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Ehwaz Medicine for this Full Moon (April 2020)

In order to welcome another, one can’t be at war within the self.
Life is full of challenges and, as unpleasant as they are, they often are necessary for #change, growth and, in time, deep #healing.
Because the lessons that are learned through flesh, heart and mind are life time lessons that, once fully digested and understood for the wise teachings that they are, can lead to happiness as long as one is able to see the bigger picture, the unfolding pattern.
Clues are being given at all times, it’s up to the self to acknowledge them & understand them.
#guidance comes from being in tune with the #higherself. The other can sometimes show what the self can’t see or doesn’t want to know.
To welcome the other is to accept a different vision, a different point of view. The gift of newness is a fresh breeze and, ultimately, the #medicine of the other is companionship in mind, body & spirit.

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Algiz Pathwork for Spiritual Protection: Day 5 – Hagalaz in Helheim

The Runic #pathwork continues (we’re already halfway through it)…

Day 5: #hagalaz in #helheim
Helheim is the Realm of the Dead & the #ancestors. As such it’s the gateway to Greater #consciousness and to the #mysteries of Life & Death.
Helheim is ruled by the #ancient, wise & peaceful #dark goddess #hela. Hagalaz is her Rune, the matrix of all #runes. So Hagalaz is at home in Helheim.
Hagalaz can be a challenging Rune, announcing uncontrollable #change and transformation.
Change is the only constant in life and is a bringer of growth (nothing is stagnant in the #multiverse).
Don’t fear change, embrace it! And the experience will be a rich and rewarding one… 

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Algiz Pathwork for Spiritual Protection: Day 4 – Fehu in Niflheim

Still working on my dad’s health, but it’s time to get back to the #pathwork.

Day 4: #fehu in #niflheim
The primordial Realm of the Ice Thurses is a harsh place, where survival is the only constant. Creative #strategy is involved that requires tapping into one’s #willpower and sometimes previously unknown inner gifts.
It’s often in times of challenges that one’s full potential is revealed. And that potential isn’t only based on the logical mind, here the #intuitive is involved and even required when the mind becomes clouded or overwhelmed.
Fehu here indicates that in the current in-between state where everything seems static, your growth and true wealth lies into tapping and trusting your #intuition, your #dreams and your #gut feeling.
These are your compass. They will help you navigate through the psychofog and find the path to follow.

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Algiz Pathwork for Spiritual Protection: Day 3 – Gebo in Muspelheim

After reasserting your faith/beliefs (Day 1), and (re)grounding yourself (Day 2), you are invited to regain balance.

#muspelheim is the Primordial Realm of the Fire Thurses, where what you can imagine and create has no limit. Possibilities abound, stemming from your creative mind.
#fire is a powerful #element: it brings light in darkness and shows the #path ahead, the one you have the power to create for yourself.
#gebo is a combination of 2 #kenaz Runes. Where they meet, at the center, is where something new is being birthed, where the #healing occurs.
Gebo is a power stance, those who embody it are firmly grounded and shielding from negativity & lower vibrations. Those who come to bring chaos & fear will be met with Gebo’s peace, thus a balancing & healing exchange will and shall emerge.
Gebo’s #energy is a gift from the heart, a natural antidote and shield against the negative. What makes your heart sing is what will bring you back into a balanced state of being.
Consult with the Fire Thurses to help you reawaken dormant gifts and forgotten passions.

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Algiz Pathwork for Spiritual Protection: Day 2 – Raidho in Ljosalfheim

#ljosalfheim is the Real of the Light #elves which are the Ascended Masters of the Natural World, representing Green #consciousness.
They communicate mainly through emotions, empathy and telepathy. Their #knowledge is #ancient, the #wisdom is great, and their magic powerful.
If you are prone to being easily destabilized or imbalanced, you may need to do some #grounding and/or reconnect with #nature.
#raidho is a foreteller of changes and evolution. While there are unknowns and things we can’t control, we can still remain in control of our self, our reactions and how we deal with our emotions (and not let them have power of us).
When you feel overwhelmed with your thoughts and/or emotions, go for a walk in Nature, hug a tree or do some gardening for example. Engaging with your senses will help you remain grounded and #calm you down.
For those who’d like more personalized & specific instructions on how to deal with their emotions, I suggest you seek contact with the Elves themselves and ask them about Raidho.

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Raunacht #2: The Art of Stillness


The Rough Nights can be viewed as ‘Nights of the Soul’ because much of what happens during this time is of a spiritual nature. This 2nd night is about the stillness within and without (you can read about the 1st night HERE).

A lot of people fear silence. Some of them because they associate silence with death, others because they know they will have to hear their own thoughts and by extension the voice of their own inner demons.

Silence should not be feared but rather embraced as it is the key element of any creative or healing process. Learn to be at peace with silence.

Face any thought or emotion that may arise with honesty & integrity. Ask yourself (or the spirits) whether what you hear is just random inner dialogue or if there is something deeper that needs to be addressed. In this case, stillness will set you on your path toward healing. Welcome the experience & the lesson(s).


Inspired by ‘Das Wunder der Raunächte” by Valentin Kirschgruber

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On Karma & Suffering

Light up the world

As an acquaintance of mine & shamanic practitioner once said to me several years ago: “The Middle World is the land of suffering.” As you can guess, this statement stuck with me only to reveal itself as a truth throughout the years and in my personal life.

Some of us struggle more than others, some of us seem to be doomed to suffering or bad luck. It’s easy to blame Fate and continue weeping on our sorry self. We all have free will, we all make choices. It is true that it takes a lot of courage, inner strength, will and patience to pull oneself out of a situation, whatever it is.

But it does also require a lot of trust (that things will be OK), a lot of self-love, and the strong belief that you deserve much better than being miserable and a shitty life. I will always support anybody who is or has felt helpless, hopeless and cornered to start looking up, gathering strength in body, mind & spirit in order to find their way out and their own happiness.

Today, after my usual morning ritual of reading Runes & Oracles, I became aware that not only was suffering about purification of karma (all those past lives come into account, and I know I’d dealt with some pretty dark stuff in some of them so I accept to pay my dues) but that the purpose behind that suffering was to bring about hidden or unknown abilities or talents, which can be life-changing.

I have mentioned before on this blog how I came to the Runes (and probably the reason why I am so passionate about them – besides, I have come too far on the path to just stop or go back). I have changed & evolved a lot throughout the past 5 years (the people who have known me for a long time can vouch for it), and I owe a huge part of this change to my Runic studies. Things seem to be accelerating these days, I’m doing gradually more inner work that I’ve done until now (it just feels natural) and I think & feel that it’s time for me to go even further on my path.

I am not worried. While there is a lot of turmoil in this world and around me, I’m just gonna keep pushing forward. Because that’s what I am meant to do…There will always be people that don’t understand or disagree (thinking I’m wasting my time & energy), people with agendas, confused people, negative people & people who like to control. None of this is my responsibility…


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My *Inner Peace* Incense is Finally Available…

I’m glad to announce that it is now available on my Etsy shop:

It’s a rather therapeutic incense:  *INNER PEACE* Botanical Incense is formulated to help bring relief as well as peace of mind and of heart in a world filled with tensions. Everyday, we are exposed consciously or not to various forms of negative energy (some more subtle than others) that affect us directly or unconsciously.

Contains among other herbs: organic rose petals, organic sage, organic lavender, homegrown bay leaves & organic hyssop

Inner Peace Cones1