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Walking the Path


“All of this means that you will stand outside of the world of men and have to create your own web of dreams. This is always the loneliest way, and sometimes the saddest, when, from this perspective, we more clearly see the world and the sorrows that people carry.”

Ross Heaven / The Sin Eater’s Last Confessions

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Entering the Runic Month of Ansuz

Runic Month Ansuzjpg

Today we enter the Runic month of Ansuz.
As such our inspiration and spirit can be renewed if we are willing to turn inward and tune in to higher consciousness under the guise of Odin, the Allfather.
Since Mercury is still retrograde be mindful of what comes out of your mouth or deal with the consequences.

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Rune of the Week (July 16th – July 22nd Forecast)

Please keep in mind that the following is a general trend that may or may not apply to you personally

The Rune of the Week

This week’s Rune is ANSUZ which has to do with communication, inspiration, creativity, connection with the higher realms, seeking knowledge & wisdom, as well as teaching.

Ansuz H Blum

However, as I have already mentioned, we are currently in the Runic month of URUZ so this connection with the subtle realms of knowledge is focused on the self (projects included), self-knowledge and self-care as URUZ supports energy, stamina, and (self) healing.

In short, as you turn inwards, tune in & trust the information that is shared with you, ANSUZ will provide the knowledge and know-how as to how to heal your self and strengthen your physical body (if not the other ones as well). Direct insight and revelations are of utmost importance.

In terms of healing, I do connect ANSUZ with the throat (4th chakra) and the upper respiratory tract. Issues in this part of the body can stem from lack of communication to suppressed or unaddressed emotions (sadness & grief in TCM), it can also be the accumulation of toxins (often in the digestive system) that are trying to find their way out of the body, etc…There’s a whole range of respiratory issues so I will not address them individually here. In any case, a little TLC won’t hurt as detoxing & strengthening your body in the Summer will prepare it for the cold months ahead.

For those of you who don’t already follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram, I have a Runic Healing Podcast in preparation (which has to do with the Runic Healing Curriculum I’m working on) that I plan to upload later this week, in which I shall talk about URUZ a little bit more in-depth.

A few extra recommendations: 

  • For inspiration and focus: galdr with Ansuz & Uruz
  • For physical issues: stadhagaldr (Runic postures also known as Runic Yoga)
  • For emotional & spiritual issues: hoendstadha (hand gestures also known as Runic Mudras

Meanwhile, be well 😉

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The Runes as Agents of Healing & Change


Rune secrets

“The runes contain esoteric knowledge about the world and they are a philosophical tool that helps us to understand the world and its workings. But the runes are not only for understanding how everything works but also for doing magic, trying to influence the world, helping and healing people, animals, plants and Mother Earth. The runes are tools that enable us to intervene in the cosmic web. By using them in this respect they may function as an act of healing and an agent of change…”

Jorgen I Eriksson / Rune Magic & Shamanism

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Runic Healing: Putting it all Together

After years of hoping, dreaming…and trusting. I’m finally taking the leap and creating my very own Runic Healing tradition.

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The Dark Goddess Within…

“…Many mystical traditions, including Western animistic Paganism, teach that at the very core of our being there is no self to find. At our centre, there is simply the empty darkness of nothing. , in part that is why Paganisms are reviled by those who value only light.

It is also why deeply esoteric journeys can indeed take us to the brink of madness: searching for who we truly are, we discover we are nothing. yet here too is our dark goddess, she that is the formless unknown of complete release and pure potential…

For the woman who has not hidden the hag within herself, that darkness at the centre of the soul is a magical sanctuary. In Druidry, we speak of it as a nemeton deep within the soul, a place of exquisite peace and natural healing.

Indeed, it is often referred to as a great dark cauldron; it is only when a woman is able to sit, balanced and grounded, upon the three feet of that inner cauldron, that she is able to find the strength of her soul’s creativity, an ancient and bottomless pot containing that infinite universal darkness, this is the great cauldron of myth and legend…”

Emma Restall Orr / Kissing the Hag (The Dark Goddess and the Unacceptable Nature of Women)

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Crescent Moon Runecast (Mannaz/April 2018)

Crescent Moon Runecast Apr20 2018

I couldn’t post my usual Runoscope on Monday because my attention was needed elsewhere (apologies) but I started doing more Moon work lately, and being an intuitive, I think it makes more sense to do readings following & being aware of the various phases of the Moon and how they affect us. The Moon + Runes combination is a powerful one and if you’ve been following this blog for a while, you already know how much emphasis I put on Inner Work & Inner Alchemy.

So we’re currently in the waxing phase of the Moon, a bit more than a Crescent now stationing in Gemini since yesterday. Remember those intentions set on the New Aries Moon (just a few days ago)? It’s time to be more clear about what you want, to focus, amplify & take things to the next level. Socialite Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so it takes all your thinking & analyzing into the verbalization phase of your desires & dreams. As exciting as it may be, don’t become too chatty about it. Remember that this conversation is between you & the Universe – the old ‘Silence is Golden’ rule still applies. And considering that this is happening in the Runic month of Mannaz which supports the definition of the Self and its place & contribution to Humanity at large, know that the Universe is backing you up.

Keep in mind that knowing oneself well is a powerful tool that can facilitate the manifestation of your dreams with Perthro. All that thinking process combined with a good dose of meditation/intuition can only result in a positive outcome. You are currently in the Norns’ good papers (as we say in French) and they will make this known to you with increased luck & synchronicities (proof that you are on the right track). Don’t get too cocky though, you still have to work your way (physically, mentally & energetically) to the Full Moon before you can release your “baby” and place it into the Universe’s good care.

L’Escalier/the Stairs indicate the light at the end of the tunnel, an evolution & assured success (as long as you play your part in the chess game). If you were hoping for some change, it’ll be highly beneficial. So keep up the good work!

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