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Tea & Runes: Weekly Forecast (September 10th-September 16th 2018)

Sept 10th Forecast

Before we start, please remember that this forecast reading is a general trend that may or may not apply to you specifically. For a personalized reading, feel free to contact me.

This week begins with a cup of green rooibos tea (which tastes a bit like green tea minus the caffeine, and is loaded with minerals…Not to mention that it has medicinal properties) and the rippling effect of Saturday’s New Moon in Virgo. Fall is settling in while the energy of Summer is exiting the scene. With it comes a sense of renewal bathed in practicality. Something may have been lingering all Summer in a corner of your mind, now the idea is becoming clearer an INGUZ is giving it a ‘body’ so to speak as this concept is germinating and slowly manifesting into the physical. There is a sense of awakening that comes with it. Exploration and the widening of your horizon are the keys (while what no longer serves or excites you is vanishing with the last remains of Summer).

As the week progresses, INGUZ evolves into JERA. While you want to get that momentum going, there is no freestyling here but guidelines to follow: for your own safety but also to ensure the success of your new idea/venture. You can’t go full steam without carefully thinking about all aspects of it. Here you are being asked to apply the lessons you have learned from the past (otherwise history is bound to repeat itself and your beautiful dream will disappear as quickly as a mere thought). Consider all the angles, apply knowledge & wisdom, and if needed, find some reliable allies that will support your vision and benefit from it as well (follow your gut on that one).

However, ANSUZ is warning you not to say too much! A/ Because people could steal your idea and make it their own, and B/ they could also use their influence on you, your thoughts and/or project…Which will turn it into something else. So, don’t get too chatty, too excited or too cocky about it. You may well end up getting too distracted to actually walk the talk and do the work. ANSUZ‘s lesson here is that it’s best to apply reserve: you know better than anyone what you want, and where you want to go with your venture. So choose your words wisely and remember that the silence is golden…

Runic Haiku for this Week:

“The seed of novelty will grow on the fertile soil of the learned lessons if wisdom is applied and words kept few.”

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The Rune of the Week: Sowelu (August 6th – August 12th Forecast)

Rune of the Week - Sowelu Most of us have forgotten that Magic lies all around us and within us as well.

In order to tap into this Universal Magic, we must be willing to pay attention to the little signs (carefully placed or misplaced) amidst our everyday routine.

We have to be willing to listen to and give some credence to the little voice within.

But most importantly, we need to be able to not only acknowledge our desires & dreams but to take them from the dark corners of the imaginative mind to broad daylight where they can become a reality and be blessed under the Sun.

Sowelu/Success is Magic and you are the Witch/Wizard of your own Life. You can create it, destroy it, recreate it or start anew anytime. What Magic Spell you will be chanting is your own choice but be fully aware that this is all real. Then watch the Great Unfolding…

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The Rune of the Week: Wunjo (July 30th – August 5th Forecast)


What would you give or give up in order to be happy and have the thing(s), situation and/or person that you desire? This is the question being brought up by Wunjo, this week’s Rune.

Some people would give away all their earthly possessions in a split second, while others would go as far as selling their own soul. We tend to believe that our personal happiness and the granting of our wishes depend solely on external factors. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Rune of the Week - Wunjo

You are the one who holds the key to unlock everything you can dream of, deep inside yourself. Nobody can steal that from you but nobody can make things happen for you either. Don’t be afraid to dream big even if everybody around you thinks you’re a fool. Let them believe what they want, you know better.

It will require a strong will, inner strength, and dedication but if you can take a small step forward everyday toward the realization of your goals and dreams (note that we are currently in the Runic month of Thurisaz, which is about focus and perseverance), it will eventually become a reality.

And if that dream of yours happen to be aligned with Cosmic Laws and the fulfillment of your life’s purpose, then things are bound to happen.

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On the Right Track

I collect tarot & oracle decks like I collect books. Some of them I acquired years ago when I was less knowledgeable and surely not ready to use them, read them or understand them properly. The Wild Wood Tarot is one of them.

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Though I've had it for years, I just recently started working with the #wildwoodtarot. It does seem to resonate with me more these days. This #cernunnos looking character is all about #traditions. I wasn't blessed with any oral tradition or #knowledge being passed down to me through family lineage, nor did I have a teacher… I'm 100% #selftaught via books, #intuition, #dreams, #innerwork, #divination and practice. Yet what I'm trying to (re)create is #ancient. My recent work with #othila has opened a doorway that will allow me to tap into what I need with the help of the #ancestors. This card is just another confirmation… #runes #ancestralwork #darkgoddess #shamanism #shamansofinstagram #paganism #pagansofinstagram #odal #spiritual #metaphysical #guidance

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A Few Words on Othila’s Medicine

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Your #ancestors blood runs through your veins. Their joys, sufferings, knowledge & experiences are all encoded in your DNA. It's all there, inside, for you to tap into, for you to #reminder and (re) awaken. And yet you are not your Ancestors, your #fate awaits your own #becoming. 'Odal represents the security of what is well-known, but also points out the need to #gobeyond and #outgrow our #tradition in order to develop to the full. It also shows that we first have to be familiar with and master our own tradition before we can #transcend it, #interweave it with other traditions and #create something new. ' From *#rune Magic & #shamanism' by Jörgen I Eriksson #othila's Medicine is a powerful one, intrinsically #enterwined with #ancestralwork. I will be discussing its #healing aspects on a physical, emotional & spiritual level (along with my beloved #herbs) in my upcoming #runic Curriculum. #futhark #uthark #runes #urd #wyrd #northernshamanism #shamansofinstagram #metaphysical #spiritual #paganism #pagansofinstagram #europeanshamanism

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Moon & Rune Reading: Last Quarter of the Moon in Pisces/Othila (June 2018)

LQ June2018

In today’s reading, I find that all the elements seem to back each other.

