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Coming Soon: OtherFolk Family Constellations

The root cause of our environmental crisis (and our health issues) lies in our disconnection with our #spiritual and #ancestral roots.
We look for life forms everywhere, forgetting about the Ones that have always been with us since time immemorial.
The #wights, the #sidhe, the #trolls, the #elves, and countless other beings whose memory has been kept alive through #folklore and traditions shouldn’t be just in storybooks.
Every serious and dedicated #spirit worker, anybody who’s had an experience with the #liminal knows that these multidimensional beings are real and still interact with us to this day.
Reconnecting with them is a necessity for real and deep spiritual, and environmental #healing. Therefore, besides my work with the #runes, I will also be facilitating Otherfolk #family constellations, which are a known shamanic practice.

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On Sylphs

The #sylphs,
An #ancient race
Of #etheric beings,
Nowadays only mentioned
As #elementals
In #magic books
Are associated
With the Air Element
And by extension,
The Rune #ansuz.
I’ve decided to
Touch upon the subject a bit
In the upcoming
Ansuz issue of the #Runezine,
And share some basics
In order to help you (Re)connect & work with them.
For those who think
The topic is to ‘out there’, Know that I just do
What I have to do.
The chapter will be there
You can peek inside
Or just skip it altogether…