I know and was looking for the right way to do so, combining my knowledge & experience in shamanism, folk herbalism & Runes. And I decided to create a series of self-published Rune zines (one per Rune) in which I can freely share all that.

Many books have been written about the Runes and there’s a lot of free online resources as well. And I’m not here to rehash the old stuff or to reinvent the wheel. That doesn’t interest me.

I believe we all hold within the keys for our own development, unfolding & fulfillment as we were all born intuitive and we still are (believe it or not) connected to Nature & the Spirit World.

I’m just an enabler, a facilitator providing tools & clues for others to reconnect with the 9 worlds, awaken & tap into inner resources so that they can go on their own journey and find their answers.

It’s all about self-development & empowerment through personal experience and gnosis. Among all the things I say, you can take what you need & what resonates with you (and leave the rest). You can pick & add a thing or two into your spiritual practice or start a new one. This is your ‘chess game’, you set the rules. I only provide the board & the chess pieces for you to play with.

The first issue of the Rune Zine is currently being written & put together. It is about the Rune Ansuz and the zine will be released soon.

This blog will be slowly but surely upgraded into a website in order to upload and sell the zines (which will be in pdf format for practical reasons). They are part of a much greater vision as they will be the stepping stones of a series of books (which will hold even more content) but that will take me a few years.

Dear Reader, be aware that this project is very important to me. It’s been in the Ether for the past 10 years. I’ve been dreaming of it and now I’m putting all my knowledge, heart & soul in it in order to help others on their journey here, in midgard.

I will soon talk about the content of this first issue. Meanwhile I invite you to follow me on Instagram (where most of the action is happening) and/or Facebook if you haven’t done so already.