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Episode #4: Sowelu New Moon Guided Meditation

For this New Moon in Sowelu, I guide you through a Movement Meditation with a strong emphasis on Creative Visualisation. Sowelu is a very solar Rune and working with it can help recharge us energetically during this transition from Winter to Spring. I also briefly discuss pathworking and healing work by comparing Sowelu to the Runes Teiwaz and Jera, which I talked about in previous episodes.

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Upcoming Runic Guided Meditation

There will be a #guided meditation recorded & uploaded
As a #podcast (Episode #4) this weekend,
For the #new moon in #sowelu
Which is the current Runic Month.
Link to the Rune Podcast:

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My little brother decided to surprise me by developing an #app for my Rune #podcast.
It’s ready to be installed & used on Google Play Store.
Episode 4 will be released this weekend as a guided #sowelu #new moon #meditation.
And next week I’ll have something on comparative #runology.

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Runic Self Mastery: the Gifts & Lessons from Vanaheim

Today, we’re discussing #vanaheim,
The Realm of the Earthly Gods.
The ones that most people relate to
Because they are closer to them, their everyday life, needs & struggles.
Looking at the broader picture, the #vanir represent #earth consciousness
Yet their #energy and #magic differ greatly from the Green #consciousness and #natural magic of the Light Elves (see post on #ljosalfheim), due to their closeness to Mankind.
The Earthly plane is where thoughts, ideas, words & dreams take shape and manifest into tangible, physical form.
Hence the necessity to be aware and control one’s own thought processes as a step toward personal responsibility and #self mastery.

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Ansuz vs Mercury Retrograde

First #mercury retrograde of the year!
If you’re a Gemini or a Virgo,
Chances are you’ll be more affected than others.
Working with the Rune #ansuz can help you choose your words wisely and avoid miscommunications & misunderstandings (which could easily take things out of proportions). 

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On Spirituality as a Battlefield…

“Silently tuning in to the rhythm of the #seasons…Is the felt connection to the natural world as it continually changes; a way of learning to move with it, and celebrate it as the dance of transience in the moving mandala called #nature.
In the #celtic tradition, #spirituality can be portrayed as a battlefield where danger is inevitable: the poison of arrogance, the trap of doubt, the ambush of hope and the arrow of uncertainty.
Yet the enemy, in this case, is the ego and its projections. The greatest ‘weapon’ against it, is radical openness.
Seeing the world from somewhere beyond it, beyond transience, we can sally forth into the battlefield as enlightened warriors, raised above the fray.
Or we can continue to remain unconvinced, projecting our own #shadow onto everything, and keep each other in chains.”

Aindriu Peers / Shamanic Druidry (the Order of the Longing Look)

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12 Things to Do with a Cup of Tea

Because #tea & #herbal tea have always been part of my life…

Here are 12 things to do with a cup of tea ;):
#slowing down & taking a break
#calming the mind & the body down
#grounding yourself
-Recentering & meditating
-(Lucid) #day dreaming
#scrying and/or #tea leaf reading
-Clearing your mind
-Being in the here & the now
-Setting #intentions
-Physical, psycho-emotional & spiritual #healing
-Attuning with the #seasons (including the inner seasons)
#inner alchemy (shifting energies & emotions within)

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About Me & My Work

I’m in the process of creating my own Runic Healing Tradition & Curriculum (based on my personal experience), which combines the Runes (Elder Futhark), European Shamanism, and Folk Herbalism.

Runes have once been used for healing but the tradition was orally transmitted and has been mostly lost. My hope & dream is to be able to bring this Tradition back, and that my work can help and empower others.

I’m a strong proponent of Self-Healing via Knowledge, Intuition, Practice & Self-Mastery, which can be achieved with the help of the Runes.

Uruz Pinterest
Uruz Picture found on Pinterest

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Entering the Runic Month of Uruz (July 14th-July 28th)


Today we’re entering the Runic month of Uruz. If you are thinking about starting a new project, business or adventure now is a good time to do so. Uruz will provide the energy and stamina needed to feed your momentum.
If you’re feeling tired or drained, Uruz will definitely recharge your batteries (postures / stadhagaldr (recommended). Now is also an auspicious time to focus on (self) healing and (re) building physical strength (immune system included).