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What the Old Ones Know about Dreaming Worlds

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The Winter Solstice & the Rune Jera

Winter_Solstice - JERA2

The Runic month of Jera is a time in between time. The glyph itself gives a clue: 2 Kennaz Runes – one pointing toward the past and the other toward the future.
Both are engaged in a silent dance forward. Kennaz is the light that illuminates the path ahead (how appropriate with the Winter Solstice and the rebirth of the sun) as well as the path behind, the road already traveled.
During this transition between the old calendrical year and the new, take a moment of conscious awareness to fully reflect on your past and dream or whisper your future into being.
Blessings to all!

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French Podcast #1: Le Tissu de Mes Rêves


I think the level for this first podcast is intermediate to advanced. I went to a fabric store…That is all I’m willing to say, the rest you will have to discover for yourself ;).

I purposely kept the podcast short in order to not overwhelm my listeners with information, which could then lead to confusion. I’m going to give a little bit of vocabulary below to help you understand and/or translate better.

As I said in my introductory post: you can have a 1st listening to get the gist of it, during a 2nd listening you can try to write down words and/or sentences that you recognize/understand. After a 3rd listing, you can try to translate what you heard. You can also, alternatively, use this podcast as a dictation (which is an excellent exercise).

Here’s the vocabulary that might be useful: un tissu: a fabric, une poupée: a doll, acquérir: to acquire, même (in this context): even, se balader: to stroll/to wander, caché: hidden, être tombé(e) sur: to stumble upon, un tissu brocart: a brocade, rêver: to dream, un conteur/une conteuse: a storyteller.

Feel free to email me personally to request a written transcript of this podcast. I also encourage you to subscribe to my blog to make sure not to miss any future podcast.

Enjoy ;).