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TaoRuna Meetup Group – the Way of the Runes

I’m pleased to announce the creation of my new #taoruna #meetup group to my friends in #bothell#seattle and the neighboring towns.
TaoRuna stands for the Way of the Runes, as the focus will be on #energy#intuition and #contemplation through the practice of Northern #qigong (my personal take on #stadhagaldr aka Viking Yoga) and Runic #meditation (which I cover in part in my writings) following the Runic Calendar, as always.
It’s a deeply #healing practice that allows you to reconnect with the many aspects of the self, with the #ancestors and with the folks of the Nine Worlds.
I will list the upcoming sessions (April to June for now) within the next few days.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Taoruna – The Way of the Runes

Bothell, WA
1 Members

This group is open to anybody wanting to develop a personal and experiential relationship with the Runes. The approach is intuitive, contemplative, healing and transformative …

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Episode #4: Sowelu New Moon Guided Meditation

For this New Moon in Sowelu, I guide you through a Movement Meditation with a strong emphasis on Creative Visualisation. Sowelu is a very solar Rune and working with it can help recharge us energetically during this transition from Winter to Spring. I also briefly discuss pathworking and healing work by comparing Sowelu to the Runes Teiwaz and Jera, which I talked about in previous episodes.

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Upcoming Runic Guided Meditation

There will be a #guided meditation recorded & uploaded
As a #podcast (Episode #4) this weekend,
For the #new moon in #sowelu
Which is the current Runic Month.
Link to the Rune Podcast:

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My little brother decided to surprise me by developing an #app for my Rune #podcast.
It’s ready to be installed & used on Google Play Store.
Episode 4 will be released this weekend as a guided #sowelu #new moon #meditation.
And next week I’ll have something on comparative #runology.

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Meditation Podcasts: Your Opinion Matters

There’s no right way or wrong way
Of doing #meditation.
It’s about figuring out
What works for you.
I’ve taught live #runic meditations
Back in California,
So I had an audience
That would hear me talk
While they were meditating/journeying
And doing what they were supposed to do.
I’ve been made aware
That some people actually need
That #audio support.
So I’m gonna ask
The #newsletter subscribers specifically (past, present, and future)
If they want and/or need me
To record short audio #podcasts
That match the newsletters’ journeys
And will be sent with them… Plus you’ll get to hear
My lovely voice & #french accent. Depending on your feedback,
I will retroactively create some podcasts
For the first 2 newsletters
And send them to
Those who will request them.

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Introducing French Podcasts (Coming Soon)

I’ve been teaching French for years now, and I’ve noticed that most methods seem to miss the essential point of learning a language, which is: communication. And communication is not a one-way street, it’s about understanding as well as being understood.

Most folks get comfortable with writing and reading, but when you start engaging in an actual conversation, that’s where things start to get challenging. I would say that if you can manage to start thinking in French, then things should get smoother. The other tip I would give is not being afraid to make mistakes, take a chance – after all you’re learning a language – nobody’s going to make fun of you. And if you’re wrong, you will learn something.

As my dear students (and God knows that I challenge them all the time) are becoming more fluent in conversation, they still admit that the listening is their weakness. I admit that French people can talk fast (and I think it’s the same goes with any natives speakers in their own country) therefore I try to speak a little bit slower and in a comprehensible manner. With that in mind, I’ve decided to record some French podcasts.

What will they be about? Well, most likely topics of my own interest: literature, art, folklore, herbal medicine maybe, European myths & legends, maybe some of my own writings and projects as well…Whatever strikes my fancy! I plan to indicate whether my podcasts are for beginner, intermediate and/or advanced students.

How to use them? I would, of course, recommend a first listening to get a gist of what the podcast is about. A second listening should allow you to be able to catch some words and sentences. With a third listening, maybe you can start translating some of it. You can also use those podcasts as dictations: you write down what you hear and understand. Rereading your notes should allow you to self-correct some grammatical and conjugation mistakes. I will prepare a written transcript that I will be willing to email to folks who request it via email or private message.

For each podcast, I will prepare a written transcript that I will be able to email to folks who request it via email or private message. Subscribing to my blog is optional, but would allow you to not miss any podcast (I’m thinking about doing it on a weekly basis for now, but things might change over time).

I also plan to work on my own French learning method (that I hope to be able to use for my classes in a near future) based on TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling), in which language, art, and tales can coexist harmoniously…But that’s another story ;).