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In Support of Wild Medicine

#bioregional #herbalism
Is about using
Whatever grows near you
To nourish, nurture,
Support & heal you,
Developing a mutual relationship
With #the land,
The right balance between
Giving and taking.
It’s local, seasonal
And #sustainable #folkmedicine.

As a concrete example, you will be able to find instructions for an #evergreen #vinegar and its #oxymel variation (use the #conifers that grow in your area) in the soon to be released #ansuz issue of the #runezine

Picture : my #douglas fir mandala

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This Week’s Woden’s Day Reading: Pondering on Jera

This week’s #woden’s day #reading
Is about the Rune #jera.
An intense Rune
That holds a lot of #energy
Between the two #kenaz.
But that energy
Isn’t bound or contained,
As there is space for it
To flow.
A Rune of potentiality (Were the 2 Kenaz to collide
It’d become #inguz)
Asking you to ponder
Upon your personal harvest
Through its lense,
With a self critical mind:
The good & the bad
What is to be kept or discarded
What needs improvement.
Only once
The contemplative & reflective
Work is done
Can the wheel of Jera
Turn and move forward,
Carrying with it
The thought seeds of intention
Which will become
Your future harvest.

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Runology vs Runosophy

 is the study of the Runes.
#runosophy is the #revelation
Of the hidden #wisdom
Encoded within the same Runes.
If you are approaching them
With the utmost respect
And #dedication,
The former shoulder lead you to
And open the gate for the latter.
#self mastery involves both aspects.

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Mastering Ansuz Throughout the 9 Worlds

As I have mentioned before
#self mastery is important to me.
Because self-mastery is #alchemy.
Through changing yourself
In thoughts and actions,
You can change your life
And affect energetically
People and places around you.
My favorite tool for this
Is and remain the Runes,
Which I use in #pathwork.
This Runic #sigil was created
In order to master
The Rune #ansuz in #midgard
And throughout the #nine worlds.
I will explain in details
How to work with it
In the upcoming Ansuz issue
Of the #rune zine.
I’ve been #pathworking for years now,
And I can say that
With some #focus and #dedication
It works.

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On Valknut, the Mind & Pathworking

Back in junior highschool,
I studied #ancient greek for 2 years.
While I don’t remember much,
I can recall that the Greek valued
Physical #strength as well as
Things of the #mind.
Throughout all these years,
A sentence has stuck with me,
A simple play on words:
Which roughly translates to
‘A healthy mind in a healthy body’. I’d like to take things further
And say ‘a strong mind in a strong body’
Because the same #discipline that
Gets things done
And allows you to move mountains
Emanates from the mind.
This is all interconnected
And what I see in the #valknut.
Lots have been said but
No one knows for sure
What it means.
Maybe it’s meant to remain
I do like the connection with the mind
As I’ve been doing #pathwork
With the Runes for years.
Mind, body, and spirit are interconnected
(The 3 triangles of the Valknut). The first one has a rippling effect
On the two others,
Then new #insight emerges.
It’s a feedback loop… 

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This Week’s Woden’s Day Reading: the Questioning of Othila

This week’s #woden’s day #reading
Brought forth the Rune #othila /#odal
And the questioning of
What home and #kinship
Mean to you.
It is about family ties?
Or your connection to
A specific #land /area?
It is about bonding
With people who were once strangers
And yet welcomed you
With open arms?
For most people
The answer(s) is/are obvious.
But for #expats and/or #wanderers
(By choice or by necessity)
Who don’t really
Belong anywhere,
There is a need,
Every once in a while,
To check in with your core
And reassess your personal situation.
The Great #tree has many roots
And they stretch far & wide
Both in time and space.
Your #roots and
Your personal values
Are what you can cling on
No matter what.
Find peace in knowing
That your #ancestors
Are always walking beside you
Wherever you may go
Or settle.

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Full Moon in Hagalaz

This #full moon in #hagalaz
Is shedding light
On the necessity
To journey downwards
And meet the #dark goddess
As part of
The #alchemical process
Of #nigredo,
Which will continue
With #nauthiz and #isa
Until we are ready
To re-emerge with #eihwaz.
This is a #purification process
Of #releasing and #letting go
Of what is outdated
And no longer serves us.
As such,
It must be done
In full #consciousness
In Mind, Body, and Spirit.
What is shredded,
All that Lead,
Is the spiritual compost
That will later serve
As fertile ground
For our #rebirth.

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Guided Meditation with the Sylphs


With the help
And #guidance
Of one of the #sylphs,
I have co-created
A guided #meditation
In which
One becomes the sky (It can be a bit more
Challenging than it sounds). This meditation
Will be featured
And explained in details
In the upcoming
#ansuz issue of the #runezine.
More soon… 

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The 1st Newsletter is Out!

The first #newsletter
Has been sent out
To subscribers.
This should give you
An idea
Of the way
I work & operate.
Of course,
This is separate
From the content
Of the #runezine,
Which, after much delay,
Should be released
Sometime this month.