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Algiz Pathwork for Spiritual Protection: Day 5 – Hagalaz in Helheim

The Runic #pathwork continues (we’re already halfway through it)…

Day 5: #hagalaz in #helheim
Helheim is the Realm of the Dead & the #ancestors. As such it’s the gateway to Greater #consciousness and to the #mysteries of Life & Death.
Helheim is ruled by the #ancient, wise & peaceful #dark goddess #hela. Hagalaz is her Rune, the matrix of all #runes. So Hagalaz is at home in Helheim.
Hagalaz can be a challenging Rune, announcing uncontrollable #change and transformation.
Change is the only constant in life and is a bringer of growth (nothing is stagnant in the #multiverse).
Don’t fear change, embrace it! And the experience will be a rich and rewarding one… 

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This Week’s Rune Reading: The Gifts of Hagalaz

Image from the Nocturne Oracle

#hagalaz showed up
In today’s #woden’s day #reading.
While some will tremble with fear,
Others will rejoice
Because they know
The power that lies
In #challenges and obstacles.
They know that
The #death of the old
Will bring the birth of the new.
And the #dark goddess
Always has her ways.
And negotiation
Will lead you nowhere,
There’s no escape.
Embrace the change,
Embrace the #unknown.
You are in the care
And under the guidance of #hela.
She will only destroy you
In order to bring
The best out of you.
Don’t think that
She’s a heartless mother though.
She showed #mercy to #odin
On the great tree.
If she didn’t take him down,
He would have died there
And that would have been
The end of the story (And no Runes for us). As you are navigating
Your way through
The rough seas of #hagal,
Go with the flow,
Not against it.
Hagalaz is the Mother Rune
And while it’s spinning
In the #void,
Know that something good
Will come out of it.

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Woden’s Day Reading: Hagalaz’ Questioning of Reality

This week’s #woden’s day #reading
Is about #hagalaz
As an invitation
To see right through
The #illusion of the matrix
In order to view the world
With the #enlightened eyes of truth.
Those who settle
For beauty and comfort,
Never questioning anything
Are complacent and asleep.
Hagalaz is the Rune of #goddess Hel
And is the Mother Rune,
The untainted matrix of all Runes.
Its #energy can be unsettling
And shake you to the ground.
It’s a little death for an #awakening.
The #dark goddess doesn’t lie,
She will show you the raw truth
And the unpleasant nature
Of this “Reality”
In order to set
Your Mind and your #spirit free.

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Full Moon in Hagalaz

This #full moon in #hagalaz
Is shedding light
On the necessity
To journey downwards
And meet the #dark goddess
As part of
The #alchemical process
Of #nigredo,
Which will continue
With #nauthiz and #isa
Until we are ready
To re-emerge with #eihwaz.
This is a #purification process
Of #releasing and #letting go
Of what is outdated
And no longer serves us.
As such,
It must be done
In full #consciousness
In Mind, Body, and Spirit.
What is shredded,
All that Lead,
Is the spiritual compost
That will later serve
As fertile ground
For our #rebirth.

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Do Not Fear Hagalaz…


During your lifetime, you will be shattered again and again in mind, body, heart & spirit.
The reason for this is that the old, outdated self needs to die for the new self to emerge.
This is spiritual evolution at work.
Do not fear the unknown, embrace it instead.
Because the void is a place of power, where anything and everything is possible.
Know that during that challenging time you are under the care of the Dark Goddess and that you will be fine.
Do not fear Hagalaz, the storm shall pass and you will stand anew.

*Expect some changes to happen to this page within the next few weeks: new logo, new name, new direction… Stay tuned! 🙂 *

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Mastering Isa – Day 2: Hagalaz in Asgard

Mastering ISA Day2

As we continue our journey to master the Rune Isa, we find ourselves in Asgard encountering the Rune Hagalaz.

This is the continuity of the work started in Vanaheim with the Rune Teiwaz/Tyr.

Here Hagalaz demands a serious reassessment of your belief system and your moral values. A purification of sorts and a rebirth as the true you (re) emerges.

I have prepared a shamanic journey / guided meditation with Hela regarding this aspect of the mastery of Isa as part of the ISA chapter of my runic curriculum (which should be available around mid-December)…

Feel free to spread the love and the word.

More soon…

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Mastering Isa Throughout the 9 Worlds – Day 1: Teiwaz in Vanaheim

Mastering ISA Day1

‘The deeply transformative experience of Hagalaz that shook us to our core in order to reveal our strong foundations was followed by Nauthiz with which we learned to overcome our fears and tap into hidden resources and abilities we weren’t aware we possessed.

Now we need to master the 3rd of the rough Runes: Isa.

As much as we learned from the previous 2 Runes, there are still things that we need to incorporate and digest before we can move on with the rune Jera (the next Runic month).

Isa, the ice is about patience and full awareness of the self…Here we are focusing on the Teiwaz aspect in Vanaheim, which is an open invitation to rise above the mundane and elevate oneself energetically, mentally & spiritually (among other things). ‘

I’ll be discussing Isa more in-depth and how to master it in balance and harmony with the 8 other worlds in the ISA chapter of my Runic Curriculum (which should be available around December 15th). I will also include a Teiwaz-specific guided meditation / shamanic journey to help you incorporate that aspect in your mastery of the Rune Isa.

More soon…

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Entering the Runic Month of ISA

The Month of Isa

The wheel is turning once more and we just entered the runic month of Isa, which is the 3rd of the rough/challenging Runes (2 weeks to go).

This is natural evolution as we have integrated the lessons & challenges from the 2 previous Runes: Hagalaz & Nauthiz.

Deep inner work of transformation and taping into unknown/hidden resources are at work as the ice slowly releases other treasures buried in the unconscious.

More will be revealed soon as we dig into the ice that will lead us to the mastery of Isa in Midgard and the other realms that constitute the Nine Worlds.

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Update on Hagalaz Tea (First Tea Tasting)

Very pleasant & mild tasting (I’ll try a longer infusion next time)

I got an immediate grounding effect from drinking the Hagalaz Tea. With the energy concentrating under the feet (at first).

It sounds promising but the true test will be in the context of spiritual work, shamanic journeying and/or divination.

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Working on an Hagalaz Tea Blend

Hagalaz Tea Blend

Working on an Hagalaz runic/ritual tea blend as a tool for the seeker to enable deeper shamanic work with the runes and the Goddess Hel.
I’m pretty excited about this tea!
I’m going to allow all the herbs and aromatic components to mingle overnight. And I’ll proceed to thorough tea tasting and possible adjustments in the recipe over the weekend.
More soon…