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Algiz Pathwork for Spiritual Protection: Day 5 – Hagalaz in Helheim

The Runic #pathwork continues (we’re already halfway through it)…

Day 5: #hagalaz in #helheim
Helheim is the Realm of the Dead & the #ancestors. As such it’s the gateway to Greater #consciousness and to the #mysteries of Life & Death.
Helheim is ruled by the #ancient, wise & peaceful #dark goddess #hela. Hagalaz is her Rune, the matrix of all #runes. So Hagalaz is at home in Helheim.
Hagalaz can be a challenging Rune, announcing uncontrollable #change and transformation.
Change is the only constant in life and is a bringer of growth (nothing is stagnant in the #multiverse).
Don’t fear change, embrace it! And the experience will be a rich and rewarding one… 

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Runic Self Mastery: The Gifts & Lessons of Helheim

After #niflheim (last week),
We are heading to #helheim.
Its connection to Death
And the #ancestors is well known
But a bit restrictive.
The #void is the cauldron
Of the #dark goddess,
The point of origin
And return of all souls.
It is a place of
(often forgotten) spiritual mysteries
As it connects the Seeker
To the Greater & Timeless #consciousness of the #web of wyrd.
It is also a place
Of deep spiritual #transformation
For those who willingly
Accept and embrace
The shattering and ‘rewards’
Of #hagalaz.

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Entering the Runic Month of Eihwaz

Runic Month Eiwhaz

Today we are entering the Runic month of Eihwaz. We have digested (Jera) and integrated the lessons learned from the ice in order to refine the self (Isa).
As the days are slowly getting longer, we too are ready to birth ourselves anew and reconnect with the physical world.
This time the I finds itself both grounded/anchored in the ancestral earth (Helheim) and connected to the higher realms of consciousness (Asgard).
Eihwaz is the embodiment of the Yggdrasilthe cosmic tree. The cycle of life, death, and rebirth applies to the self over and over during one’s physical lifetime. This is both evolution and revolution. So welcome the new year as well as the new you/yew… Everything is possible.

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9 Worlds, 9 Chakras: Helheim (1st Gateway)

I will be sharing some of the material I’m currently working on this Saturday, as part of my Runic Healing curriculum-in-writing. If you are in Southern California and would like to attend, feel free to send me a message.

Nine Worlds-Helheim