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This Week’s Rune Reading: The Gifts of Hagalaz

Image from the Nocturne Oracle

#hagalaz showed up
In today’s #woden’s day #reading.
While some will tremble with fear,
Others will rejoice
Because they know
The power that lies
In #challenges and obstacles.
They know that
The #death of the old
Will bring the birth of the new.
And the #dark goddess
Always has her ways.
And negotiation
Will lead you nowhere,
There’s no escape.
Embrace the change,
Embrace the #unknown.
You are in the care
And under the guidance of #hela.
She will only destroy you
In order to bring
The best out of you.
Don’t think that
She’s a heartless mother though.
She showed #mercy to #odin
On the great tree.
If she didn’t take him down,
He would have died there
And that would have been
The end of the story (And no Runes for us). As you are navigating
Your way through
The rough seas of #hagal,
Go with the flow,
Not against it.
Hagalaz is the Mother Rune
And while it’s spinning
In the #void,
Know that something good
Will come out of it.

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Woden’s Day Reading: Hagalaz’ Questioning of Reality

This week’s #woden’s day #reading
Is about #hagalaz
As an invitation
To see right through
The #illusion of the matrix
In order to view the world
With the #enlightened eyes of truth.
Those who settle
For beauty and comfort,
Never questioning anything
Are complacent and asleep.
Hagalaz is the Rune of #goddess Hel
And is the Mother Rune,
The untainted matrix of all Runes.
Its #energy can be unsettling
And shake you to the ground.
It’s a little death for an #awakening.
The #dark goddess doesn’t lie,
She will show you the raw truth
And the unpleasant nature
Of this “Reality”
In order to set
Your Mind and your #spirit free.

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Full Moon in Hagalaz

This #full moon in #hagalaz
Is shedding light
On the necessity
To journey downwards
And meet the #dark goddess
As part of
The #alchemical process
Of #nigredo,
Which will continue
With #nauthiz and #isa
Until we are ready
To re-emerge with #eihwaz.
This is a #purification process
Of #releasing and #letting go
Of what is outdated
And no longer serves us.
As such,
It must be done
In full #consciousness
In Mind, Body, and Spirit.
What is shredded,
All that Lead,
Is the spiritual compost
That will later serve
As fertile ground
For our #rebirth.

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A Conversation with Hela on the Topic of the Nine Worlds

Hel by Lurnos on Tumblr
Hel by Lurnos (found on tumblr)

The content of the following conversation was channeled.

Keep in mind that Hel(a), the Black Madonna, Sophia are all aspects of the Ancient, Primordial Goddess

“What happens in Midgard has rippling effects throughout the 8 other worlds. Therefore in order to heal Midgard and its peoples, you need the help from the other realms. Everything has an equilibrium and imbalances need to be addressed. The inhabitants of these realms are as real as the living, breathing beings of Midgard. They just happen to dwell in parallel worlds, it’s a dimensional issue.

It doesn’t mean that they can’t be contacted or that one can’t work with them nor learn from them. A deep & meaningful (re)connection needs to be re-established. One based on trust, with no hidden agendas. Gateways can be found throughout the land as well as within the body. A simple yet subtle shift of perception is all you need to find yourself at those gates.

In Midgard, you are being attacked on all levels yet most people are totally unaware of what is going on. This affects the rest of us as well. We watch and we weep. We can’t be of any help if there isn’t any conscious attempt or will to reconnect with, rediscover and relearn the Old Ways.”


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A Painful Birthday

Birthday Candle Purple

Today is a rather painful day for me as this is my 40th birthday. It feels like a big slap on my face. Suddenly the numbers don’t make sense as they don’t match the face in the mirror. Suddenly I find myself one step closer to my crone years.
Time flies but where does it go? No one knows. I feel sad. I feel angry. Yet I shouldn’t have the right to complain since I’m alive and well while others have been less fortunate.
I’ve had a strange life (of which I already had an inner knowing as a child somehow) and so far I haven’t met any of the social & societal expectations for my age.
That’s because the Dark Goddess had & still has other plans for me. She marked me in my mother’s womb and brought me back from drowning. It took me some time to understand & acknowledge that I was her priestess & intermediary. I dwell on the threshold, a place where anything and everything is possible.

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Red Blackberry Leaves

Red Blackberry LeavesThe best blackberry leaf tea is made of those red, burgundy & maroon leaves that usually appear later in the Fall after the blackberries have dried out.
Just look for healthy looking leaves, already mostly dried out.
The tea itself has a nice amber color and a sweeter taste than regular blackberry leaf tea. And if you pay attention to the Doctrine of Signatures, the red color is a good indicator that the leaves nourish the blood and support healthy blood circulation
Blackberry is a plant of the Dark Goddess, especially in this decaying phase.

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The Dark Goddess Within…

“…Many mystical traditions, including Western animistic Paganism, teach that at the very core of our being there is no self to find. At our centre, there is simply the empty darkness of nothing. , in part that is why Paganisms are reviled by those who value only light.

It is also why deeply esoteric journeys can indeed take us to the brink of madness: searching for who we truly are, we discover we are nothing. yet here too is our dark goddess, she that is the formless unknown of complete release and pure potential…

For the woman who has not hidden the hag within herself, that darkness at the centre of the soul is a magical sanctuary. In Druidry, we speak of it as a nemeton deep within the soul, a place of exquisite peace and natural healing.

Indeed, it is often referred to as a great dark cauldron; it is only when a woman is able to sit, balanced and grounded, upon the three feet of that inner cauldron, that she is able to find the strength of her soul’s creativity, an ancient and bottomless pot containing that infinite universal darkness, this is the great cauldron of myth and legend…”

Emma Restall Orr / Kissing the Hag (The Dark Goddess and the Unacceptable Nature of Women)

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On Being Guided…

Last weekend as I was teaching my Runic Meditation on Laguz, I was already thinking about which plant I would be working with for this Saturday’s class about Laguz’s medicine (which focuses on the healing qualities of the Rune from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective – I also like to weave in my personal experience with energy work & finish the class with a divination), and Willow came to mind. Laguz meaning ‘water’ it was a logical thing to pick up a water-related plant. And I didn’t give any more thought it until a couple days ago.

I decided to go for a local hike in order to harvest some wild plants (I had promised some black sage to a friend in Kentucky and I’m a woman of my word so…). It was a warm, sunny day and I pretty much had the whole trail to myself – it was so peaceful there and I felt like a little girl in a candy store, checking all the different plants currently thriving on the trail while remaining very reasonable.

Besides black sage, I also picked some wild sunflowers, a few stems of California mugwort and I felt drawn to get a branch of willow (I think it might be a type of Pacific willow but I’m not a 100% sure yet). Willow bark is what is usually used for medicine but I figured that maybe I could do something with the leaves as well, at the very least dry them for incense making.

Today, reading on the plant’s lore, I read that the willow is not only a plant linked to the water element, but to the moon as well (which makes sense since the leaves were a bit whitish under). BUT what is the most interesting to me is that it’s also a plant strongly linked to the Underworld and the ‘Veiled One’ aka the Dark Goddess…Everything always seems to lead me back to her, which is perfectly fine with me ;).