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There’s no Need to Fear Hagalaz

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Mastering Wunjo in Midgard

I think this method is a great tool because ultimately it’ll bring mastery in Midgard – which is our physical realm. I plan to use it in conjunction with shamanic & oracular work.

I will not discuss here the meanings of each Rune because this type of information can already be found everywhere all over the internet (and there are also countless books written on the topic). But I’m all about inner work & inner alchemy, and anybody who’s been using the Runes for some time knows that their interpretation becomes more personal with practice.

However, I will help with the correspondences between each of the 9 worlds and our inner realms. The author’s own interpretation is very helpful but I don’t always agree with him on the meanings (as I said earlier, interpretation is personal):

Please keep in mind that this is a 2D representation of the Multiverse

  1. Midgard (in the Middle) represents the Physical Reality, the Earthly Plane {WUNJO}
  2. Vanaheim (in the North-West) represents the Realm where things take form, the Manifestation from the Etheric planes to the Earthly plane {PERTHRO}
  3. Asgard (in the North) represents the Moral Ground, one’s Ethics & Values – including one’s spiritual values {KENNAZ}
  4. LjosAlfheim (in the North-East) represents Social Interactions & Behaviors {INGUZ}
  5. Muspelheim (in the East) represents the Realm of Imagination & Possibilities, the Mind’s Potential, the Creative Unconscious {OTHILA}
  6. Niflheim (in the South-East) represents the Realm of the Ancestors, Dreams, Intuition & Primal Consciousness {BERKANA}
  7. Helheim (in the South) represents Death & Greater Consciousness {URUZ}
  8. SvartAlfheim (in the South-West) represents the Realm of Realm of Mystery, of one’s Shadow Side, Choices, Dark Potential & Dark Enchantments {NAUTHIZ}
  9. Jotunheim (in the West) represents the Realm of the Future/the Possible Outcome, the Consequences of our Planned & Unplanned Actions {SOWELO}

Source: “The Message In The Runes: A Compass Home” by Sirrom Noel Yhtomit

Happy Pathworking!

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Be True to Yourself & Live Your Truth

“Do not love half lovers.
Do not entertain half friends.
Do not indulge in works of the half talented.
Do not live half a life and do not die a half death.
If you choose silence, then be silent.
When you speak, do so until you are finished.
Do not silence yourself to say something
And do not speak to be silent.
If you accept, then express it bluntly.
Do not mask it.
If you refuse then be clear about it
For an ambiguous refusal
Is but a weak acceptance.

Do not accept half a solution.
Do not believe half truths.
Do not dream half a dream.
Do not fantasize about half hopes.
Half a drink will not quench your thirst.
Half a meal will not satiate your hunger.
Half the way will get you no where.
Half an idea will bear you no results.

Your other half is not the one you love.
It is you in another time yet in the same space.
It is you when you are not.
Half a life is a life you didn’t live,
A word you have not said,
A smile you postponed,
A love you have not had,
A friendship you did not know,
To reach and not arrive,
Work and not work,
Attend only to be absent,
What makes you a stranger to them closest to you,
and they strangers to you.

The half is a mere moment of inability
but you are able for you are not half a being.
You are a whole that exists
to live a life, not half a life.”

~ Khalil Gibran

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A Project Dear to My Heart: A Future Runic Oracle Deck

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while…Today we entered the Runic Month of Kennaz (some of the interpretations of this Rune are Passion, Creating a New Path & Leading the Way), and I’m already working on my first illustration for this deck.


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New Moon Guidance (July 2017): Uruz, the Ancestor of Knowing & the Hunter of Dreams

NM July2017

Uruz, the Auroch, has a distinct energy. It’s ancient, it’s primordial, it’s wild & powerful. This Rune is associated with the primeval Earth Mother, and therefore shares some of her grounding, nurturing and protective aspects. There is much to say about Uruz, and I covered most of it yesterday during our 2nd Runic Meditation, therefore I’ll stick to the information that is relevant to us here.

It’s a Rune that has a history of being used for healing (the self and others). If you’re feeling drained and need a jolt of energy, it’s a goof Rune to work with. If you feel like you’re covering something, Uruz can help you boost your immune system and/or recover from illness. Uruz is connected with the Northern Goddess Eir, physician of the Gods, whose medicine of choice is the good old healing herbs. By extension, I believe that any natural/earthy healing modalities will be supported by this Rune (and by the Goddess).

On that topic, I’d like to mention that I just made a Runic Essence for Uruz (I mentioned Runic Essences HERE), imbued with Lunar & Solar energy and charged with Galdr. I will talk about it more in-depth very soon and will list in on my Etsy shop as well.

In Uruz, there is the prefix UR-, which to this day can still be found in the German language. UR refers to anything old, ancient, primitive, primordial…Which strengthens Uruz’s connection with the past.

In this New Moon Guidance, Uruz is associated with the Ancestor of Knowing who is guiding us on our quest for knowledge – whether acquired, remembered or intuitive. Ancient knowledge and memories kept within our genes may well be reawakened during this powerful New Moon. Talking about memories: Uruz can also help us heal our lineage (think Family Constellations), past event (even in this life), and past lives as well.

