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Incense as a Form of Runic Healing (Plant Spirit Runology)

letting go rope incense2
Handcrafted Rope Incense

Plant Spirit Runology involves plants in their many forms & uses, but first & foremost I envision it as a form of Folk Medicine. As such, it will be affordable & doable by most.

Nowadays incense is viewed as a form of home fragrance, though an increasing number of people involve incense burning as part of their meditative & spiritual practice (which is one of its intended purposes). You either love it or hate it but mass produced cheap incense is what the ‘haters’ are most familiar with (which has no remaining healing qualities and is quite harmful to one’s health). Incense burning is ancient medicine and as such shouldn’t be an unpleasant experience.

Being familiar with German Räucherwerk still practiced to this day (and I assume that similar practices take place worldwide), I know for a fact that incense is used for healing the body (which is basically the smudging of parts of the body), the psycho-emotional sphere as well as spiritual healing.

The beauty of plants/herbs is that each of them has many uses & applications which go beyond the physical treatment of symptoms as they also affect the emotional, spiritual & energetic fields (something I have experienced over the past 25 years).

While combustible forms of incense such as cones & sticks require some knowledge & mastery in regards to the crafting techniques, there are 3 simple types of incense that anybody can make (even absolute beginners) and that I plan to incorporate in my Runic Curriculum:

  • SMUDGE STICKS: these are basically little bundles of herbs that are tied & set to dry for later use. A wide variety of herbs (homegrown & ethically wildcrafted) can be used for making smudge sticks BUT you can pretty much only use leaves, stems & flowers to make these. Barks, roots, pods won’t burn. If properly dried, a smudge stick should burn on its own. The DRUID GARDEN has a couple blog posts that I recommend reading on the topic of smudge sticks: the 1st one explains the basics, the 2nd one goes more in-depth regarding which plants can be used. Of course, it does require some basic herbal knowledge in order to identify the plants.


  • LOOSE INCENSE: basically any plant material can go in crafting that type of incense: barks, resins, spices, herbs…you name it. The botanicals can be ground into a fine powder if you wish, though it’s not a necessity. However you need to be aware that loose incense is not combustible on its own, that’s why a charcoal disk is usually required (this not my favorite method because the charcoal imparts a smell and remains awfully hot way after its combustion is over). The German method uses a Räucherpfanne, which is a special incense pan used on the stove. A small cast iron pan set on a low flame will do the trick but does require keeping an eye on the incense.


  • ROPE INCENSE: this is a method I have developed, refined & used over the years. It is a bit more involved than the 2 other forms of incense (and there is a bit of ‘magic’ involved in there). It’s a 2 step process: First, you need to create a strongly scented herbal tincture (which CAN’T be used internally). Then, when the tincture is ready, you need to soak some twine until saturation and let it dry. This type of incense is very satisfying and will slowly burn on its own. A little bit goes a long way too. I have some friends in my entourage that are holistic and/or spiritual practitioners and who swears by it!

How does all of this have anything to do with the Runes? In my practice, and from the very beginning, I have understood that the Ancient Tradition of Runic Healing was first and foremost energetic in nature. And energy can be transferred, shifted & transformed…Maybe I should call it Runic Alchemy 😉











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Plant Spirit Runology

plant spirit runology

As soon as the Raunachte are over, I’ll be getting back to working on my Plant Spirit Runology Curriculum. I have decided to simplify things a little and classify the Nine Worlds (which are also aspects of the self, as I had mentioned in my ‘9 worlds, 9 chakras’ series) into the 3 shamanic worlds. I’ll be talking about this soon.

My goal for 2019 is to create an online school of plant spirit runology but there is much groundwork that needs to be done in order to make this a reality.

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Mastering the Rune ISA: Day 3 – Fehu in Ljosalfheim

Mastering ISA Day3

The 3rd day of our journey towards the mastery of Isa brings us to Ljosalfheim, the realm of the Light Elves.

