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Overcoming Fear

To find peace within,
Nurture and nourish Mind, Body & #spirit.
Wholeness & #healing come
From the partnership you have
With your Self (your one true ally).
Trust that you’ll be fine,
Listen to the voice within.
It will help you ride the waves of chaos
And keep you safe.
The voices of fear only corrupt the mind,
Disconnecting you from yourself,
Your inner knowing & your #intuition.
Overcome them,
Override them,
Overwrite them in order
To be whole once more
And at home in
Your Mind, Body & Spirit.

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Guided Meditation with the Rune Berkana (the Birch)

For those of you who may wonder: yes I’m still hosting my Runic Meditations as well as my Runic Healing sessions. The latter complement the meditations nicely and are focused on physical, emotional & spiritual healing.

If you’re interested in joining us or knowing more, you can find us on Meetup

While I will not go in-depth here about what was discussed today, I thought I’d share the guided meditation that we did (our findings were amazingly accurate).

Berkana wetdryvac-d8zudre

Image by wetdryvac on DeviantArt

~Berkana Guided Meditation~

“Close your eyes. Ground yourself. Empty your mind & take a deep breath.

You are finding yourself in a small forest of birch trees. The trees are spaced out, allowing sunlight to pour through the forest. Notice the texture of the bark, the rustling of the wind in the leaves.

Ask the tree spirit the permission to pick a few leaves. Thank her and keep walking.

Notice an opening in the middle of the trees. A woman is standing there, she’s wearing a blue cloak and carries a basket full of freshly gathered herbs. Her name is Brighid, Celtic Goddess of Healing. Come towards her, she’s expecting you.

She smiles as you greet her. Give her the birch leaves you just harvested, and ask her to show & teach you how Berkana/the Birch can be used for healing physically, emotionally and/or spiritually.

When you are done with the teachings, thank Brighid & walk out of the forest.”

Enjoy ;)!