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My little brother decided to surprise me by developing an #app for my Rune #podcast.
It’s ready to be installed & used on Google Play Store.
Episode 4 will be released this weekend as a guided #sowelu #new moon #meditation.
And next week I’ll have something on comparative #runology.

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Runic Self Mastery: the Gifts & Lessons from Vanaheim

Today, we’re discussing #vanaheim,
The Realm of the Earthly Gods.
The ones that most people relate to
Because they are closer to them, their everyday life, needs & struggles.
Looking at the broader picture, the #vanir represent #earth consciousness
Yet their #energy and #magic differ greatly from the Green #consciousness and #natural magic of the Light Elves (see post on #ljosalfheim), due to their closeness to Mankind.
The Earthly plane is where thoughts, ideas, words & dreams take shape and manifest into tangible, physical form.
Hence the necessity to be aware and control one’s own thought processes as a step toward personal responsibility and #self mastery.

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Ansuz vs Mercury Retrograde

First #mercury retrograde of the year!
If you’re a Gemini or a Virgo,
Chances are you’ll be more affected than others.
Working with the Rune #ansuz can help you choose your words wisely and avoid miscommunications & misunderstandings (which could easily take things out of proportions). 

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On Spirituality as a Battlefield…

“Silently tuning in to the rhythm of the #seasons…Is the felt connection to the natural world as it continually changes; a way of learning to move with it, and celebrate it as the dance of transience in the moving mandala called #nature.
In the #celtic tradition, #spirituality can be portrayed as a battlefield where danger is inevitable: the poison of arrogance, the trap of doubt, the ambush of hope and the arrow of uncertainty.
Yet the enemy, in this case, is the ego and its projections. The greatest ‘weapon’ against it, is radical openness.
Seeing the world from somewhere beyond it, beyond transience, we can sally forth into the battlefield as enlightened warriors, raised above the fray.
Or we can continue to remain unconvinced, projecting our own #shadow onto everything, and keep each other in chains.”

Aindriu Peers / Shamanic Druidry (the Order of the Longing Look)

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The Celtic 13th Month: A Liminal Time

“Once upon a time, Halloween, All Soul’s Day, and the Day of the Dead were considered a three-day month that stood apart from the rest of the year. Freeing the passage of three sunrises and sunsets from the written calendar added to the otherworldly feel of this triad of days. Indeed, unbound from the predictable, calendric rhythm, these three days inspired devotion to the unknowable and invisible, the chaotic and surprising […].

As we come to the end of a single yearly cycle, it is fitting that we dwell, even if only briefly, in the void between one year and the next, letting the full body of the year sink in before we step outside to greet yet another cycle of the Earth’s journey around the Sun […]

Taking this conscious interlude, we can deeply absorb, not through rational understanding, but through skin, bone and heart, the ever-unfolding treasure of this enchanted Earth.”

From “Herbal Rituals’ by Judith Berger

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There were once 9 Maidens…

“In the book The Quest for the Nine Maidens, I have shown that these weird sisters are merely one of multifarious representations of a remarkably long-lived institution that underpins and infuses the mythology and folklore of the Celtic, Scandinavian and Iberian worlds and beyond in a timescale that seems to have lasted for millennia. For what the past two decades of research have shown me is that whether they hide behind the names of early Christian saints or Gaulish druidesses, Valkyries or Muses there was a sisterhood known to historians in the Classical world and remembered by that other strange sisterhood, the witches as late as the 16th century in Scotland, and who are remembered in a cave painting from near the dawn of time in Catalonia (El Cogul) but have almost been forgotten by the modern world.”

You can read the full article here:

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Lughnasadh / Lammas & Inner Alchemy

How does your inner harvest look like?

Happy Lughnasadh” [Dissolution] is the same alchemy as the Celtic festival of Lammas, as a time of assessment, of looking at what has been achieved in the outer world through our feelings and inner understanding so that we can come to an awareness of their deeper significance.

[Dissolution] is the alchemical transference of the Sol consciousness into Luna consciousness, the transformation of Fire into Water.

Through the experience of Dissolution I take my achievements within, to feel them and to understand them not with my rational mind, but with an intuitive inner knowing. The quest for Truth begins with Dissolution. I ask, ‘How do my achievements help my inner journey, my spiritual journey?’

Dissolution helps me connect to my inner way of knowing so that I do what feels right in my heart and Soul.”

From ‘Earth Alchemy – A Dynamic Fusion between Alchemy and the Eight Celtic Festivals’ by Glennie Kindred

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A magical vision is hidden in the Irish language – we need to rediscover it

The Irish language  derives from a world in which the unseen is as real as the seen. Photograph: Istock

Photograph: Istock

“…there are some truths about the language that need to be acknowledged, though the grammarians and language academics might not agree. 1 Irish derives from a world in which the unseen is as real as the seen; 2 it acknowledges the existence of other dimensions; 3 it is based on an understanding that nature and the land are vibrant, sentient beings; 4 at its most potent can be a language of incantation, meaning that it has (or might have) the potential to summon up wishes, behaviours, people and things…”

Read the full article here:

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Celebrating spring: Spring Equinox and the Cailleach

Cailleach lindowyn-com

Artwork by Lindowyn

I’ve always had a soft spot for hags, and The Cailleach as well as her Germanic counterpart Frau Holle (which whom she shares many similarities – we often forget that there were Celtic tribes all over Europe, not just in the British Isles) have been with me for a long time…