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Good News about the Zine

I’m happy to announce that I’m done with the writing part of “the Book of Ansuz”. However, I still have to work on the cover of the Rune Zine before being able to release it (it’ll be in the shop). I don’t have a definitive release date yet but it should be some time at the beginning of January.

And since there’s been some request, I will have a live video on Instagram to introduce myself, my work and the content of this first Zine. Meanwhile, and if you wish to become familiar with my work, you can either follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram (where most of my material is) or subscribe to my FREE newsletter.

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Runic Healing has Many Faces

As I’ve mentioned before, I came to the Runes through the path of #healing (#energy healing to be more specific) rather than #divination (though it’s something that has become a part of my daily life).
The #runic healing tradition is #ancient but very little literature can be found on the subject which remains very vague. But I’ve noticed a slight revival…
‘How do you recreate a tradition out of the blue, when nothing has been passed down to you? ‘ is a question I’ve been asking myself for the last 15 years.
Answers are usually hidden in plain sight, right in front of you. They are whispered in the wind, buried in the language of the dirt or coded in your DNA.
Little by little and unknowingly, I have developed my own tradition. Most of my work is and remains #energetic in nature but it differs from other #healers, who may or may not agree with me. In the end, it doesn’t matter.
The energetic #vibration and reality of the Runes is not to be argued. The image was taken from the book RUNE ERWACHEN (which translates to ‘Awakening the Runes’) by Stefan Klitzsch who applies a rather scientific approach in his book.
The *quantum Runic field* (because we can call it #quantum healing at this point) stands at the convergence of People, the Earth & the Universe. After all the Runes apply to all three, I’ve been talking forever about the multidimensional self and the #multiverse as a depiction of the #nine worlds.

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Runic Self Mastery: the Gifts & Lessons from Ljosalfheim

#ljosalfheim is the home of the light #elves. Akin to the #celtic #sidhe, they are deeply intertwined with the natural (and supernatural) world.
They are, in essence, ascended masters.
Having bypassed the need for verbal & gestural communication, they interact mainly through telepathy & empathy.
Working with the #alfar can be deeply enriching and #healing as they can teach us the mastery of emotions & behaviors.
While there is indeed a #wisdom of the heart, the balanced & sovereign individual should not let his/her emotions drive his/her judgment, decisions or actions.

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Thoughts on Healing Work

Is an energetic contract
Between the Healer
And the person in need of healing.
But for the #magic to occur,
That person has to be receptive
And willing to get better,
Accepting to get
To the #roots of the problem.
It could be
Unaddressed and lingering
Emotional issues
Unhealthy and destructive
Habits or addictions… Whatever the origin
Of the issue is,
The actual healing boils down
To the person’s genuine willingness
To get better
And find #balance as well as
Thriving health.

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Runic Egg Cleansing, Healing & Balance (Part 1)

Runic Egg Cleansing

As I know that my cold was a direct result from being set off balance, I decided to do a shamanic egg cleansing, which I always find to be effective and accurate.
I drew my healing bindrune on the shell and placed the egg under my bed overnight. I do feel better this morning.

But the fun part, to me, is the actual reading of the egg. It’s spot on, as usual.

The strings going upward indicate that quite a bit of negative energy has been removed and the large bubbles on the rim are a sign of strong spiritual protection (for which I have always been grateful). As is the cloud surrounding the yolk (which represents the self). 

Now there is a small balloon next to the yolk (a recurring feature with me) on top of which there is a tiny blood spot indicating feeling a tidbit trapped and under the influence of a negative/evil person. The slight webbing in the vicinity is a sign of jealousy. 

The result of this egg reading doesn’t surprise me at all… I’ll do another cleansing or 2 for good measure and maybe draw ALU (Ansuz-Laguz-Uruz) on the egg this time.

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Algiz Runic Essence on this New Moon

Runic Essence

I enjoy making Runic Essences on New Moons and Full Moons (which will find their way to my upcoming website)
They do help attune energetically with a specific Rune (especially if, like me, you follow the Runic calendar) and its various applications both for healing and spiritual purposes. They can also be blended together if needed.

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Eihwaz Medicine: Preparing for Rebirth

eiwhaz rebirth

If you live somewhere in the South, like me, you have probably already witnessed the very first signs of Spring: a visual reminder that the Wheel is turning & the energy shifting as the sap of plants rises upward from their roots.

Nature is slowly waking up from its Winter slumber and the same thing is happening to us. But how does one shift from the inner state of dormancy to the outer state of activity? Preparation and incremental energetic adjustments are required.

  1. Adjust your Diet: Start adding Spring greens to the menu (side salads, green smoothies, microgreens, green soups & nourishing herbal infusions). They will help you with your transition from a heavy, carb-loaded & protein rich Winter diet to lighter fare.
  2. Get more Sun Exposure: Especially if you are prone to SAD & Depression. The Morning Sun has an uplifting & rejuvenating effect on mind and mood.
  3. Start Wandering Outdoor: Get some fresh air to oxygen your lungs & get your circulation flowing. You want to adjust your activity level incrementally, especially if you haven’t worked out all Winter.
  4. Detox! Since I have a mind-body-spirit approach, all aspects of the self must be dealt with. A new year means a new you and you want a fresh start without anything holding you back. I have already mentioned Dandelion in a previous post, this plant works like magic on all levels. Not to mention that detoxifying your liver/body will increase your energy level.
  5. Start planting seeds in the dirt and in your mind as well (remember those New Year’s resolutions). Ideas, much like plants need to be cared for in order to grow & thrive.
  6. Wear green clothes!

