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Algiz Pathwork for Spiritual Protection: Day 2 – Raidho in Ljosalfheim

#ljosalfheim is the Real of the Light #elves which are the Ascended Masters of the Natural World, representing Green #consciousness.
They communicate mainly through emotions, empathy and telepathy. Their #knowledge is #ancient, the #wisdom is great, and their magic powerful.
If you are prone to being easily destabilized or imbalanced, you may need to do some #grounding and/or reconnect with #nature.
#raidho is a foreteller of changes and evolution. While there are unknowns and things we can’t control, we can still remain in control of our self, our reactions and how we deal with our emotions (and not let them have power of us).
When you feel overwhelmed with your thoughts and/or emotions, go for a walk in Nature, hug a tree or do some gardening for example. Engaging with your senses will help you remain grounded and #calm you down.
For those who’d like more personalized & specific instructions on how to deal with their emotions, I suggest you seek contact with the Elves themselves and ask them about Raidho.

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The Last Reading of the Year

Our last #woden’s day reading of the year
And my gift to you
For the Rough Nights (#raunächte).
#raidho came forth,
Right in #alignment with
The #transition, change & evolution
From the old year to the new.
It is pure, non-static #energy
In #movement, even though
Nature is asleep.
An invitation to go with the flow
Rather than fearing the unknown.
Ponder upon the lessons
Of this year: the good, the bad & the ugly.
Draw your conclusions and
Get ready to move on & start anew.
Tomorrow’s eclipse
In earthy Capricorn
Will bring things to the surface
That need to be cleared, cleansed
And healed
While being grounded
In practical reality.

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This Week’s Woden’s Day Reading: Raidho

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Rosemary as Winter Ally

Rosemary Tea

Rosemary is a wonderful herbal ally during winter time. It’s a warming herb that stimulates blood circulation among other medicinal properties.
Rosemary also helps with focus and mental clarity. As an herb of remembrance, it helps to tap into buried memories (great for past life or ancestral work).
Last but not least, it helps clear negative energy.

From a Runic Healing standpoint and generally speaking, I associate rosemary with the rune Raidho on a physical level, the rune Dagaz on a psychological level and the rune Algiz on a spiritual level.

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Rune Reading: April 2nd-April 8th 2018 Forecast

For this week’s reading, I’ve used The Earthen Runes Oracle Deck. I like the minimalistic design of this deck. I chose the black & white one but there is a color version as well.

The rules of this reading are the same as usual: have a look at the cards and see which one you feel connected to; it’ll be your card & subsequent forecast for the week.

Now keep in mind that these are general trends, which may or may not apply to you in every little detail. If you are interested in having a private reading (in person, via email or via Skype), feel free to drop me an email at

Now let’s begin: which card do you feel drawn to?

Rscope Apr4 2018 1.1

~Let’s unveil card #1~

Rscope Apr4 2018 1.2


This week Othila may well be asking you to review & even redefine your personal values, who you are and what makes you who you are. If, until now, you’ve been avoiding the (wo)man in the mirror regarding these somewhat essential questions, there is no more escaping because you can’t make your next chess move without having clear answers. Chances are you may not be the super (wo)man you’re pretending to be and/or want people to perceive you. It’s ok: being aware will allow some room for growth & transformation. Why not model your new self after people (real or fictional) you admire? Othila being also about property, acquisitions, inheritance & security – if you are currently considering buying a house, acquiring something of value, investing financially in anything or simply signing a contract: this may not be the best time for you to do so. You could end up regretting impulse buys and other futile acquisitions. Once again, you need to sit down and consider the situation from a practical and realistic point of view. This will benefit you in the long run.

~Now let’s unveil card #2~

Rscope Apr4 2018 1.3


Should you stay or should you go? That seems to be the big question this week. Your feet are tingling and you are craving some kind of movement in your life but you don’t seem to know what you want in the first place. Illusions, delusions, as well as stuff from the past, may come to haunt. It can make your head spin but fear not: this sensation of disorientation is only temporary. But keep in mind that as long as you don’t have your chariot/ride (Raidho) under control, your horses (impulses) will bring you wherever they please and you might not like it. Ask yourself: who’s currently in charge in your life? If it’s not you, you got a problem! So before you decide to go anywhere, make sure that you’re the one holding the reins – that should protect you from wild rides…

~And finally, let’s unveil card #3~

Rscope Apr4 2018 1.4


A veil has been lifted from your situation, and you are full of hope, seeing things with new eyes. You have come to understand & realize some important things, and therefore a shift has occurred. What started as a simple awareness will have rippling effects in your everyday life. The wheel has turned, the Gods have their eyes on you & they are blowing favorable winds in your direction. Now that you have some clarity – knowing what you want and where you are heading to – have the courage to make things happen, and change your destiny for the better! As long as you keep your head on your shoulder, you should be fine.

Rscope Apr4 2018 1.5

‘Til next week, be well 😉