They basically are the ‘Ascended Masters’ of the North. They are pure energy and communicate mainly through empathy, much like trees do.

Though Isa requires a lot of inner work and solitude, Fehu is an invitation towards growth, expansion, and connection.

Inspired and guided by the Elves, I propose a guided meditation in nature as an initiation to plant spirit shamanism during which one can explore and learn the art of non-verbal communication with sentient beings throughout the Nine Worlds.

This will be part of the ISA chapter of my Runic Curriculum for Home Study, which should be available around mid-December.

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Mastering Isa – Day 2: Hagalaz in Asgard

Mastering ISA Day2

As we continue our journey to master the Rune Isa, we find ourselves in Asgard encountering the Rune Hagalaz.

This is the continuity of the work started in Vanaheim with the Rune Teiwaz/Tyr.

Here Hagalaz demands a serious reassessment of your belief system and your moral values. A purification of sorts and a rebirth as the true you (re) emerges.

I have prepared a shamanic journey / guided meditation with Hela regarding this aspect of the mastery of Isa as part of the ISA chapter of my runic curriculum (which should be available around mid-December)…

Feel free to spread the love and the word.

More soon…

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On Mastering the Rune ISA in the 9 Worlds

Mastering ISA

The Runes are much more than a spiritual path (which reveals itself to the seeker), they’re also a philosophy of life. But we need to be aware that our thoughts and actions in Midgard affect the 8 other worlds as well (since we are part of a multiverse).

Therefore, in order to master a specific rune in Midgard, we need to be conscious that a harmonious equilibrium needs to be reached with the 8 other worlds.
Within the course next 9 days, I’ll be sharing some of the information needed to achieve this balance with the rune ISA (which is the current runic month). 

More in-depth information will be made available in the ISA chapter of the runic curriculum I’m working on (I hope to have it online by mid-December), which will include a fair amount of inner work with guided meditationsshamanic journeys, ritual teas and botanical incense blends.

Stay tuned…(And eventually, follow me on Instagram).

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Ansuz Runic Herbal Offering

I created an Ansuz Ritual Herbal Smoke which is to be used in a spiritual context. It’s neither psychotropic nor addictive and made with common herbs (and I’d like to remind everybody that the Runes are not for fools or jokers). Ansuz is Odin’s Rune. This herbal blend helps with increasing insight, expanding intuition, deepening wisdom and acquiring knowledge from the Higher Realms. 

So I asked people on Instagram (and I will ask you, dear reader, as well) whether I should create an illustrated downloadable PDF recipe to list on my Etsy shop or if I should just wait to include it to the Ansuz Chapter of my Runic Curriculum-in-writing.

Ansuz Herbal Smoke

Sadly, a few people ‘liked’ the picture but nobody answered my poll. Which proves once and for all (I was hoping that I was wrong) that people don’t read, even if the message is blatantly part of an image and right under your nose.

Which means that the decision will be up to me…

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Want to be Part of My Adventure?

Runic Healing Develop

Within the next 2 or 3 weeks, I will be hosting a Runic Meditation with a group I’ve been teaching for a while. We’ll be working on the material I’m currently developing as part of the ‘Introduction to Runic Healing‘.

If you’d like to join us and be one of my ‘testers’, contact me privately.

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Update on the Introduction to Runic Healing

BAUM Tree of Life Activation

I finished typing the ‘Tree of Life Activation’, which is going to be part of the Introduction to Runic Healing. I made a short video about it which was a bit difficult to upload and part of it got cut off unfortunately but most of the information is there…

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About Me & My Work

I’m in the process of creating my own Runic Healing Tradition & Curriculum (based on my personal experience), which combines the Runes (Elder Futhark), European Shamanism, and Folk Herbalism.

Runes have once been used for healing but the tradition was orally transmitted and has been mostly lost. My hope & dream is to be able to bring this Tradition back, and that my work can help and empower others.

I’m a strong proponent of Self-Healing via Knowledge, Intuition, Practice & Self-Mastery, which can be achieved with the help of the Runes.

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