“The old year has died but within decay, there are signs of new life growing…There is a sense of rebirth in the air of new beginnings waiting for their right time to come. With this Earth-awakening come new opportunities to make simple yet life-changing shifts in our lifestyles and thinking patterns…The time for dreaming is over. The time for action begins…”

Glennie Kindred / Letting In the Wild Edges

And as a reminder of the energy of Eihwaz:

“Iwaz, pilar-rune, shows the path, the direction, the objective, much like Tiwaz…On a psychological level, Iwaz evokes centering & concentration, structure, balance, and inner sturdiness. It also symbolizes inner strength, will, tenacity, and following one’s goals, whatever the obstacles may be…” 

Julie Conton / Les Runes – Ecriture Sacrée en Terre du Milieu (translated from the French)

More attuned to the Spring energy is Beith, the first Ogham of the Celtic tree calendar. Beith, the birch, indicates:

“…A phase of beginning, initiative & creation. It may have something to do with a project, a relationship, an activity, an interest or a hobby. Beith suggests that one must consciously & mindfully accompany this new energy that only wishes to express itself…”

Julie Conton / L’Ogham Celtique ou le Symbolisme des Arbres (translated from the French)

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Defining Runic Healing

Today I taught my last Runic class/meditation with the last Rune of the wheel: Dagaz. It was a learning process for me as well as for my students. But the wheel is turning and it’s time for me to give form to that old dream of mine and put it on paper…

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Vibrational Medicine: Subtle yet Powerful

By vibrational medicine, I mean energy healing in its many forms, and more specifically what is called essences or elixirs. Nowadays you can find Bach Flower Remedies is most health food stores. What are they? They are considered a form of homeopathy in which the energetic imprint & healing qualities of a flower (in that case) are transferred to a liquid medium (usually a mix of water and alcohol, but I have seen vinegar or even glycerin as well).

Anybody can make flower essences. But you need to be a little bit intuitive or at least in tune with your inner self and/or Nature to come up with the healing properties of your own essences/elixirs. Most of the applications of these remedies are for emotional healing (let’s face it, most of us are emotional wrecks even if we manage to hide it or lie to ourselves) and/or spiritual healing but there are physical applications as well (I know of some Andean flower essences that have been scientifically tested in clinics and hospitals in South America for healing purposes, with official documentation).

If you wish to learn to make your own, here’s a useful link to get you started:

Now I find working with flowers a bit too restrictive, considering that some flowers only bloom once a year and during a short period of time. I have successfully made essences with other plant parts like leaves and stems, I bet that roots would work as well (especially if you wish to work on the root cause of a problem). The advantage of these plant spirit essences is that it can allow you to work with plants that could be considered toxic or poisonous. Since the contact with the plant material is limited to a small quantity and a short period of time.

I once dealt with an unusual bout of depression which isn’t something I’m prone to but for some reason, it lingered but I wanted to find a natural way to get out of it while addressing the problem. So I did a shamanic journey during which I was shown or handed some mistletoe. Mistletoe is one of those herbs that can affect the heart and should only be prescribed by an experienced herbalist. Anyway, right after my journey, I went to do an online research regarding mistletoe essence and I found out that indeed it was used to treat depression: seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I ordered some and it worked pretty quickly.

During the past 5 years or so, I have been using a lot of flower and crystal essences (some of which were my own). They have helped me tremendously with deep healing work (mainly emotional, since I had to rebuild myself) and defining as well as refining my spiritual path, which is always evolving – as so are the essences I use. They work on a subtle level and some people are more sensitive to them than others in terms of efficiency and how fast it starts kicking in. I know for a fact that the more imbalanced and toxic one is, the less sensitive one is going to be to such medicine (initially it was not working for me at all).

Technically you can make vibrational remedies out of just about anything that has an energetic imprint/vibration. Considering that everything in the Universe is Energy, it is a logical choice to use Energy as medicine as well. I have made my own essences with stones & crystals (some of which can contain harmful metals or minerals and thus should be in indirect contact with water), as well as Runes and now I am making some out of fossils…I’ll tell you more about these soon.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla

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Shamanic Egg Cleansing & Reading the Egg

The divination of the egg is the fun part for me ;).

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#shamanic #egg #cleansing is a simple yet powerful method to remove unwanted #energy from the physical body & the #aura. While this is easy to learn and to apply, the #divination of the egg is the part that requires more #learning and #practice. If you're an #intuitive, you will develop a more personalized #interpretation of the various #signs and #patterns. Here is an example of an #eggcleansing I did for a client of mine. The strings going upward and connected to bubbles on the rim (one bigger than the others) indicate an #energeticcleansing and strong #protection by #spirits from the higher realms. The curly figure on the right of the #yolk highlights a physical #health issue (I know enough about her health history to be able to concur). The small balloon on the left side of the yolk indicates a feeling of being slightly trapped in everyday life but not to the point of not being able to move forward. Last but not least, the #cobweb that formed above the yolk and under the strings and bubbles indicates that her spiritual energy is being somewhat trapped, preventing her full spiritual #potential to unfold and/or success in achieving her #lifepurpose. I strongly believe that an extra session or two should be able to overcome the #blockage.

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