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Ansuz vs Mercury Retrograde

First #mercury retrograde of the year!
If you’re a Gemini or a Virgo,
Chances are you’ll be more affected than others.
Working with the Rune #ansuz can help you choose your words wisely and avoid miscommunications & misunderstandings (which could easily take things out of proportions). 

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An Update on the ‘Book of Ansuz’

#evolution is part of everybody’s #spiritual path and #spiritual work.
And while #selfmastery is important to me, it’s only the tip of the iceberg or the root of the tree…
I do what I do out of purpose and passion, whether it’s traditional or not is completely irrelevant because I’m creating my own tradition.
So the ‘Runic Self Mastery’ part of the ‘Book of #ansuz‘ is written & done.
I’m now moving on to the writing of the Intermediate Level, which will allow to do some actual #healing work in #midgard, connecting the Above with the Below: #asgard with #helheim.
But just like a tree can’t grow or thrive without a strong root system, you can’t move on to the intermediate stuff while having skipped the foundations…
I’ll talk more about this soon.

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Rune Zine Cover in Progress

Artwork in progress for
The Book of #ansuz.
I was not kidding when I said
That the 1st #rune zine
Is about to be released.
It will be the first volume
Of the Runic #self mastery series.
More soon…

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Mastering Ansuz Throughout the 9 Worlds

As I have mentioned before
#self mastery is important to me.
Because self-mastery is #alchemy.
Through changing yourself
In thoughts and actions,
You can change your life
And affect energetically
People and places around you.
My favorite tool for this
Is and remain the Runes,
Which I use in #pathwork.
This Runic #sigil was created
In order to master
The Rune #ansuz in #midgard
And throughout the #nine worlds.
I will explain in details
How to work with it
In the upcoming Ansuz issue
Of the #rune zine.
I’ve been #pathworking for years now,
And I can say that
With some #focus and #dedication
It works.

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Guided Meditation with the Sylphs


With the help
And #guidance
Of one of the #sylphs,
I have co-created
A guided #meditation
In which
One becomes the sky (It can be a bit more
Challenging than it sounds). This meditation
Will be featured
And explained in details
In the upcoming
#ansuz issue of the #runezine.
More soon… 

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Ansuz Rune Zine: A Preview of the Cover (which may possibly change)

I’m getting closer to completion with this first issue of the Zine. Though I must admit that it took longer than I expected. It was not so much about defining the content than getting to explain everything in details (you don’t think about it when you just do things) that took a long time.

And, of course, there were the unexpected setbacks and technical difficulties but, overall, I am fairly satisfied with what I produced and things can & will only improve (refine, always refine) with the next few issues.

I still have to work on the website (something I have to learn from scratch). I have decided that I didn’t want to have to call somebody each time there was a technical issue or go through an Etsy type of platform (which I have done for years) as they usually become greedy as they get bigger.

Everything will be managed here and by yours truly. I thank you in advance for your patience & understanding.

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My Silence was Golden: Announcing the Rune Zines

I know it’s been several months since I last posted something here. Being in a transition between places is never fun. But I had plenty of time to ponder on the next step of my work. Now that I’m settled, things are slowly but surely coming together.

Plus I feel at home here, in the Pacific Northwest. The climate, flora & fauna reminds me of France. Where I live I’m surrounded by trees (and I’ve always loved conifers) and I’m amazed to see that most of the plants & weeds that grow here are exactly what people need to support & heal themselves (Fireweed is just an amazing plant).

Now, how does that weave in with my Runes? Being at the right place at the right time plays a big role in what I’m currently working on. No distractions, no interactions that lead nowhere…My energy is held within to grow & expand rather than spread out and wasted. I’m in direct contact with the land, which both feeds & replenishes me physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.

I know I had talked before about teaching what I know and was looking for the right way to do so, combining my knowledge & experience in shamanism, folk herbalism & Runes. And I decided to create a series of self-published Rune zines (one per Rune) in which I can freely share all that.

Many books have been written about the Runes and there’s a lot of free online resources as well. And I’m not here to rehash the old stuff or to reinvent the wheel. That doesn’t interest me.

I believe we all hold within the keys for our own development, unfolding & fulfillment as we were all born intuitive and we still are (believe it or not) connected to Nature & the Spirit World.

I’m just an enabler, a facilitator providing tools & clues for others to reconnect with the 9 worlds, awaken & tap into inner resources so that they can go on their own journey and find their answers.

It’s all about self-development & empowerment through personal experience and gnosis. Among all the things I say, you can take what you need & what resonates with you (and leave the rest). You can pick & add a thing or two into your spiritual practice or start a new one. This is your ‘chess game’, you set the rules. I only provide the board & the chess pieces for you to play with.

The first issue of the Rune Zine is currently being written & put together. It is about the Rune Ansuz and the zine will be released soon.

This blog will be slowly but surely upgraded into a website in order to upload and sell the zines (which will be in pdf format for practical reasons). They are part of a much greater vision as they will be the stepping stones of a series of books (which will hold even more content) but that will take me a few years.

Dear Reader, be aware that this project is very important to me. It’s been in the Ether for the past 10 years. I’ve been dreaming of it and now I’m putting all my knowledge, heart & soul in it in order to help others on their journey here, in midgard.

I will soon talk about the content of this first issue. Meanwhile I invite you to follow me on Instagram (where most of the action is happening) and/or Facebook if you haven’t done so already.

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ALU Runic Egg Cleansing (Part 2)

ALU Runic Egg Cleansing

Funny what you can get when you request some extra protection. I drew the Runic protection charm ALU ULA on the shell this time.
The egg felt much heavier today. And my health has improved drastically.
I can tell that a lot of clearing has been done due to the large amount of upward strings all connected to tiny bubbles. And still larger bubbles on the rim.
No traces of blood either, meaning that the negative energy/influence has been neutralized.

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Runic Egg Cleansing, Healing & Balance (Part 1)

Runic Egg Cleansing

As I know that my cold was a direct result from being set off balance, I decided to do a shamanic egg cleansing, which I always find to be effective and accurate.
I drew my healing bindrune on the shell and placed the egg under my bed overnight. I do feel better this morning.

But the fun part, to me, is the actual reading of the egg. It’s spot on, as usual.

The strings going upward indicate that quite a bit of negative energy has been removed and the large bubbles on the rim are a sign of strong spiritual protection (for which I have always been grateful). As is the cloud surrounding the yolk (which represents the self). 

Now there is a small balloon next to the yolk (a recurring feature with me) on top of which there is a tiny blood spot indicating feeling a tidbit trapped and under the influence of a negative/evil person. The slight webbing in the vicinity is a sign of jealousy. 

The result of this egg reading doesn’t surprise me at all… I’ll do another cleansing or 2 for good measure and maybe draw ALU (Ansuz-Laguz-Uruz) on the egg this time.

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Healing Bindrune for Colds

Healing Bindrune for Colds

I usually have a rather strong immune system but the recent trip from CA to WA has thrown me off balance. Now I’m having to fight off a chest cold.
I have all the herbs that I need to keep things under control.

But one of the tools in my arsenal is using runes for healing.
So I designed a bindrune that I drew on my chest in order to speed up the healing process (in conjunction with matching Galdr). 

This bindrune is a combination of Teiwaz/Tyr, Uruz and Ansuz:
Teiwaz to strengthen the immune system and target the origin of the problem.

Uruz to speed up the healing process and regain some strength.

Ansuz is more specific to the throat, lungs & the upper respiratory tract.