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Algiz Pathwork for Spiritual Protection: Day 3 – Gebo in Muspelheim

After reasserting your faith/beliefs (Day 1), and (re)grounding yourself (Day 2), you are invited to regain balance.

#muspelheim is the Primordial Realm of the Fire Thurses, where what you can imagine and create has no limit. Possibilities abound, stemming from your creative mind.
#fire is a powerful #element: it brings light in darkness and shows the #path ahead, the one you have the power to create for yourself.
#gebo is a combination of 2 #kenaz Runes. Where they meet, at the center, is where something new is being birthed, where the #healing occurs.
Gebo is a power stance, those who embody it are firmly grounded and shielding from negativity & lower vibrations. Those who come to bring chaos & fear will be met with Gebo’s peace, thus a balancing & healing exchange will and shall emerge.
Gebo’s #energy is a gift from the heart, a natural antidote and shield against the negative. What makes your heart sing is what will bring you back into a balanced state of being.
Consult with the Fire Thurses to help you reawaken dormant gifts and forgotten passions.

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Algiz Pathwork for Spiritual Protection: Day 2 – Raidho in Ljosalfheim

#ljosalfheim is the Real of the Light #elves which are the Ascended Masters of the Natural World, representing Green #consciousness.
They communicate mainly through emotions, empathy and telepathy. Their #knowledge is #ancient, the #wisdom is great, and their magic powerful.
If you are prone to being easily destabilized or imbalanced, you may need to do some #grounding and/or reconnect with #nature.
#raidho is a foreteller of changes and evolution. While there are unknowns and things we can’t control, we can still remain in control of our self, our reactions and how we deal with our emotions (and not let them have power of us).
When you feel overwhelmed with your thoughts and/or emotions, go for a walk in Nature, hug a tree or do some gardening for example. Engaging with your senses will help you remain grounded and #calm you down.
For those who’d like more personalized & specific instructions on how to deal with their emotions, I suggest you seek contact with the Elves themselves and ask them about Raidho.

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Algiz Pathwork for Spiritual Protection: Day 1 – Eiwhaz in Asgard

In order to help counter the psychosis and psychic attack on our crown chakra (AKA Corona), I propose that we do some individual and/or collective #pathwork to help manifest the #energy of #algiz in Midgard. It’s a nine-day practice of #inner work that anybody who can meditate, journey, dream and/or visualize can do.

As I’ve mentioned before, #asgard is the Realm of #higher consciousness and all the values naturally attached to it.
In order to master #eihwaz there, we need to (re)connect our lower self with our higher self in order to create #spiritual healing that leads to the return of inner balance.
Fear is poison for the mind that usually leads to poor judgment and poor decisions. From that, things can easily spiral downward as this low vibration will weaken you in many ways (including your immune system).
If you can tap into and hold on to what you hold true, dear and #sacred (no matter your faith), then there is no need or place for fear and confusion.
Make the energetic shift from SCARED to SACRED and change your #vibration. Find inner peace and reclaim your Sovereignty.

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Overcoming Fear

To find peace within,
Nurture and nourish Mind, Body & #spirit.
Wholeness & #healing come
From the partnership you have
With your Self (your one true ally).
Trust that you’ll be fine,
Listen to the voice within.
It will help you ride the waves of chaos
And keep you safe.
The voices of fear only corrupt the mind,
Disconnecting you from yourself,
Your inner knowing & your #intuition.
Overcome them,
Override them,
Overwrite them in order
To be whole once more
And at home in
Your Mind, Body & Spirit.

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Newsletter #5 is Out!

The 5th issue of the #newsletter has been released and sent out to subscribers.
This month, we’re exploring #svartalfheim, where your #mind can play tricks under the #magic and dark enchantments of the Dark #elves.
I wove in some information about the #valknut as well.

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Runic Self Mastery Classes: the Foundations

A few days ago I announced my new #meetup group, which has everything to do with the practical aspect of Runic #self mastery.
I’ve listed a series of classes under the label of #northern #qigong and Runic #meditations, which are the foundations of Self Mastery.
Because he/she who masters him/herself, masters his/her own life and direct environment. This is a necessary step toward effective spiritual work.
You’ll find the April-June calendar of events (always following the #runic calendar) for the physical classes if you live anywhere in or around #seattle.
I’m looking into interactive live online classes as well.
Regarding the OtherFolk #family constellations, I haven’t decided of the dates just yet. They’ll be added later to my calendar.

Taoruna – The Way of the Runes

Bothell, WA
15 Members

This group is open to anybody wanting to develop a personal and experiential relationship with the Runes. The approach is intuitive, contemplative, healing and transformative …

Next Meetup

Introduction to Northern Qigong & Runic Meditation (FREE Eve…

Sunday, Apr 5, 2020, 11:00 AM
4 Attending

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