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ARS RUNAE Guest of the Wizard Factory

We talked about:
Animism (defining the undefinable)
Time & Natural Cycles
#folk herbalism & the #wise woman Tradition (connecting with Plant Allies).
And of course Runes, especially:
The #runic calendar (and how it seems to align with #astrology)
My take on #stadhagaldr (Viking Yoga)
And the importance of #self mastery
I’ll post the link when the video will be available for watching, meanwhile,
you can subscribe to their YouTube Channel: The Wizard Factory

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Sage as Algiz (and Ansuz) Medicine


As a High Vibration plant, Sage – herb of wisdom – is associated with Algiz (protection & clearing).
From a medicinal perspective, Sage works on the throat (throat chakra included) and thus is Ansuz medicine as well.
The Seeker who is engaged with the Spirit of Sage can therefore not speak garbage or lies without offending the plant spirit. Every choice has its consequences.

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Nettle as Uruz Medicine

nettle uruz medicine2

One needs more than a strong Inner Fire and a clear vision to manifest one’s dreams into reality. Strength and  stamina are required.
Nettle is Uruz Medicine.
Supercharged with fresh Spring energy, nettle builds, cleanses, strengthens and nourishes the blood.
And a healthy body is the foundation of everything…

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Hawthorn, Nemetona & the Inner Sanctum

hawthorn runes

Hawthorn, a plant often associated with the Sidhe, also happens to be sacred to the goddess Nemetona (whom I encountered during the Wolf Moon).
Hawthorn, herb of the heart, is one of my first & oldest allies.
Nemetona’s strong presence was a reminder that the notion of sacred space is first & foremost within: the Inner Sanctum.
This space is in the heart, and its boundaries need to be clearly defined and protected.
Few should be allowed access to your inner sanctum (which is a great privilege). And it shall remain forever closed to those who don’t respect you or your boundaries.

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Dandelion as Eihwaz Medicine (Runic Healing) – PART 1

dandelion eihwaz

How fitting is it to talk about Dandelion right at the beginning of the New Year and the New Moon in Capricorn/Eihwaz. Dandelion’s reputation as a Spring detox herb is well known. The plant is edible, highly nutritious & medicinal. Almost all parts can be used.

Let’s analyze it from a mind-body-spirit perspective:

  • THE ROOTS (which are usually harvested during the Fall) are connected to the Underworld. Roots are perfect for going to the root cause of things whether these are chronic health issues or destructive psycho-emotional issues (which tend to repeat themselves). The Underworldly root connects us with the womb of the Dark Mother where deep healing & transformation can occur if we allow things to unfold, no matter how unpleasant. The bitter taste of this shamanic medicine (and plant) is perfect for the undoing of patterns, the removal of toxins within & without. Because what affects the organs affects the emotions, which then show on the skin, which then find its way to the psyche (the order doesn’t matter)…etc. It becomes a vicious cycle which weakens your physical energy and depletes your life force & your spirit (which also has other consequences). The Dark Goddess’ Medicine is the most potent there is. Trust her in taking the lead in your healing process, she will show you the way back toward wholeness and you will reemerge renewed.


  • THE LEAVES (usually collected in the Spring, as they are some of the first Spring greens to pop on the ground) are edible, nutritious & blood purifying. They detoxify the liver and attune with the energy of the season. The name Dandelion (Dent de Lion in French,  Löwenzahn in German) means lion’s tooth, referring the to the dented shape of the leaves and is also an indication of the high mineral content of the plant, being beneficial to teeth & bones (Doctrine of Signatures).


  • THE STEM, the backbone of the plant, elevates the energy from the ground to the sky.


  • THE FLOWER is solar in essence, and full of leonine energy. Yellow being the color of the bile, we are being reminded of the plant’s affinity with the liver. But this bright little Sun is governed by the sign of Leo, which is connected to the heart (in TCM, and in my own experience, a toxic liver will affect the heart). This heart-gladdening flower is the result of the transmutation of the toxins (physical, psycho-emotional, spiritual), the lead, into gold. The inner work with the Dark Goddess is over, we can now return to the outer world & we are greeted by the Sun.


  • Then come THE SEEDS, which hold within them so much potential. They are thought forms, wishes, hopes & dreams, and connect us with the Higher Realms. The Great Work is over: we have connected the above with the below, elevated ourselves & we have refined our body & our spirit. We are now born anew. This is the Alchemy of Eihwaz.
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Plant Spirit Runology

plant spirit runology

As soon as the Raunachte are over, I’ll be getting back to working on my Plant Spirit Runology Curriculum. I have decided to simplify things a little and classify the Nine Worlds (which are also aspects of the self, as I had mentioned in my ‘9 worlds, 9 chakras’ series) into the 3 shamanic worlds. I’ll be talking about this soon.

My goal for 2019 is to create an online school of plant spirit runology but there is much groundwork that needs to be done in order to make this a reality.

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Mastering the Rune ISA: Day 3 – Fehu in Ljosalfheim

Mastering ISA Day3

The 3rd day of our journey towards the mastery of Isa brings us to Ljosalfheim, the realm of the Light Elves.

They basically are the ‘Ascended Masters’ of the North. They are pure energy and communicate mainly through empathy, much like trees do.

Though Isa requires a lot of inner work and solitude, Fehu is an invitation towards growth, expansion, and connection.

Inspired and guided by the Elves, I propose a guided meditation in nature as an initiation to plant spirit shamanism during which one can explore and learn the art of non-verbal communication with sentient beings throughout the Nine Worlds.

This will be part of the ISA chapter of my Runic Curriculum for Home Study, which should be available around mid-December.

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Eihwaz, the Yggdrasil & the Sacred Yew Tree

The Yew Tree is one of the trees associated with the Yggdrasil (the Northern Tree of Life/Cosmic Tree) and the following talk by Michael Dunning seems to prove it once & for all. The Yew the tree connected to the Rune Eihwaz, the tree of death & rebirth (the yew being a tree associated with immortality, resurrection & regeneration).

When you look at the graphism of the Rune: it’s symmetrical, the above looks like the below. The Upper Realm of Higher Consciousness (Asgard/Odin) is connected to the Lower Realm of Ancient Knowledge, Wisdom & Ancestry (Helheim/Hel).

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On Tea, Plant Spirits & Runes

Plant Spirit Runology

The spirit of a plant or herb can be met in a simple cup of tea. The teacup acts as a sacred space where time and space collide and a deep communion can occur.

Tea (including herbal tea) is an ancient medicine that can heal the mind, the body, the heart and/or the spirit beyond words (spoken or written) and time.

Water itself is a powerful healing spiritual medium and carrier of the wisdom & medicine of plants.

Combine Plant Intelligence with the Higher Consciousness of the Runes and you have Alchemy at work…


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How to Make Fenchelhonig / Fennel Honey


When I was a child, my Oma would often send us care packages from Germany which included lots of sweets, all sorts of teas and various herbal remedies. One of those hard to find herbal treasures was Fenchel Honig – Fennel honey. One of those all-purpose remedies (which tastes delicious), fennel is usually used for coughs, digestive and nervous issues… Plus it’s a Virgo plant.
Traditionally it’s made with fennel seeds but my wild fennel was in full bloom so I decided to use the flavorful flower heads instead of the seeds (fennel pollen is one of those sought-after ingredients by chefs).
Herb infused honey is one of the easiest medicine one can prepare. You basically fill in a glass jar up to 1/3-1/2 full, then you cover with raw honey. Screw the lid and keep the jar in a sunny spot for about a month. I like to flip the jar every once in a while. After a month, strain with a fine mesh strainer. It’s messy but oh so tasty!