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BAUM Runic Sigil

BAUM Runic #sigil
Those who have subscribed
And received my first #newsletter
In which I talk
About the #yggdrasil
Will know how to use it
And what to do with it…

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A Preview of the Content of the 1st Newsletter

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A Word on the Newsletter

Today I will be working
On the content
Of the first ‘Northern Whispers’ #newsletter.
There will be
A great focus
On our special relationship
With #trees
And with the #yggdrasil
In particular.
I will weave in
Some #galdr work
And #visualization
Which can certainly
Be adaptable to
Your spiritual routine.
The content of
This newsletter
Will be the #root
Of pretty much
All the future ones
As they will be
Created and built upon it.
So if you haven’t
Already subscribed
You can still do so
Following the link on top of the page
(OR you can PM me). It’ll be sent on November 9th.

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An Update…

In the light of
What happened to me
During this #samhain,
What was reawakened
From a long slumber,
And in order to #honor
#ancient promises & allegiances,
I have decided to add
Another chapter to the #runezine
And share another thread
Of my personal tapestry.
However, as a citizen of
The #nineworlds,
I remain aware that
What matters to me
May or may not
Matter to you…

Artwork: Julia Jeffrey @stonemaidenart

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“Saining is the Scottish Folk magic act of purification. It’s similar to the idea of smudging but very different.”

To read the whole article, head over to the Cailleach’s Herbarium

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Relationships with Entities & Spirits

We all have a different view on spirituality and our relationship to the divine. Some people are into worship, some have a more experiential approach while others may be very superstitious.

I have always considered Spirits as allies. They may train you, guide you, teach you, test you, challenge you, protect you…etc, but it’s never a one-way relationship. It’s very possible that some of them might have an agenda. But in a relationship, there is no hierarchy, no sense of ‘I’m in charge and you just follow’, it’s more like a trade-off: I do something for you & your spiritual growth/path and you do something for me/us. Most of the time (at least in my case) the other part of the ‘deal’ is not verbalized, but I am aware of doing some of the work while sleeping (even if I can’t remember it), just like I am when I do readings or heal people. I dwell on the threshold…