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Eihwaz Medicine: Preparing for Rebirth

eiwhaz rebirth

If you live somewhere in the South, like me, you have probably already witnessed the very first signs of Spring: a visual reminder that the Wheel is turning & the energy shifting as the sap of plants rises upward from their roots.

Nature is slowly waking up from its Winter slumber and the same thing is happening to us. But how does one shift from the inner state of dormancy to the outer state of activity? Preparation and incremental energetic adjustments are required.

  1. Adjust your Diet: Start adding Spring greens to the menu (side salads, green smoothies, microgreens, green soups & nourishing herbal infusions). They will help you with your transition from a heavy, carb-loaded & protein rich Winter diet to lighter fare.
  2. Get more Sun Exposure: Especially if you are prone to SAD & Depression. The Morning Sun has an uplifting & rejuvenating effect on mind and mood.
  3. Start Wandering Outdoor: Get some fresh air to oxygen your lungs & get your circulation flowing. You want to adjust your activity level incrementally, especially if you haven’t worked out all Winter.
  4. Detox! Since I have a mind-body-spirit approach, all aspects of the self must be dealt with. A new year means a new you and you want a fresh start without anything holding you back. I have already mentioned Dandelion in a previous post, this plant works like magic on all levels. Not to mention that detoxifying your liver/body will increase your energy level.
  5. Start planting seeds in the dirt and in your mind as well (remember those New Year’s resolutions). Ideas, much like plants need to be cared for in order to grow & thrive.
  6. Wear green clothes!

“The old year has died but within decay, there are signs of new life growing…There is a sense of rebirth in the air of new beginnings waiting for their right time to come. With this Earth-awakening come new opportunities to make simple yet life-changing shifts in our lifestyles and thinking patterns…The time for dreaming is over. The time for action begins…”

Glennie Kindred / Letting In the Wild Edges

And as a reminder of the energy of Eihwaz:

“Iwaz, pilar-rune, shows the path, the direction, the objective, much like Tiwaz…On a psychological level, Iwaz evokes centering & concentration, structure, balance, and inner sturdiness. It also symbolizes inner strength, will, tenacity, and following one’s goals, whatever the obstacles may be…” 

Julie Conton / Les Runes – Ecriture Sacrée en Terre du Milieu (translated from the French)

More attuned to the Spring energy is Beith, the first Ogham of the Celtic tree calendar. Beith, the birch, indicates:

“…A phase of beginning, initiative & creation. It may have something to do with a project, a relationship, an activity, an interest or a hobby. Beith suggests that one must consciously & mindfully accompany this new energy that only wishes to express itself…”

Julie Conton / L’Ogham Celtique ou le Symbolisme des Arbres (translated from the French)

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The Woman Who Was Wyrd

As a seer (volva) who uses the Runes as my preferred method of divination, I’m very familiar with the Norns (Northern Goddesses of Destiny).
I’ve met them, I’ve talked to them and they taught me a little secret: each of them holds & weave a thread into a tapestry of every living soul’s life and destiny. But the pattern is not set in stone, it can evolve into something else. Those who take matters into their hands, those who take charge of their life hold a 4th thread in their hands: the thread of their own awareness, the thread of their own destiny. This is the thread that can consciously change the pattern & the weaving of the entire tapestry.
As a seer, I know and I tell people that divination is a tool. The future is not set in stone. But knowing what lies ahead of the path is a gift and if you don’t like what’s coming your way you can change it…

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Bring On the Dark: Why We Need the Winter Solstice

“The intensity of the dark and the silence the snow that long ago December was not frightening, but intimate,  a landscape for sleep, for the incubation of dreams, a place to heal from the frenzy of achievement and obligation, a darkness ripe with dormant life. “


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Folklore: La Corberelle & the Slavic Navky

Back in Winter 2012, I had published a book of fantasy inspired short stories in French (that I promised myself I would translate into English one day, or even better, publish a bilingual book).

In my tale ‘La Corberelle(without giving the whole story away) I wrote about a sinister bird that comes back from the dead to haunt (and eventually punish) unfaithful lovers. This bird came out of my imagination, as I know nothing about Slavic folklore & beliefs. Not to mention that my story takes place somewhere in the Scottish Highlands.

I found, totally by chance, a similar creature mentioned in “L’Elféméride : Le grand légendaire des saisons by Pierre Dubois & Rene Hausman, called in Slavic folklore: the Navky. Apparently, ‘Navkies‘ are the ghosts of young children who died before being baptized or killed by their own mother. They wander around, crying and shivering until they find a nice soul that will bless them or welcome them in their house where they become protective spirits of the household.

But if they are being neglected or turned away, the Navkies’ grief can turn to hatred. If it were the case, they would hang out in trees (sometimes in the guise of an ominous black bird) staring at the people who denied them and flying at those same people to take away their cold heart (a bit like vampires).


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Trois Histoires Pour Halloween (French Podcasts)

Traditional Halloween/Samhain was very different to what we know today. There were no candies but soul cakes, turnips were carved instead of pumpkins, and people used to wear scary costumes in order to fool the spirits of the dead wandering on the land.

And stories were told around the fire…Here I chose, read & recorded three French stories from Jean Markale‘s book “Contes de la Mort des Pays de France“. Enjoy…

La Mort dans une Bouteille (Bourgogne)

La Messe des Fantômes (Gascogne)

Le Charretier du Diable (Perche)



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Learning from the Fantasy Masters (Illustrators & Artists)

As far as I can remember I’ve always been drawn to Folk tales, the unseen & the unknown. This has naturally led me, throughout the years, to a spiritual path involving soil, plants, lore, the Otherworlds & the “Other Crowd”. I yearn for Magic, and each time I need to recharge my batteries I naturally turn back to my roots: teas, books, legends & art.

It’s been more than 10 years since I’ve drawn or painted anything (at least anything worthwhile in my eyes). I’ve been trying to find the thing that makes me tick, the art medium or form that works for me…There is much beauty in the natural world and in people: colors, shapes, textures, patterns,…etc. And yet: it doesn’t inspire me more than that. It doesn’t make me vibrate. I need Magic to fully come to life, and Magic I can only find in the inner realms of my mind or by looking beyond the veil.

I’m not talking about Tinkerbells and sparkly unicorns. Nature has its own set of rules and the peoples who dwell in the various realms beyond our limited eyesight live according to these natural laws. They can be kind or harsh, helpful or tricksters. I have no problem with that, our own realm isn’t all black and white, there are many shades of greys…And my comfort zone begins where most people’s comfort zone usually ends…

With my paints, pencils & brushes, as well as my inner compass, I am on a journey that will ultimately lead me home…But not now for there is much that I still to do, and Robert Frost’s words come to mind once again: