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Runic Self Mastery: the Gifts & Lessons from Muspelheim

Continuing on our ‘Runic #selfmastery‘ mini series,
Today we’re on a field trip to #muspelheim.
So put some sunscreen on
And bring your sunglasses
Because it’s hot and bright over there!
Muspelheim is one of the two
#primordial Realms (with #niflheim,
Of which I’ll speak next week)
That gave birth to our own #midgard.
This is where the Fire #thurses dwell.
They have their own Realm and their own rules.
And, as most citizens of the #nineworlds,
They can cross dimensions
And come bring chaos & confusion here.
This is the reason why
They need to be kept in check and bound
By #thor and his #thurisaz Rune (Also known as #thurs Rune)
Every once in a while.
Fiery Muspelheim is where
The Creative Unconscious runs wild…
It’s the realm of #imagination, creativity,
#potential and possibilities.
It’s where artists & word weavers
Can and will find #inspiration and/or
The fuel to feed their own inner flame.
Yet the #fire of inspiration can be
As consuming as the fire of passion.
Beware not to get burnt!

I’ll discuss this in more detail (and instructions) in my upcoming Rune Zines.

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Lughnasadh / Lammas & Inner Alchemy

How does your inner harvest look like?

Happy Lughnasadh” [Dissolution] is the same alchemy as the Celtic festival of Lammas, as a time of assessment, of looking at what has been achieved in the outer world through our feelings and inner understanding so that we can come to an awareness of their deeper significance.

[Dissolution] is the alchemical transference of the Sol consciousness into Luna consciousness, the transformation of Fire into Water.

Through the experience of Dissolution I take my achievements within, to feel them and to understand them not with my rational mind, but with an intuitive inner knowing. The quest for Truth begins with Dissolution. I ask, ‘How do my achievements help my inner journey, my spiritual journey?’

Dissolution helps me connect to my inner way of knowing so that I do what feels right in my heart and Soul.”

From ‘Earth Alchemy – A Dynamic Fusion between Alchemy and the Eight Celtic Festivals’ by Glennie Kindred