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An Update on the 'Book of Ansuz'

#evolution is part of everybody’s #spiritual path and #spiritual work.
And while #selfmastery is important to me, it’s only the tip of the iceberg or the root of the tree…
I do what I do out of purpose and passion, whether it’s traditional or not is completely irrelevant because I’m creating my own tradition.
So the ‘Runic Self Mastery’ part of the ‘Book of #ansuz‘ is written & done.
I’m now moving on to the writing of the Intermediate Level, which will allow to do some actual #healing work in #midgard, connecting the Above with the Below: #asgard with #helheim.
But just like a tree can’t grow or thrive without a strong root system, you can’t move on to the intermediate stuff while having skipped the foundations…
I’ll talk more about this soon.

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'Northern Whispers' Newsletter #4 is out

The 4th issue of the #newsletter
Has been sent out to subscribers
(Check your emails, guys).
This time, we are exploring #muspelheim
And pondering on the multifaceted #fire element.
And of course, I break down
The #fire code for you, runically speaking.
If you wish to subscribe to the Newsletter,
The link is below.

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Algiz Full Moon Guided Meditation

Following the Runic Calendar, this Guided Meditation is Active & Experiential (unlike Traditional  Meditation). Algiz is the Rune of Guidance & Protection, which are the aspects focused on here. Since this Meditation is pre-recorded, and therefore not interactive, I invite my Listeners to play & pause this Recording a few times or as necessary.

And the 4th issue of the Northern Whispers’ Newsletter will be released tomorrow/Monday. The newsletter is only sent to subscribers and isn’t hosted on the website.

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ARS RUNAE Guest of the Wizard Factory

We talked about:
Animism (defining the undefinable)
Time & Natural Cycles
#folk herbalism & the #wise woman Tradition (connecting with Plant Allies).
And of course Runes, especially:
The #runic calendar (and how it seems to align with #astrology)
My take on #stadhagaldr (Viking Yoga)
And the importance of #self mastery
I’ll post the link when the video will be available for watching, meanwhile,
you can subscribe to their YouTube Channel: The Wizard Factory

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Full Moon in Hagalaz

This #full moon in #hagalaz
Is shedding light
On the necessity
To journey downwards
And meet the #dark goddess
As part of
The #alchemical process
Of #nigredo,
Which will continue
With #nauthiz and #isa
Until we are ready
To re-emerge with #eihwaz.
This is a #purification process
Of #releasing and #letting go
Of what is outdated
And no longer serves us.
As such,
It must be done
In full #consciousness
In Mind, Body, and Spirit.
What is shredded,
All that Lead,
Is the spiritual compost
That will later serve
As fertile ground
For our #rebirth.

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Jera Begins: Reflection on the End of the Year

Jera Begins

You’ve been tried and tested by the 3 ‘rough runes’: Hagalaz, Nauthiz, and Isa, in order for the outdated self to die and the new you (in alignment with your core self, your essence) to be revealed.

With the end of a cycle, a new one can now begin with Jera.
As the end of the calendrical year is drawing near, this rune asks you to reflect on all the things that have happened to you internally and externally. Ponder on your personal harvest, draw your conclusions and move on. Prepare yourself for the new year to come, set your intentions and release them throughout the Nine Worlds.

For those of you who are going through troubled times, know & have faith that this will pass. 

According to some sources, this day marks the historical Winter Solstice. The sun is to be reborn and Sunna‘s medicine brings light in the dark, hope and healing

Blessings to you & yours.

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Mastering Isa Throughout the 9 Worlds – Day 1: Teiwaz in Vanaheim

Mastering ISA Day1

‘The deeply transformative experience of Hagalaz that shook us to our core in order to reveal our strong foundations was followed by Nauthiz with which we learned to overcome our fears and tap into hidden resources and abilities we weren’t aware we possessed.

Now we need to master the 3rd of the rough Runes: Isa.

As much as we learned from the previous 2 Runes, there are still things that we need to incorporate and digest before we can move on with the rune Jera (the next Runic month).

Isa, the ice is about patience and full awareness of the self…Here we are focusing on the Teiwaz aspect in Vanaheim, which is an open invitation to rise above the mundane and elevate oneself energetically, mentally & spiritually (among other things). ‘

I’ll be discussing Isa more in-depth and how to master it in balance and harmony with the 8 other worlds in the ISA chapter of my Runic Curriculum (which should be available around December 15th). I will also include a Teiwaz-specific guided meditation / shamanic journey to help you incorporate that aspect in your mastery of the Rune Isa.

More soon…

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On Mastering the Rune ISA in the 9 Worlds

Mastering ISA

The Runes are much more than a spiritual path (which reveals itself to the seeker), they’re also a philosophy of life. But we need to be aware that our thoughts and actions in Midgard affect the 8 other worlds as well (since we are part of a multiverse).

Therefore, in order to master a specific rune in Midgard, we need to be conscious that a harmonious equilibrium needs to be reached with the 8 other worlds.
Within the course next 9 days, I’ll be sharing some of the information needed to achieve this balance with the rune ISA (which is the current runic month). 

More in-depth information will be made available in the ISA chapter of the runic curriculum I’m working on (I hope to have it online by mid-December), which will include a fair amount of inner work with guided meditationsshamanic journeys, ritual teas and botanical incense blends.

Stay tuned…(And eventually, follow me on Instagram).

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Entering the Runic Month of ISA

The Month of Isa

The wheel is turning once more and we just entered the runic month of Isa, which is the 3rd of the rough/challenging Runes (2 weeks to go).

This is natural evolution as we have integrated the lessons & challenges from the 2 previous Runes: Hagalaz & Nauthiz.

Deep inner work of transformation and taping into unknown/hidden resources are at work as the ice slowly releases other treasures buried in the unconscious.

More will be revealed soon as we dig into the ice that will lead us to the mastery of Isa in Midgard and the other realms that constitute the Nine Worlds.

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November Full Moon Rune Meditation in Nauthiz

November Rune Meditation

When you follow the runic calendar, the end of the year contains the most challenging Runes. The runic month of Hagalaz just ended (it started around Samhain) and now it’s the turn of Nauthiz (the next will be Isa). It can be an overwhelming time especially when the days are short and the weather cold. A sense of loneliness may also creep in… This Full Moon gathering will aim at keeping your spirit high and finding solutions from personal exploration & experience.
As usual, if you’re in Southern California and would like to join us, feel free to drop me a line or two.