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Newsletter #5 is Out!

The 5th issue of the #newsletter has been released and sent out to subscribers.
This month, we’re exploring #svartalfheim, where your #mind can play tricks under the #magic and dark enchantments of the Dark #elves.
I wove in some information about the #valknut as well.

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Runic Self Mastery Classes: the Foundations

A few days ago I announced my new #meetup group, which has everything to do with the practical aspect of Runic #self mastery.
I’ve listed a series of classes under the label of #northern #qigong and Runic #meditations, which are the foundations of Self Mastery.
Because he/she who masters him/herself, masters his/her own life and direct environment. This is a necessary step toward effective spiritual work.
You’ll find the April-June calendar of events (always following the #runic calendar) for the physical classes if you live anywhere in or around #seattle.
I’m looking into interactive live online classes as well.
Regarding the OtherFolk #family constellations, I haven’t decided of the dates just yet. They’ll be added later to my calendar.

Taoruna – The Way of the Runes

Bothell, WA
15 Members

This group is open to anybody wanting to develop a personal and experiential relationship with the Runes. The approach is intuitive, contemplative, healing and transformative …

Next Meetup

Introduction to Northern Qigong & Runic Meditation (FREE Eve…

Sunday, Apr 5, 2020, 11:00 AM
4 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

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Runic Self Mastery: the Gifts & Lessons from Midgard

We conclude our journey
Throughout the #nine worlds
With #midgard, the middle world,
The place/realm we call our own.
Whether we are enjoying our earthly life or not, we are all here because we chose to.
And those who seek #enlightenment at all cost are missing the whole point of being incarnated in the first place.
Midgard is a learning ground, a place of growth, an opportunity to refine the soul and burn karma.
Granted some lessons can be excruciatingly painful (been there), but they are a necessity. For what doesn’t kill you truly makes you stronger.
And if you wish to give your current incarnation a deeper meaning and a stronger purpose, learn the lessons from the 8 other worlds as well, draw your own conclusions and apply them to your daily life.
This is what Runic (Self) Mastery is about.

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Ars Runae will be LIVE on Friday

Dear Friends,
Mark your calendar!
As promised,
I’ll go live on Friday 1/10 on Instagram
At noon (Pacific time). I’ll be answering
The who,
The what,
The why &
The how.
And of course, I’ll talk a bit
About the content
Of the 1st #runezine (the Book of #ansuz)
Which is now close to completion.

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Mastering Ansuz Throughout the 9 Worlds

As I have mentioned before
#self mastery is important to me.
Because self-mastery is #alchemy.
Through changing yourself
In thoughts and actions,
You can change your life
And affect energetically
People and places around you.
My favorite tool for this
Is and remain the Runes,
Which I use in #pathwork.
This Runic #sigil was created
In order to master
The Rune #ansuz in #midgard
And throughout the #nine worlds.
I will explain in details
How to work with it
In the upcoming Ansuz issue
Of the #rune zine.
I’ve been #pathworking for years now,
And I can say that
With some #focus and #dedication
It works.