In this reading, Uruz is also associated with the Hunter of Dreams. When we look more closely at the glyph itself, we can observe a certain resemblance to the Rune Laguz (water). This brings us way back in time to the Northern Creation Myth. After Ginnungagap occurred (the equivalent of the big bang, that I associate with the Rune Inguz), the Realm of Fire ‘Muspelheim’ (Kennaz) collided with the Realm of Ice ‘Niflheim’ (Isa) and, from there, the first drops of melted water (Laguz) gave birth to the Cosmic Cow Audumbla (Uruz). {Back to healing (and medicine making): water would also be a good medium or healing modality.} And water is connected to intuition and dreams…The Hunter is asking us to widen the doors of our perception so that we can get guidance from the land of dreams (and daydreams) – which is also an ancient way of Knowing. Knowledge and clues given through dreams (even symbolically) can bring deep healing. The interpretation of those dreams is personal, and can only make sense to you.

Crack the code, learn from it, and apply that UR-knowledge to your life. The hunt starts now…

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Full Moon Guidance (July 2017): Fehu & Solitude

Today we had our first Runic Meditation at the Wilderness Park. Though it was a hot day, we were blessed to find the outdoor amphitheater under the shade of tall pine trees.

Things went well. I introduced the Rune FEHU (1st of the 24 Runes of the Elder Futhark), and discussed its divinatory meaning and spiritual uses (as always with an emphasis on self-knowledge, inner alchemy & transformational work). I explained my take on the posture (also known as Stadhagaldr), energetic breathwork and how to overlay the Galdr (chanting or whispering) in order to deeply connect with Fehu. We ended our gathering with a meditation to retrieve a more personal meaning or message for each of the attendees. If you wish to be part of our next gathering (which will take place 2 weeks from now), you are welcome to join our Meetup group HERE.

Now let’s talk about Fehu some more. Well, it’s a Rune that is traditionally connected with growth, wealth and the material world. Fehu means “cattle”, which in Germanic tribes were both food (and therefore a mean for survival) and a currency. Some scholars speculate that Fehu was a later addition to the alphabet, since cattle were introduced during the Neolithic revolution – as opposed to the following Rune URUZ (the auroch: which was their wild, undomesticated relative) which obviously has a more ancient connection (for that reason I tend to believe that the alphabet was initially UTHARK, and that the Runes could date back to the last Ice Age). But Fehu and Uruz have a very different energy – Fehu is a somewhat harmonizing Rune.

If I had to define it in one sentence, it’d be “Know thyself and thou shalt know the Mysteries of the Gods and the Universe.” Why? Because Fehu invites us to look inwards for our inner wealth and our inner resources, which combined with the outer material resources available to us, will support our growth and the materialization/manifestation of our vision, goals, and dreams. It’s all about finding or re-establishing balance because as helpful as material wealth is in terms of survival and personal well-being, one’s true wealth lies inside.

This Full Moon has a very earthy side because it’s in Capricorn so it’s a good time to ground ourselves as well as our personal goals. Let’s analyze them in an objective way: are these goals and dream realistic and feasible or just wishful thinking? How can I make them real? What do I need to shed in order to make them happen?

In your quest for clear and honest answers, Solitude (the card above) is the key. Take the time necessary to rest and recharge your batteries, because you need clear thoughts, strong will, and energy (URUZ) to make things happen. Don’t be hard on yourself. You’ll get there slowly but surely, one step at a time. Pay close attention to your dreams and your intuition as they may hold some important clues. The night is an ally (notice the Moon, the Owl and the Moths on the card) so why not try some moon gazing? And who knows, the breeze might whispers things into your ears in a language more ancient than silence…



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New Moon Guidance (June 2017): Dagaz, The Navigator & The Fledgling

We are still under the influence of the Summer Solstice (which happened 2 days ago) and in the Runic month of Dagaz. We are now experiencing the 2nd phase of our alchemical Calcination (the 1st phase happened during Othila, see my Full Moon post on the topic): after examining and redefining our self, our set of values and our connection to our Ancestors, we are now ready to be reborn from our own ashes (best compost ever!). This “Phoenix phase” is what Dagaz is about.

A veil has been lifted and we are now experiencing a new, refreshed perspective on our self and on our life.

Dagaz combined with The Navigator indicates that we are now ready to take matters into our own hands and therefore the lead in our life. We have redefined who we are (during Othila) as well as the direction we wish to move toward with our life. With this new self comes a sense of confidence based both on skills and experience(s). We are not at the mercy of the Winds of Fate anymore (at least not completely). We know how to read and understand the signs that are leading us where we need to go. We speak the language of the mind aligned with the heart, and we are able to navigate and play around systems, rules, and norms in a way that suits us and our personal goal(s). Time to be bold and daring with this (re)new(ed) vision!

