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Algiz Pathwork for Spiritual Protection: Day 3 – Gebo in Muspelheim

After reasserting your faith/beliefs (Day 1), and (re)grounding yourself (Day 2), you are invited to regain balance.

#muspelheim is the Primordial Realm of the Fire Thurses, where what you can imagine and create has no limit. Possibilities abound, stemming from your creative mind.
#fire is a powerful #element: it brings light in darkness and shows the #path ahead, the one you have the power to create for yourself.
#gebo is a combination of 2 #kenaz Runes. Where they meet, at the center, is where something new is being birthed, where the #healing occurs.
Gebo is a power stance, those who embody it are firmly grounded and shielding from negativity & lower vibrations. Those who come to bring chaos & fear will be met with Gebo’s peace, thus a balancing & healing exchange will and shall emerge.
Gebo’s #energy is a gift from the heart, a natural antidote and shield against the negative. What makes your heart sing is what will bring you back into a balanced state of being.
Consult with the Fire Thurses to help you reawaken dormant gifts and forgotten passions.

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‘Northern Whispers’ Newsletter #4 is out

The 4th issue of the #newsletter
Has been sent out to subscribers
(Check your emails, guys).
This time, we are exploring #muspelheim
And pondering on the multifaceted #fire element.
And of course, I break down
The #fire code for you, runically speaking.
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The link is below.

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Runic Self Mastery: the Gifts & Lessons from Muspelheim

Continuing on our ‘Runic #selfmastery‘ mini series,
Today we’re on a field trip to #muspelheim.
So put some sunscreen on
And bring your sunglasses
Because it’s hot and bright over there!
Muspelheim is one of the two
#primordial Realms (with #niflheim,
Of which I’ll speak next week)
That gave birth to our own #midgard.
This is where the Fire #thurses dwell.
They have their own Realm and their own rules.
And, as most citizens of the #nineworlds,
They can cross dimensions
And come bring chaos & confusion here.
This is the reason why
They need to be kept in check and bound
By #thor and his #thurisaz Rune (Also known as #thurs Rune)
Every once in a while.
Fiery Muspelheim is where
The Creative Unconscious runs wild…
It’s the realm of #imagination, creativity,
#potential and possibilities.
It’s where artists & word weavers
Can and will find #inspiration and/or
The fuel to feed their own inner flame.
Yet the #fire of inspiration can be
As consuming as the fire of passion.
Beware not to get burnt!

I’ll discuss this in more detail (and instructions) in my upcoming Rune Zines.

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Mastering the Rune ISA – Day 4: Thurisaz in Muspelheim

Mastering ISA Day4

Following the experiences and lessons learned in Vanaheim, Asgard & Ljosalfheim, we now continue our journey in the fiery realm of Muspelheim.

There we encounter Thurisaz, a rune of power yes, but a rune of patience, tenacity & perseverance as well. Visions do not manifest overnight. Time is required, and under the dominion of Isa, it is pointless to rush unless what you seek is your own destruction.

In this sub-chapter about the Mastery of Isa, I’ve included a divination exercise in order to sharpen your skills and your vision. I plan to release it by mid-December…


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9 Worlds, 9 Chakras: Muspelheim (5th Gateway)

Nine Worlds-Muspelheim

Continuing the exploration of the 9 Worlds of the Northern Cosmology.

This week we will be journeying to the primordial realm of Muspelheim, land of fire.

As usual, if you are in Southern California and would like to attend, feel free to send me a message.