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Episode #4: Sowelu New Moon Guided Meditation

For this New Moon in Sowelu, I guide you through a Movement Meditation with a strong emphasis on Creative Visualisation. Sowelu is a very solar Rune and working with it can help recharge us energetically during this transition from Winter to Spring. I also briefly discuss pathworking and healing work by comparing Sowelu to the Runes Teiwaz and Jera, which I talked about in previous episodes.

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Upcoming Runic Guided Meditation

There will be a #guided meditation recorded & uploaded
As a #podcast (Episode #4) this weekend,
For the #new moon in #sowelu
Which is the current Runic Month.
Link to the Rune Podcast:

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My little brother decided to surprise me by developing an #app for my Rune #podcast.
It’s ready to be installed & used on Google Play Store.
Episode 4 will be released this weekend as a guided #sowelu #new moon #meditation.
And next week I’ll have something on comparative #runology.