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On Shamanic/Runic Masks

They are one of the oldest tools
Of the #shaman,
Dating back to #prehistory.
They’ve been calling me,
They’ve been haunting me.
But until now, I didn’t know
What to do with them,
How to work with them
And incorporate them
In my #runic healing tradition.
On New Year’s Eve,
I got my answers…

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Runic Healing has Many Faces

As I’ve mentioned before, I came to the Runes through the path of #healing (#energy healing to be more specific) rather than #divination (though it’s something that has become a part of my daily life).
The #runic healing tradition is #ancient but very little literature can be found on the subject which remains very vague. But I’ve noticed a slight revival…
‘How do you recreate a tradition out of the blue, when nothing has been passed down to you? ‘ is a question I’ve been asking myself for the last 15 years.
Answers are usually hidden in plain sight, right in front of you. They are whispered in the wind, buried in the language of the dirt or coded in your DNA.
Little by little and unknowingly, I have developed my own tradition. Most of my work is and remains #energetic in nature but it differs from other #healers, who may or may not agree with me. In the end, it doesn’t matter.
The energetic #vibration and reality of the Runes is not to be argued. The image was taken from the book RUNE ERWACHEN (which translates to ‘Awakening the Runes’) by Stefan Klitzsch who applies a rather scientific approach in his book.
The *quantum Runic field* (because we can call it #quantum healing at this point) stands at the convergence of People, the Earth & the Universe. After all the Runes apply to all three, I’ve been talking forever about the multidimensional self and the #multiverse as a depiction of the #nine worlds.

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Runic Self Mastery: the Gifts & Lessons from Ljosalfheim

#ljosalfheim is the home of the light #elves. Akin to the #celtic #sidhe, they are deeply intertwined with the natural (and supernatural) world.
They are, in essence, ascended masters.
Having bypassed the need for verbal & gestural communication, they interact mainly through telepathy & empathy.
Working with the #alfar can be deeply enriching and #healing as they can teach us the mastery of emotions & behaviors.
While there is indeed a #wisdom of the heart, the balanced & sovereign individual should not let his/her emotions drive his/her judgment, decisions or actions.

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Shamanic Runecraft & Runic Self Mastery: Lessons from the Nine Worlds

We live in a nonsensical world with values we often don’t recognize or align with.
The #nine worlds can be viewed as:
1/Pure #mythology  2/Psychological #archetypes  3/Parallel universes or dimensions (#quantum physics)
Or 4/Aspects of the self (the base of my work with the Runes).  #self mastery is about
#balance & #healing as much as
Reconnecting with the Web of #wyrd
And making sense of our lives.
The sovereign individual
Is like a mighty tree:
It can withstand any storm
And still stand up strong.
I will soon briefly introduce
The gifts & lessons
Of each of these 9 Worlds.

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Runic Healing in the Coming Year

: one body,
One harmonious and unified self (That is the goal). Three main aspects:
-The physical -The psycho-emotional -The #spiritual.
If one aspect is out of #balance,
All are.
This #mind/body/spirit form of #healing
Is #natural and #ancient.
Simple yet complex,
It can’t be taught through
#newsletter or a #zine  (Though I touch upon
Some of it)
Because it requires #studying,
#dedication and #practice.
Therefore this needs to be taught
In a more “academic” manner.
This is one of the #dreams,
Projects and visions
I have for #ars runae for 2020.
#knowledge that isn’t shared
Is bound to be lost.
And #thriving #health
Is our birthright
As we were genetically designed
For sickness.

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Thoughts on Healing Work

Is an energetic contract
Between the Healer
And the person in need of healing.
But for the #magic to occur,
That person has to be receptive
And willing to get better,
Accepting to get
To the #roots of the problem.
It could be
Unaddressed and lingering
Emotional issues
Unhealthy and destructive
Habits or addictions… Whatever the origin
Of the issue is,
The actual healing boils down
To the person’s genuine willingness
To get better
And find #balance as well as
Thriving health.

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Do Not Fear Hagalaz…


During your lifetime, you will be shattered again and again in mind, body, heart & spirit.
The reason for this is that the old, outdated self needs to die for the new self to emerge.
This is spiritual evolution at work.
Do not fear the unknown, embrace it instead.
Because the void is a place of power, where anything and everything is possible.
Know that during that challenging time you are under the care of the Dark Goddess and that you will be fine.
Do not fear Hagalaz, the storm shall pass and you will stand anew.

*Expect some changes to happen to this page within the next few weeks: new logo, new name, new direction… Stay tuned! 🙂 *

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ALU Runic Egg Cleansing (Part 2)

ALU Runic Egg Cleansing

Funny what you can get when you request some extra protection. I drew the Runic protection charm ALU ULA on the shell this time.
The egg felt much heavier today. And my health has improved drastically.
I can tell that a lot of clearing has been done due to the large amount of upward strings all connected to tiny bubbles. And still larger bubbles on the rim.
No traces of blood either, meaning that the negative energy/influence has been neutralized.

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Runic Egg Cleansing, Healing & Balance (Part 1)

Runic Egg Cleansing

As I know that my cold was a direct result from being set off balance, I decided to do a shamanic egg cleansing, which I always find to be effective and accurate.
I drew my healing bindrune on the shell and placed the egg under my bed overnight. I do feel better this morning.

But the fun part, to me, is the actual reading of the egg. It’s spot on, as usual.

The strings going upward indicate that quite a bit of negative energy has been removed and the large bubbles on the rim are a sign of strong spiritual protection (for which I have always been grateful). As is the cloud surrounding the yolk (which represents the self). 

Now there is a small balloon next to the yolk (a recurring feature with me) on top of which there is a tiny blood spot indicating feeling a tidbit trapped and under the influence of a negative/evil person. The slight webbing in the vicinity is a sign of jealousy. 

The result of this egg reading doesn’t surprise me at all… I’ll do another cleansing or 2 for good measure and maybe draw ALU (Ansuz-Laguz-Uruz) on the egg this time.