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Future Rune Decks

I have at least 3 Rune deck projects in the corner of my mind. They are distinctively different visually and energetically:
-The 1st is inspired by Nature
-The 2nd is deeply Medieval
-The 3rd is based on my energetic & poetic work with the Runes
I’m really looking forward to working on these…

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About Runic Self Mastery

If you’ve been following me
For a while,
You already know that
#self mastery is important to me.
So along with the #runic healing teachings
2020 should also bring forth ‘Runic Self #mastery‘ teachings.
I already touch upon
Some of it in the #rune zine (It’s actually a big chunk
Of the #ansuz issue)
In a textual form,
But once again
A more practical format
Is needed for #home study.
That probably won’t appeal to beginners
Or traditionalists
But if you’re looking for a #challenge
Or taking things further,
This might be for you.

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Runic Healing in the Coming Year

: one body,
One harmonious and unified self (That is the goal). Three main aspects:
-The physical -The psycho-emotional -The #spiritual.
If one aspect is out of #balance,
All are.
This #mind/body/spirit form of #healing
Is #natural and #ancient.
Simple yet complex,
It can’t be taught through
#newsletter or a #zine  (Though I touch upon
Some of it)
Because it requires #studying,
#dedication and #practice.
Therefore this needs to be taught
In a more “academic” manner.
This is one of the #dreams,
Projects and visions
I have for #ars runae for 2020.
#knowledge that isn’t shared
Is bound to be lost.
And #thriving #health
Is our birthright
As we were genetically designed
For sickness.

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Tea Throughout the Seasons


While I’ve been blending and drinking tea for a very long time, I recently became interested & curious about tea varietals…Which is a new world for me and for anyone going beyond the white, green & black teas.

Furthermore, and according to Chinese Medicine, you are supposed to drink certain teas at certain times of the year in order to attune the body (and its organs) with the elements & the seasons…Which makes sense to me. Each tea has a different energy, due to the terroir, how old the tree is, if it’s wild or cultivated, how the tea was dried/stored/fermented…And of course, you will like or dislike a tea depending on your own taste, needs, and “energetic compatibility”. You will not drink the same tea whether you are trying to meditate or focus on your work – you will have to choose your tea accordingly. I find the topic fascinating…

If you wish to know more on the topic, here’s a brief but interesting article:

Here are some fine tea purveyors for you to extend your palate, knowledge, and curiosity:

Happy brewing! 😉

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