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In Silence, Something New is being Birthed

I know I’ve been silent. But since confinement has been imposed, I’ve been spending a lot of time #outdoors#rewilding and #reenchanting.
Solitude has never been an issue and I’m taking full advantage of the first #springgreens and wild #medicinalherbs that are currently popping from the ground.

The rewilding process has also gotten into the introspective conversations with the Self: priorities, work and what makes one’s heart sing. What are one’s roots and the dusty, often forgotten part of the self. I have an artistic background and life long love story with words.

So I decided to weave those neglected parts of myself with my love for herbs and the Runes in order to create something new, something that is more like me, something with somewhat loose delimitations in which I feel neither constricted nor lost.

So poetry is back on the menu as I just finished my first Runic poem called “The Lament of the Alfar” (you can see an excerpt on the image), which will be part of a group of other poems & illustrations about the Rune Mannaz. I’ll talk some more about it soon.

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Runic Self Mastery: the Gifts & Lessons from Ljosalfheim

#ljosalfheim is the home of the light #elves. Akin to the #celtic #sidhe, they are deeply intertwined with the natural (and supernatural) world.
They are, in essence, ascended masters.
Having bypassed the need for verbal & gestural communication, they interact mainly through telepathy & empathy.
Working with the #alfar can be deeply enriching and #healing as they can teach us the mastery of emotions & behaviors.
While there is indeed a #wisdom of the heart, the balanced & sovereign individual should not let his/her emotions drive his/her judgment, decisions or actions.

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