Dagaz is also combined with The Fledgling, who is here to rekindle our sense of adventure. This card gives us wings, literally. Its uplifting energy is here to help us reconnect with our inner child, our sense of curiosity and our enthusiasm. Ask yourself what is it that makes you happy? What makes your heart and your soul sing? What are you looking forward to? Once again, be daring! Don’t be afraid to take chances even if the little voices in your mind say that it is foolish…You might find yourself rewarded with unexpected, yet beneficial results. Your new, redefined self doesn’t need anybody’s approval…So just be! Who cares if your choices don’t fit social norms, expectations or traditions…You can create your own. They will come from the heart and will have a real meaning because they will be true to you. Be like a child: trust and take chances! “Your gift is a fresh start. Your resources are boundless.” (from The Slow Holler Tarot). So, enjoy the ride!

Like what you read?

I’m available for personalized reading as well (in person, via email or via Skype). Feel free to contact me privately:


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The Inner Alchemy of Samhain: Nigredo & the Release of the Old Self

A delayed article that I intended to write a few days ago…

As much as we like to view ourselves as “Homo Technologicus”, we are still children of Nature and are bound to its natural cycles, even within ourselves. Some of us happen to be more in tune with these cycles than others, and we intuitively know when it’s time to retreat inwards.

Every once in a while, I like to open Glennie Kindred‘s book Earth Alchemy – A Dynamic Fusion between Alchemy and the Eight Celtic Festivals, in which she describes the principles of Alchemy as applied to the Celtic Wheel of the Year as well as her own personal experience.

She naturally associates Samhain with Nigredo/Putrefaction, a phase when you get rid of the old parts of the Self that are no longer relevant, that are then turned into ashes via the fire of Inner Alchemy. It’s a time of release and letting go, the end of a cycle. These same ashes will become fertile ground/compost for the new, reinvented & redefined self with its new intentions, new dreams, wishes & projects.

I associate this phase with the Rune Jera. Everything in Nature is cyclical: where a cycle ends, a new one begins. One must look at one’s inner harvest with scrutiny and objectivity, as well as kindness. We obviously don’t want to repeat the same mistakes but we can’t be too harsh on ourselves for having made these mistakes in the first place. Mistakes are lessons to be learned and, as such, are part of our growing process.

“Alchemically, Nigredo, the Dark, is the ending of one cycle, out of which new possibilities are revealed. It begins with a descent into the Darkness inside us to find the Lead, which is also the Gold, the Alchemist’s Prime Substance or Base Matter, the very essence of life…Through meditation, the art of being and contemplation I find stillness within. I am able to touch my deepest wisdom and find my connection to my natural goodness and inner knowing at my core. I find my connection to Spirit and the Gold that lies within.” Glennie Kindred

This alchemical phase happens to take place within the Runic half-month of Hagal(az). This specific Rune is often associated with destruction, hence its name (hail). Hagal will shake you to your core, and find its way to the cracks and the dark place of your being. Hagal has the power to turn your world upside down, and it will leave you naked with your core foundations exposed to the elements & with the duty to repair and rebuild your Self and your life), better and stronger than before.

Hagal also happens to be a Mother Rune: a Rune of potential and creation. While you can’t have any control over what it is going to unleash into your life, you can choose what and how you want to rebuild. In that sense, Hagal can make us a favor as most of us don’t want to be consciously confronted to our shadow side.

While we are turning inwards and facing the Dark, it is important to remain grounded. Autumn, with its cooler & shorter days, requires more energy from our body. Nutrient-dense foods such as root vegetables, meat, and animal fats will provide the fuel needed for our body to face the outer world.

But to help us define our vision and dream our dream, we can turn to Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris, also known as Cronewort) as an herbal ally.  Mugwort is 1 of the 9 Sacred Herbs in Northern Shamanism, and is used to induce visions and dreams. Raven Kaldera writes in his Northern Shamanic Herbal: “Mugwort is very old, and it has been used magically for a very long time. It has no active hallucinogenic parts, unlike Wormwood, but it doesn’t need them to do the trick of creating a sacred space and enhancing one’s psychic powers.” 

Judith Berger also talks about Mugwort in her wonderful book Herbal Rituals: “…Known to many as an herb of magic, cronewort allows us to live in several worlds at once, expanding and nourishing the habit of drawing our gaze before us to that which is visible, and behind us  to that which is invisible. Regular use of cronewort in tea or extract strengthens our ability to absorb intuitive information as we preserve an aspect of sharpness in our interaction with the complex, outside world.”

Mugwort is also a nourishing, medicinal herb with an affinity towards the digestive system (which will be useful to help us digest the rich seasonal diet of Autumn): “Like a true wise elder, cronewort knows that a grounded, vital body is as precious as our visionary abilities, and so Artemisia Vulgaris tones our organs so that we will become sturdy as well as wise old crones. Cronewort leaves are a rich source of vitamin B complex, vitamin C expressed as ascorbic acid, and carotenes expressed as vitamin A. Cronewort abounds in minerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and iron. A vinegar made from the leaves of this artemisia will strengthen the entire digestive tract, improving appetite, normalizing bile production, and supporting and restoring the supple strength of the small and large intestine.”


“Earth Alchemy” by Glennie Kindred

“The Northern Shamanic Herbal” by Raven Kaldera

“Herbal Rituals” by Judith Berger