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About Me & My Work

I’m in the process of creating my own Runic Healing Tradition & Curriculum (based on my personal experience), which combines the Runes (Elder Futhark), European Shamanism, and Folk Herbalism.

Runes have once been used for healing but the tradition was orally transmitted and has been mostly lost. My hope & dream is to be able to bring this Tradition back, and that my work can help and empower others.

I’m a strong proponent of Self-Healing via Knowledge, Intuition, Practice & Self-Mastery, which can be achieved with the help of the Runes.

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Entering the Runic Month of Uruz (July 14th-July 28th)


Today we’re entering the Runic month of Uruz. If you are thinking about starting a new project, business or adventure now is a good time to do so. Uruz will provide the energy and stamina needed to feed your momentum.
If you’re feeling tired or drained, Uruz will definitely recharge your batteries (postures / stadhagaldr (recommended). Now is also an auspicious time to focus on (self) healing and (re) building physical strength (immune system included).