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In Silence, Something New is being Birthed

I know I’ve been silent. But since confinement has been imposed, I’ve been spending a lot of time #outdoors#rewilding and #reenchanting.
Solitude has never been an issue and I’m taking full advantage of the first #springgreens and wild #medicinalherbs that are currently popping from the ground.

The rewilding process has also gotten into the introspective conversations with the Self: priorities, work and what makes one’s heart sing. What are one’s roots and the dusty, often forgotten part of the self. I have an artistic background and life long love story with words.

So I decided to weave those neglected parts of myself with my love for herbs and the Runes in order to create something new, something that is more like me, something with somewhat loose delimitations in which I feel neither constricted nor lost.

So poetry is back on the menu as I just finished my first Runic poem called “The Lament of the Alfar” (you can see an excerpt on the image), which will be part of a group of other poems & illustrations about the Rune Mannaz. I’ll talk some more about it soon.

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The First Weekly Reading of 2020

For this 1st reading of 2020,
The Rune #mannaz came forth.
A new year means new possibilities:
#visions that can come to fruition.
You are allowed to #dream big
As possibilities abound.
But do not linger
In the #ether for too long
With the bubbles of champagne!
Dreams only become real
Through work, will, and dedication,
Otherwise, they will only be dreams.
Make sure that
These visions of yours
Align with your soul’s calling.
You should feel it in your gut,
That’s how you know
You’re on the right #path.
Who or what you are
Is for you to figure out but
What you choose to give birth to
Is your gift & legacy to Humanity.

Artwork : The Plains of Heaven by John Martin

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This Week’s Rune Reading: Ehwaz becomes Mannaz

This week’s Rune #reading
Is about #mannaz,
Which takes the #energy
And lessons of #ehwaz (last week)
A bit further with the presence
Of #dagaz within the Rune itself.
The silent & inner partnership
Between you and your selves
Becomes more defined and personal.
There’s clarity and renewed #hope
On the horizon as you choose
To embody words, thoughts and dreams
Into concrete, physical action.
All this #creative & #visionary work,
The #alignment of
Your higher and lower self
Is who you are at your core.
Forget duality, think unity.
By being 100% yourself
And sharing your natural gifts
(#gebo, also found within Mannaz)
With the world,
You take your rightful place
In the big puzzle that is #humanity.
#yule blessings to you & yours.

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First Quarter of the Moon Runecast (Mannaz/April 2018)

FQ Moon Runecast Apr23 2018

Decks used: the Runic Magic Cards, the Moon Deck & the Slow Holler Tarot

Continuing on the path of manifestation of your heart’s desire & grand vision, the First Quarter of the Moon is taking your dream to awareness, from the unconscious to the conscious mind. Now things are starting to take form, and challenges & unforeseen things might arise but don’t worry: this is as much part of refining your vision as it is to really get you committed to it. Time to start walking the talk…If you haven’t done so already!

Reiterate your wishes: vocalize them, re-visualize them, re-imagine them and let all these thoughts vibrate within your core. Does that feel real and tangible? Then keep going, you’re already halfway through. Look at the current Moon phase: there is a perfect balance between yin & yang. Just as you should find balance within yourself: your thoughts & actions, your ‘dreamtime’ and your active time, your positive mindset & dealing with the inner critic (the trickster who likes to sabotage everything). The challenges you might encounter are also part of finding that equilibrium.

The Moon is in Leo, which will give you a little boost of confidence and extra fuel to feed your passion. Yes, things can actually happen for real! Challenges don’t have to be viewed as negative things when they dealt with creative solutions (which can actually be beneficial). At this point in Lunar time, the sky is the limit! Literally…

We are still in the Runic month of Mannaz (this weekend we will be entering Laguz, and things will probably feel a little different) which supports your highest purpose as it benefits the whole community, and fulfills your Wyrd at the same time. The presence of the Rune Algiz in this reading is highly beneficial: you are guided & protected in your endeavor. Problems won’t be pitfalls! Algiz has its arms extended to the Heavens, drawing down inspiration, blessings & protection. Sounds good to me!

The Ace of Vessels takes things one step further: it indicates deeply felt creativity & intuition. “The Ace conjures the full richness of our internal world, the innermost depths of our heart of hearts in which we can be fully ourselves” (Slow Holler). 

What this all means is that you already have everything you need inside & outside, as the Universe is supporting you & your vision, as well as giving you the means to make things happen. Plus, you are protected. What else can you ask for?

So keep working, keep dreaming & keep visualizing. Behind the scene, things are slowly materializing from etheric pixie dust to tangible matter. So be patient & be good to yourself.

Now keep in mind that this is a general trend. If you are interested in a private reading instead (in person, via email or via Skype), feel free to drop me an email at deerzenseer@gmail.comI will be listing Divination Readings on my Etsy Shop within the next few days, including a personalized Moon & Rune Reading.

On Sunday, I will be hosting a Full Moon Rune Gathering, at sunset. Head over to if you wish to join us…

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Crescent Moon Runecast (Mannaz/April 2018)

Crescent Moon Runecast Apr20 2018

I couldn’t post my usual Runoscope on Monday because my attention was needed elsewhere (apologies) but I started doing more Moon work lately, and being an intuitive, I think it makes more sense to do readings following & being aware of the various phases of the Moon and how they affect us. The Moon + Runes combination is a powerful one and if you’ve been following this blog for a while, you already know how much emphasis I put on Inner Work & Inner Alchemy.

So we’re currently in the waxing phase of the Moon, a bit more than a Crescent now stationing in Gemini since yesterday. Remember those intentions set on the New Aries Moon (just a few days ago)? It’s time to be more clear about what you want, to focus, amplify & take things to the next level. Socialite Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so it takes all your thinking & analyzing into the verbalization phase of your desires & dreams. As exciting as it may be, don’t become too chatty about it. Remember that this conversation is between you & the Universe – the old ‘Silence is Golden’ rule still applies. And considering that this is happening in the Runic month of Mannaz which supports the definition of the Self and its place & contribution to Humanity at large, know that the Universe is backing you up.

Keep in mind that knowing oneself well is a powerful tool that can facilitate the manifestation of your dreams with Perthro. All that thinking process combined with a good dose of meditation/intuition can only result in a positive outcome. You are currently in the Norns’ good papers (as we say in French) and they will make this known to you with increased luck & synchronicities (proof that you are on the right track). Don’t get too cocky though, you still have to work your way (physically, mentally & energetically) to the Full Moon before you can release your “baby” and place it into the Universe’s good care.

L’Escalier/the Stairs indicate the light at the end of the tunnel, an evolution & assured success (as long as you play your part in the chess game). If you were hoping for some change, it’ll be highly beneficial. So keep up the good work!

Continue reading Crescent Moon Runecast (Mannaz/April 2018)

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April New Moon in Mannaz

Moon GIF by hoppip - Find & Share on GIPHY

The New Moon is a good time to set your intentions and start new projects. Both the Sun & the Moon are in Aries which will give you the strength, support, will & energy needed to make things happen. And being in the Runic Month of Mannaz, this project/vision of yours will be aligned with who you truly are at your core as well as your purpose on this Earth.