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Algiz Pathwork for Spiritual Protection: Day 1 – Eiwhaz in Asgard

In order to help counter the psychosis and psychic attack on our crown chakra (AKA Corona), I propose that we do some individual and/or collective #pathwork to help manifest the #energy of #algiz in Midgard. It’s a nine-day practice of #inner work that anybody who can meditate, journey, dream and/or visualize can do.

As I’ve mentioned before, #asgard is the Realm of #higher consciousness and all the values naturally attached to it.
In order to master #eihwaz there, we need to (re)connect our lower self with our higher self in order to create #spiritual healing that leads to the return of inner balance.
Fear is poison for the mind that usually leads to poor judgment and poor decisions. From that, things can easily spiral downward as this low vibration will weaken you in many ways (including your immune system).
If you can tap into and hold on to what you hold true, dear and #sacred (no matter your faith), then there is no need or place for fear and confusion.
Make the energetic shift from SCARED to SACRED and change your #vibration. Find inner peace and reclaim your Sovereignty.

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Coming Soon: OtherFolk Family Constellations

The root cause of our environmental crisis (and our health issues) lies in our disconnection with our #spiritual and #ancestral roots.
We look for life forms everywhere, forgetting about the Ones that have always been with us since time immemorial.
The #wights, the #sidhe, the #trolls, the #elves, and countless other beings whose memory has been kept alive through #folklore and traditions shouldn’t be just in storybooks.
Every serious and dedicated #spirit worker, anybody who’s had an experience with the #liminal knows that these multidimensional beings are real and still interact with us to this day.
Reconnecting with them is a necessity for real and deep spiritual, and environmental #healing. Therefore, besides my work with the #runes, I will also be facilitating Otherfolk #family constellations, which are a known shamanic practice.

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Runic Self Mastery: the Gifts & Lessons from Asgard

Taking our explorative journey further, we stop in #asgard, home of the #aesir, the Gods of Old.
Asgard is the Realm of Higher #consciousness, morality, ethics, values and deep #spiritual beliefs.
The Aesir have a different #energy from the Vanir (of which I spoke last week).
The #higher consciousness of Asgard (the Branches of the #yggdrasil) balances and complements the Greater Ancestral Consciousness of #helheim (the Roots of the Yggdrasil).

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Entering the Runic Month of Eihwaz

Runic Month Eiwhaz

Today we are entering the Runic month of Eihwaz. We have digested (Jera) and integrated the lessons learned from the ice in order to refine the self (Isa).
As the days are slowly getting longer, we too are ready to birth ourselves anew and reconnect with the physical world.
This time the I finds itself both grounded/anchored in the ancestral earth (Helheim) and connected to the higher realms of consciousness (Asgard).
Eihwaz is the embodiment of the Yggdrasilthe cosmic tree. The cycle of life, death, and rebirth applies to the self over and over during one’s physical lifetime. This is both evolution and revolution. So welcome the new year as well as the new you/yew… Everything is possible.

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Mastering Isa – Day 2: Hagalaz in Asgard

Mastering ISA Day2

As we continue our journey to master the Rune Isa, we find ourselves in Asgard encountering the Rune Hagalaz.

This is the continuity of the work started in Vanaheim with the Rune Teiwaz/Tyr.

Here Hagalaz demands a serious reassessment of your belief system and your moral values. A purification of sorts and a rebirth as the true you (re) emerges.

I have prepared a shamanic journey / guided meditation with Hela regarding this aspect of the mastery of Isa as part of the ISA chapter of my runic curriculum (which should be available around mid-December)…

Feel free to spread the love and the word.

More soon…

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9 Worlds, 9 Chakras: Asgard (9th Gateway)

Nine Worlds-Asgard

The last of the series of meditations on the topic of the nine worlds (for now at least). Tomorrow we will journey to Asgard, the realm of the Aesir and Higher Consciousness.
I learned a lot while I was teaching .
This experience will serve me as I reconnect with my work and refocus on my Runic Healing (no, I won’t give up).