This is the Last Quarter of the Moon which can be somewhat of an awkward time. It’s a time of adjustments and possible re-evaluation of our goals and/or what has been achieved so far this month. And if it wasn’t enough already, the Moon is in Pisces which adds an extra layer of confusion and possible disconnection with reality.

In the midst of this mental fog, the Rune Teiwaz stands up and shows the way to follow. Teiwaz speaks about doing the right thing and finding balance, especially during this awkward Moon time. You may feel challenged on multiple levels: with your identity & values (we are, after all, still in the Runic month of Othila), as well as our perception of what is real and/or what is mere fantasy…Some can even feel completely lost without even knowing why. Fears & phobias (fed by your insecurities and the subconscious) may well arise with this Pisces Moon. Your mission is to recognize the pattern & understand what is going on, and you’ll know that this is just a (psychotic) phase. Framing, naming & facing those fears is especially beneficial today on this 6/6 portal (June 6th).

Want more? The Architect of Vessels is requesting that you address your emotions, as they make you human and allow you to connect with others. Empathy & compassion are gifts. But Teiwaz once again is here to keep you in check. As it reminds you not to go overboard with your feelings & emotions. In short: don’t let them take precedence on your behavior & thinking process.

In the eventuality that all hell breaks loose around you & nothing makes sense anymore: trust your intuition, it should be your reliable compass. And hang in there, the Moon will be transitioning to Aries tomorrow…

If you are interested in a private reading instead (in person, via email or via Skype), feel free to drop me an email at

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Full Moon Reading: Sagittarius in Othila (May 2018)

FM May 2018

I know it’s been a while…But my attention was needed elsewhere and a lot has happened in just the last 2-3 weeks (the good & the bad).

But we’re not here to talk about me so let’s talk about today’s Full Moon, shall we?

The Moon is currently in Sagittarius, which supports freedom in all its guises. Which mean that it’s an auspicious time to be adventurous and take risks. If you’ve been thinking about starting a new project, a business…etc, now is the right time to do so. But remember the old saying ” the silence is golden”? You can talk a bit about it but not too much! And keep your pride in check as well!

We just entered the Runic month of Othila, which is about what makes you who you are: your ethics, your values, your personality…So this new venture of yours will be reflecting who you are deep down inside. Whatever it is that you are working on, make sure to align your thoughts, your intentions, and your actions. If you’ve been going through some kind of crisis and/or need to redefine yourself, Othila can help you in that endeavor.

No matter what your current situation may be, the Four of Vessels is pointing out the need to keep your head above the water so to speak. Don’t let people’s negativity or the current state of the world get to you (I know it’s sometimes easier said than done). If you feel a little lonely, just pick up your phone and surround yourself with people who are on the same wavelength, who appreciate you for who you are and support whatever you do or plan on doing. However, keep in mind that whatever is weighing you down needs to be named, acknowledged and dealt with at one point or another. But be conscious that you have all the resources you need within yourself and if you already know deep down inside what you need to do and where you need to tread, listen to your own voice above all and answer your own calling.

This Full Moon is supporting it as well as the Rune Dagaz, which speaks of overcoming obstacles and seeing things in a new light. It’s the air that you need to keep your head above the water (as I said earlier). Something is shifting within and around you (I can definitely feel it), whatever it is even if you can’t figure it out, know that it’s something positive. A veil has been lifted, the fog has burnt out, now you can see the sun rising on the horizon – what better omen can you get? With confidence and an optimistic mindset, success can be yours…

If you are interested in a private reading instead (in person, via email or via Skype), feel free to drop me an email at



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Psychic Reading Services for Parties + Metaphysical Meetup

I’d like to let everyone know that I offer my services as a professional psychic reader for parties ranging from birthdays to bridal showers, weddings…and more!

Of course, my area of expertise is & remains the Runes, but I also do the Tarot, oracle cards, and the pendulum.

If you live in the southwest of Los Angeles (aka South Bay or Beach Cities), please feel free to contact me regarding your event (my email address is

If you’d like to meet me in person first and get a feel for what I do, I will be at the Metaphysical Meetup hosted by the Garden of Grace, Intention & Wellness (in Lomita, CA) on June 3rd. There I will be doing Runic readings as well as shamanic egg cleansings. I will also be introducing some of my work with the Runes & offering a Runic meditation. Hopefully, I will be able to bring some of my incenses as well.

Party Psychic

Feel free to drop me a line below regarding questions or requests ;).