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Algiz Pathwork for Spiritual Protection: Day 3 – Gebo in Muspelheim

After reasserting your faith/beliefs (Day 1), and (re)grounding yourself (Day 2), you are invited to regain balance.

#muspelheim is the Primordial Realm of the Fire Thurses, where what you can imagine and create has no limit. Possibilities abound, stemming from your creative mind.
#fire is a powerful #element: it brings light in darkness and shows the #path ahead, the one you have the power to create for yourself.
#gebo is a combination of 2 #kenaz Runes. Where they meet, at the center, is where something new is being birthed, where the #healing occurs.
Gebo is a power stance, those who embody it are firmly grounded and shielding from negativity & lower vibrations. Those who come to bring chaos & fear will be met with Gebo’s peace, thus a balancing & healing exchange will and shall emerge.
Gebo’s #energy is a gift from the heart, a natural antidote and shield against the negative. What makes your heart sing is what will bring you back into a balanced state of being.
Consult with the Fire Thurses to help you reawaken dormant gifts and forgotten passions.

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This Week’s Reading with Gebo (Runic Month of Eihwaz)

This week’s Woden’s day #reading
Brought forth the Rune #gebo,
Pointing out the necessity
To consider areas & patterns
Of #imbalance in your life.
Whatever the problem is,
Imbalances are energetic issues
Between what is received
And what is given, shared or owed.
Choices must be made
In order to restore the #balance.
There isn’t much required
To move from #gebo to #nauthiz
And vice versa (I touch upon it a bit in the newsletter). When in doubt of what
The proper course of action should be,
Retire in silence
And stand at the #crossroads,
At the point where the 2 #isa Runes meet
With your 2 feet firmly on the ground,
Supported by the #darkmother,
And your arms reaching out
To the sky,
Waiting for #inspiration from
The #allfather.

The 3rd issue of the Northern Whispers Newsletter will be released Tomorrow

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Rune Forecast: March 26th-April 4th

It’s been a long time, huh? Well, the weekly Runoscopes are back!

The rules are still the same: have a look at the cards and see which one you feel connected to; it’ll be your card & subsequent forecast for the week.

Now keep in mind that these are general trends, which may or may not apply to you in every little detail. If you are interested in having a private reading (in person, via email or via Skype), feel free to drop me an email at:

Now let’s begin:

Rscope Mar26 2018 1.1

~Let’s unveil card #1~

Rscope Mar26 2018 1.2

If you choose card #1:

Life can be challenging at times. We are being tested on a daily basis, on multiple levels and sometimes in surprising ways that can throw us off balance. It is easy to lose one’s control and/or temper when we are being challenged or feeling uncomfortable with a situation. What is not right though is to blame others, society or bad luck for our own mistakes. The Rune Gebo is giving you the opportunity to make things right, to strike balance again (in mind, body, emotions, and spirit) by learning the lessons from your challenges & mistakes, which will allow you to grow & improve. Once you can take responsibility, you are then truly in charge of your life…How empowering is that?!

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