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Rune Zine Cover in Progress

Artwork in progress for
The Book of #ansuz.
I was not kidding when I said
That the 1st #rune zine
Is about to be released.
It will be the first volume
Of the Runic #self mastery series.
More soon…

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Good News about the Zine

I’m happy to announce that I’m done with the writing part of “the Book of Ansuz”. However, I still have to work on the cover of the Rune Zine before being able to release it (it’ll be in the shop). I don’t have a definitive release date yet but it should be some time at the beginning of January.

And since there’s been some request, I will have a live video on Instagram to introduce myself, my work and the content of this first Zine. Meanwhile, and if you wish to become familiar with my work, you can either follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram (where most of my material is) or subscribe to my FREE newsletter.

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Guided Meditation with the Sylphs


With the help
And #guidance
Of one of the #sylphs,
I have co-created
A guided #meditation
In which
One becomes the sky (It can be a bit more
Challenging than it sounds). This meditation
Will be featured
And explained in details
In the upcoming
#ansuz issue of the #runezine.
More soon… 

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On Sylphs

The #sylphs,
An #ancient race
Of #etheric beings,
Nowadays only mentioned
As #elementals
In #magic books
Are associated
With the Air Element
And by extension,
The Rune #ansuz.
I’ve decided to
Touch upon the subject a bit
In the upcoming
Ansuz issue of the #Runezine,
And share some basics
In order to help you (Re)connect & work with them.
For those who think
The topic is to ‘out there’, Know that I just do
What I have to do.
The chapter will be there
You can peek inside
Or just skip it altogether… 

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An Update…

In the light of
What happened to me
During this #samhain,
What was reawakened
From a long slumber,
And in order to #honor
#ancient promises & allegiances,
I have decided to add
Another chapter to the #runezine
And share another thread
Of my personal tapestry.
However, as a citizen of
The #nineworlds,
I remain aware that
What matters to me
May or may not
Matter to you…

Artwork: Julia Jeffrey @stonemaidenart

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The ‘Northern Whispers’ Newsletter

The first #newsletter will be out on November 9th.
Just like the #zine it will contain exclusive content (think *extras*) that won’t find their way to the #runezine… They may or may not be included in a future book, if you feel like waiting a few years instead … 😁
If you wish to be on my Mailing List just PM me or drop me an email at, but you can also subscribe on this website as well (link under the banner)